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Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII (yes, IIII, not IV)

Originally Posted by Rival11 View Post
I honestly think they're stopping the single player as well because there just isn't anything left to do with it. I mean, yeah you can always change up the story line and characters but mechanics-wise there is never anything really new added. Infinite warfare did a decent job of trying to shuffle things up (if you played it you know what I mean) and it succeeded in being one of the best (if not the best in a lot of peoples eyes) campaigns but....even still, the formula just seems gone.

The campaign for WWII was BEYOND boring, even at it's most tense moments.

I think it's just run it's course or there just isn't enough support for it to become much better.
I think that also has to do with playing through a COD campaign every year. If the series took a year off (I know, crazy idea, right?) like Assassins Creed did, I think most people would find it a lot more enjoyable.
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