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The ABC-TV documentary is one of the best JFK assassination programs I've ever seen. (Loved those 3-D models that were utilized that enable us to circle around the car at any angle.)

There really wasn't anything "startlingly new" revealed in the ABC program (other than those very nice 3-D animations of Dealey Plaza and the limousine); but it was told with great style and class (IMO).

Although .... I would also have liked to have seen more done with regard to the 3-D model simulation(s).

There's probably no way, however, to "simulate" (via this type of 3-D animation) how a human head is going to physically react when struck by a high-velocity missile. (If there were, given the obvious amount of time and effort spent on the ABC simulation, I'm sure Mr. Myers and ABC would have presented it. For, as movielib mentioned above, there HAVE been actual tests of bullets hitting skulls, with a rear hit most of the time resulting in the skull moving toward the direction of the gun. But HOW could you do this test using computers and cartoon figures? Maybe there's a way...I don't know.)

One new tidbit of info that I gleaned from the program was when Michael Paine (Ruth Paine's husband) was interviewed. Paine tells of how Oswald showed him one of the infamous "backyard photos", which shows Lee posing with his arsenal in early 1963.

Perhaps others here had known about Paine's being aware of the photo, but I don't think I'd ever heard this before.

Of course, this was a photo that "supposedly" (according to the "CT" crowd) was faked, with Oswald's face being pasted over another body. But, if Mr. Paine is being forthright, his claim of being shown the picture by Oswald himself well before November 22nd strikes down that theory of fakery right there. For, if faked, then Oswald would have never had the photograph in his possession before the assassination. (Plus there's the fact that Marina Oswald admits herself to having taken the three photos with their own Imperial Reflex camera. With Marina's statements on this, plus Mr. Paine's comments on seeing one of them, does anyone still buy the "fakery" nonsense?)
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