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I'm hoping someone here can help me out with this -- it may be semi-related to the debate going on (though maybe not). I just watched the new 2-Disc SE last night and noticed that on just about every chapter break from Chpt. 9 on, the image on the screen gets all pixilated/digitize-y looking for like quarter of a second or maybe a few frames.

The chapters I notice it on for sure are: 9, 12-16, 18, 19, 21-28. (I assume it's probably on all the chapters, but those are the ones I notice it on.) If you want to do a quick check, Chpt. 19 is one of the worst (just look at the c/u of the book it starts off on, and you'll see it all digitized-looking for x-number of frames).

Does anybody else see this on theirs? Or is it possible I have a defective copy?

(Note: I only have a Toshiba DVD player Model 7990 hooked up via component to a regular old Toshiba 25" flat tube television. Nothing fancy.)

Any help is appreciated -- thanks!

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