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Need some GBA advice

I received an Onyx SP this weekend from my wife as a B-Day gift. This is the first time I've owned an SP, my original GBA system I used as trade-in on my Xbox purchase a few months back, which now I regret doing. Maybe it's just me but I don't like this thing. Yeah, having the internal light is cool but the size of this thing is too small and doesn't work well with someone with big hands such as myself. Plus the internal light seems to 'wash out' the colors of the games.

My brother brought over his Glacier GBA this weekend and we hooked up FFTA. After awhile I told him let's switch GBA's and I found myself using his sytem the rest of the evening...we played roughly 4 the way FFTA kicksass He had one of those flood lights attached to his system which I thought did a great job of lighting the GBA w/o losing any color of the 'wash-out' look.

So, I've decided I'm returning my SP and picking up the 'old' GBA system with one of those flood lights...if I can find one. Now as far as color goes, usually it's just a matter of preference but does anyone find that the Glacier GBA allows more light in because it's somewhat transparent? I was considering getting a black GBA from Toys R Us but I'm reluctant because of it being a solid color...maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about and color means nothing...I just thought the Glacier GBA made the screen look brighter. Any suggestions, Opinions?

By the way, I don't regret owning the XBox...I just regret using my GBA as trade-in...I'm loving my XBox system so far
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