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Re: Nintendo Switch: Building a New Generation of Hardware from Scratch

Originally Posted by The Questyen View Post
Tons of people are losing their saves on Stardew Valley on the Switch which is a far bigger issue than any performance stuff.

I've heard about that, but it's never sounded like it was really that widespread. I'd already bought the game before hearing about it, and don't know if it would've made a difference either way.

I'm still a little salty about it though. I'm reading through Blood Sweat and Pixels (good book, btw) and there's a chapter on Stardew Valley. Tells the story about how one guy developed this game by himself over several years, yadda yadda yadda, now he's a multi-millionaire.

How about you invest some of that money into improving the console port? I've heard the PS4 and Xbox versions are a little janky, too. They did an AMA the other day on Reddit and basically said, "yeah, we know there's bugs, but we don't know when/if we're going to address them." That stinks.
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