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Originally posted by BuddyRevell
can you give me an example of how the soundtrack changes. do you mean in the movie itself? is it added music or did they change a scene with a different song. give us one example of what part in the movie changed. if this is fact, then this sucks big time.
thx for your review.
I believe what he means is that they didn't include the original stereo track. The DD 2.0 track is a mixed down version of the DD 5.1 track. This was because there was apparently massive damage done to the original soundtrack and so they decided not to use it. A minor detail in my opinion.

I just watched the UK R2 DVD of Highlander yesterday and the sound on that version does sound a bit tinny at times. Hopefully this version won't.

I'm buying the light US version for the commentary alone. There's really nothing else to recommend it if you have either the UK or the Australian DVDs. I don't think the video will be much better. And the Immortal Edition is a hoax since the extras isn't about the movie at all. Sure Queen's music is important to the movie but to make ALL extras about them is going too far.

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