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The DD 2.0 track is a mixed down version of the DD 5.1 track. This was because there was apparently massive damage done to the original soundtrack and so they decided not to use it. A minor detail in my opinion.
That is absolutely, categorically 100% FALSE! How these rumors get started is beyond me.

Fact: The original soundtrack is not in any way damaged. It had been preserved in a vault in Europe and was used for some recent DVD and VHS versions overseas.

Fact: The soundtrack was remixed, using all the original elements, in 1994 for the 10th Anniversary laserdisc. Certain sound effects were replaced (gun shots, booms, thunder) to give the soundtrack heavier bass. Certain sound effects from the TV SHOW were added, by the Producers (Davis & Panzer) to give the film “more continuity.”

Fact: Anchor Bay has excluded original soundtracks on some releases for fear of people finding mistakes.

This is most likely what happened with HIGHLANDER. Anchor Bay was flooded with requests for the original soundtrack and they have long refused to comment on it. Insiders say they made the decision to just use a downmix from the 5.1 remix, in order to avoid the above mentioned fact.

Listen to the commentary track. The soundtrack the participants are listening to is the original and has the missing line “MacLeod! This is the Quickening!” when they jump off the cliff!

95% of the soundtrack changes were fine. They simply split the surrounds, brought up certain sound effects or music cues where appropriate, gave the sound more weight and bass, but the problem areas are two fold: Two missing lines of dialogue that are among fan’s favorites, plus the addition of those stupid, loud “WHOOSHing” sounds whenever an immortal is about to appear.

If they had just put the damn lines of dialogue back in, I’d be mostly happy.

Anyway, nothing we can do. It’s the best we have and will likely remain that way for a long time.
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