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Re: What Are You Playing? (July 2018)

Originally Posted by The Questyen View Post
Knocked out GNOG (which was a really fun 1-2 hour experience) and Echoes of the Fey (which was terrible but took less than an hour to play through). Now onto World of the West.
I quit World of the West after about 2 hours (just incredibly bland and not fun to play which makes the developer 0 for 2 in my eyes since I felt the same about Teslagrad) and moved on to The Invisible Hours. It's less of a "game" and more of an Agatha Christie-esque experience where you move around a mansion following characters around trying to solve who murdered Tesla. You can't interact with anyone or anything but you can rewind and fast forward through to follow other characters and get different parts of the story. Recommended if you're open to those types of experiences.

Then just finished AER: Memories of Old which is in the Journey/RIME variety of game and while it's nowhere near the quality of Journey and a step or two down from RIME it's worth a playthrough if you pick it up on sale and liked those two games.
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