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Re: Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We've got back into this game and loving it again. We are now in that lower Caimanes region and just really started opening it up.....and then popped up "The Jungle Is Alive" mission....

We weren't sure but after hearing the girl talk I said..."I think this is the Predator Mission" which both of us thought you triggered at the main screen and/or thought that was a timed event. But we went ahead and of course saw they guy and of course he took us down with that stupid laser.

Is this one to stay with and play thru or best to move on and just do the main story and regions? We have a ways to go but we don't won't to sped a ton of time dealing with this but it did seem tense....and any particular tip(s) besides stay alive....we did get near a tree and ammo crate and toss out a circle of proxy mines while putting on Heat Vision. We tagged him a few times and he triggered one and then jumped in the trees.....
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