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Re: Super Mario Odyssey (Oct 27,2017)- Official Thread

Originally Posted by mattysemo247 View Post
I played the Super Mario Odyssey demo at Target for a little bit last night while the wife and kids were shopping. It looks and plays better than I thought it would. And I imagine a pro controller is only going to make it that much better. I didn't want to play too much since it comes out in a week, but I'm more excited for it now after playing it.
Same! I was at my local Target enjoying the demo, and while I didn't know the demo was timed I snapped a pic of the screen, and just as I was about to keep playing, I noticed a small child watching me. He was giving me that "can I play?" look so I handed over the controller and the demo reset...

In happier news Mario Odyssey's song "Jump Up Superstar" is now available on iTunes. Also, if you haven't guessed I'm crazy hyped for this game, so much in fact I bought an enamel pin based on Cappy. I've seen this same pin on eBay, most of the sellers are claiming its the official Nintendo pin given away at expos. The pin itself was only worn by Reggie and Miyamoto, and not handed out to attendees.

You can get one of those pins here!

i haven't been this amped for a Mario game since Mario Sunshine, and Odyssey really feels like the sequel we never got.
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