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Originally posted by Save Ferris
I dont see why on earth people put up with the GBA screen with no back lighting. Even in bright light the LCD screen was DULL DULL DULL.
I never had that problem. Never have I needed direct sunlight or any direct light source for that matter to play my GBA and I never found the LCD screen to be 'dull' even w/o direct light. Yes, I needed a light attachment when playing in low lit rooms or in the dark but even the light attachments didn't 'wash' out the color of the games.

Now, you want to talk about 'dull'?? The SP, with the light on, totally washes the colors out. Yeah, it's nice to have an internal lighting source but even a GBA with the Afterburner installed correctly looks better than the SP does. Plus, the GBA is more comfortable to hold..the shoulder buttons are placed in a great spot and are longer unlike the small little corner ones on the SP. But hey, it's all about personal preference, you go with what works for you.

Oh and by the way, you said you didn't understand how people could put up with the GBA with no back lighting? Well, if you think the SP uses back lighting then you were misinformed. The SP uses a frontlight, which is similar to that of the Afterburner and because it's a front light and not a back light is the reason you have colors that are 'washed' out.
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