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I'm surprised no one has mentioned how the subtitles are now horrible "chryoned" in yellow text instead of the original white victorian typeset from the original theatrical release. You can still see the original subtitles in the Blood is the Life doc on Disc 2 (just look at 3'10" into the doc and you see an excerpt from the theatrical it to the same scene at 2'30 on Disc one). The new yellow text jobs are horrible, much more of a problem than the color issues.

As for the color debate, the original Columbia-Tristar Laserdisc (from 1993) was supervised by Director of Photography Michael Ballhaus and is probably the best reference for the original color scheme. Comparing the two, the new 2007 DVD is not bad for authenticity...maybe a little darker, but nothing is really shrouded by it. Just my 2 cents...
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