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Just bought the Immortal Edition today. I have not yet had time to watch the movie, though I have watched a couple of the Queen Videos.

I was surprised that the plastic keep case seemed fairly “cheap” (that is to say, of poor quality). It is very similar to the double-Alpha cases, but it is obvious that it is not exactly the same. The middle section “pops out” rather easily and there is some flash around some of the box edges. I wonder why Anchor Bay chose not to use the “standard” double-alpha keep case. (They did, in fact, use the standard” double-alpha for the Limited Edition Supergirl release).

In previous posts in other threads, I have asked just how “limited” these Highlander Immortal Editions are. After I ripped the shrink-wrap off of mine and removed the keep case from the metal case, I noticed that a bar code is still printed on the back cover. This got me thinking: I wonder if the Immortal Edition is only “limited” insofar as the metal case is concerned? Perhaps they will continue to produce the Immortal Edition in the future (at a cheaper price?), but without the metal case.
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