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Originally Posted by bobpierce
I had a problem with my SD disc last night, as well. Everything was going great until I got to chapter 17, and then my player (I was using CinePlayer on my Dell PC) locked up, and the screen became pixelated. I could hear the drive churning away, and every 30-60 seconds or so, the film would advance a couple of frames, then freeze again.

I eventually managed to eject the disc, and when started at chapter 18, everything was fine.

However, when I put the player into reverse so that I backed into ch.17 from the beginning of ch.18, it froze almost immediately. So, it looks like my copy may be defective, as well? I'm going to try it on another player, just to make sure.
Thanks for the post, bobpierce. (And thanks to LKirven517 for the post/opinion as well.) It sounds like some of the discs might actually be defective then...? However, I'm not actually having any issue with freezing at all. The image just gets pixelated for a couple frames at the start of each chapter after, most noticeably on chapters: 9, 12-16, 18, 19, 21-28. (I assume it's probably on all the chapters, but those are the ones I notice it on.)

The best way for anyone to help me out and do a quick check is to look at the start of Chpt. 19 (starts on the c/u of the book), and see if yours looks all pixelated for half a second at the start (then skip to some of the other chapters and check). If someone could take a few minutes to check this out, it would be greatly appreciated. (Especially since, if it is an issue, it may actually help with getting a repressing, eh?)

Also note, I tried the disc in my Philips DVP642 and another Toshiba, and the same exact thing happens as I described...

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