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This is the review of their new LP from my local free rag. Never have I read such naked hatred in a music review.

BTW, I have no desire to listen to Mr. Roach at this particular time. That's just M.O.

Originally published by New Times L.A. Jun 27, 2002
2002 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved.

Papa Roach
lovehatetragedy (DreamWorks)
By Ben Sisario

Do you like shitty music? Sweet, shitty music? Because Papa Roach does. In a time of great unoriginality and shameless commercialism in hard rock, the band truly rises to the top, which is no mean feat. They've beaten Godsmack and Staind with their ability to carve a mind-numbingly formulaic pop song out of sounds stolen from Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. They've bettered Linkin Park at setting whiny, self-flagellating lyrics to a limp funk-metal beat derived from the Bizkit. And they have trumped the world in bad taste by recording possibly the first Pixies cover that might end up on the soundtrack to a movie starring the Rock: "Gouge Away." (If all goes wrong in this life, legions of 17-year-old mosh monkeys will be showing up at Frank Black concerts for years to come.) lovehatetragedy is Papa Roach's painfully uninspired follow-up to 2000's triple-platinum -- and equally unimaginative -- Infest. The riffs flow freely from Alice and Faith No More, with lyrics that would push Jeremy to suicide all over again: "Hi I'm paranoid/ Goodbye I'm in the void/ Haunted by insecurity/ Bipolar asymmetry"; "Back in the day/ We told each other things wouldn't be this way/ I think we should work this out/ It's all right baby we could scream and shout." This is rap-metal the way the Teletubbies would do it. Which means that it will likely be very, very popular. Oh-oh!
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