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Re: The 8th Annual Animation Challenge List Thread

Damn. Got confused that August was the animation challenge - we'll see if I can watch a few things for fun although no chance of catching up

August 10th

1. The Simpsons S05E14: Lisa Vs Malibu Stacy
2. The Simpsons S05E15: Deep Space Homer

August 11th
3. The Simpsons S05E16: Homer Loves Flanders
4. The Simpsons S05E17: Bart Gets An Elephant
5. The Simpsons S05E18: Burns' Heir
6. The Simpsons S05E19: Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
7. The Simpsons S05E20: The Boy Who Knew Too Much
8. The Simpsons S05E21: Lady Bouvier's Lover
9. The Simpsons S05E22: Secrets of a Successful Marriage

August 12th
10. An American Tail
11. Your Lie In April 01: Monotone/Colorful
12. Your Lie In April 02: Friend A
13. Home Movies S01E01: Get Away From My Mom!
14. Your Lie In April 03: Inside Spring
15. Your Lie In April 04: Departure
16. Your Lie In April 05: Grey Skies
17. The Secret of NIMH
18. Your Lie In April 06: On the Way Home
19. Your Lie In April 07: The Shadows Whisper
20. Hotel Transylvania

August 13th
21. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
22. The Batman (2004) S01E01: The Bat In The Belfry
23. The Batman (2004) S01E02: Traction
24. The Batman (2004) S01E03: Call of the Cobblepot
25. The Batman (2004) S01E04: The Man Who Would Be Bat
26. The Batman (2004) S01E05: The Big Chill
27. Your Lie In April 08: Let It Ring
28. Your Lie In April 09: Resonance
29. Your Lie In April 10: The Scenery I Shared With You
30. Your Lie In April 11: Light Of Life
31. Your Lie In April 12: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
32. Your Lie In April 13: Love's Sorrow
33. Your Lie In April 14: Footsteps
34. Your Lie In April 15: Liar
35. The Last Unicorn
36. The Hobbit (1977)

August 14th
37. Your Lie In April 16: Two Of A Kind
38. Your Lie In April 17: Twilight
39. Your Lie In April 18: Hearts Come Together
40. Your Lie In April 19: Goodbye, Hero
41. Your Lie In April 20: Hand In Hand
42. Your Lie In April 21: Snow
43. Your Lie In April 22: Spring Breeze
44. The Lego Batman Movie

August 15th
45. Tegami Bachi 01: Letter and Letter Bee

August 16th
46. All Dogs Go To Heaven
47. The Black Cauldron
48. The Plague Dogs

August 17th
49. Heavy Metal
50. Tegami Bachi 02: My Friends

August 18th
51. Tegami Bachi 03: Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl
52. Tegami Bachi 04: Lag's Dingo
53. Tegami Bachi 05: Dead End Town
54. Tegami Bachi 06: Letter To Jiggy Pepper
55. King Kong (2005)

August 19th
56. The Animatrix: Final Flight Of The Osiris
57. The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Part I
58. The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Part II
59. The Animatrix: Kid's Story
60. The Animatrix: Program
61. The Animatrix: World Record
62. The Animatrix: Beyond
63. The Animatrix: A Detective Story
64. The Animatrix: Matriculated
65. The Tick (1994) S01E01: The Tick Vs. The Idea Men
66. The Tick (1994) S01E02: The Tick Vs. Chairface Chippendale
67. The Tick (1994) S01E03: The Tick Vs. Dinosaur Neil
68. The Tick (1994) S01E04: The Tick Vs. Mr. Mental
69. Shin Godzilla
70. Kong: Skull Island

August 20th
71. The Tick (1994) S01E05: The Tick Vs. The Breadmaster
72. The Tick (1994) S01E06: The Tick Vs. El Seed
73. The Tick (1994) S01E07: The Tick Vs. The Tick
74. The Tick (1994) S01E08: The Tick Vs. The Uncommon Cold
75. The Tick (1994) S01E09: The Tick Vs. Brainchild
76. The Tick (1994) S01E10: The Tick Vs. Pineapple Pokopo
77. The Tick (1994) S01E11: The Tick Vs. The Mole-Men
78. The Tick (1994) S01E12: The Tick Vs. The Proto-Clown
79. The Tick (1994) S01E13: The Tick Vs. Arthur's Bank Account
80. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition)
81. The Tick (1994) S02E01: The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love
82. The Tick (1994) S02E03: Armless but not Harmless
83. Tegami Bachi 07: Yuusari Central, 13 Nocturne Way, Head Post Office Beehive
84. Tegami Bachi 08: Meeting With Sylvette Suede
85. Tegami Bachi 09: The Crybaby Boy's Vow

August 21st
86. Tegami Bachi 10: Beneath the Light
87. Tegami Bachi 11: Letter of Lies
88. The Tick S02E04: Leonardo da Vinci and His Fightin' Genius Time Commandos!
89. The Tick S02E05: Coach Fussell's Lament
90. The Tick S02E06: Bloomsday
91. The Tick S02E07: Evil Sits Down For A Moment
92. The Tick S02E08: Heroes
93. The Tick S02E09: Ants In Pants!
94. The Tick S02E10: The Tick Loves Santa
95. The Tick S02E11: The Tick Vs. The Big Nothing

August 22nd
96. The Tick S02E12: The Tick Vs. Reno, Nevada
97. The Tick S02E13: Grandpa Wore Tights
98. The Tick S02E02: Alone Together
99. Tegami Bachi 12: The Red and Green Ribbon
100. The Tick S03E01: That Mustache Feeling

August 23rd
101. The Tick S03E02: The Tick Vs Dot and Neil's Wedding
102. The Tick S03E03: Sidekicks Don't Kiss
103. The Tick S03E04: Tick Vs Arthur
104. The Tick S03E05: Devil In Diapers
105. The Tick S03E06: Tick Vs Filth
106. The Tick S03E07: Tick Vs Europe
107. The Tick S03E08: Tick Vs Science
108. The Tick S03E09: Tick Vs Prehistory
109. The Tick S03E10: Tick Vs Education

August 24th
110. Perfect Blue
111. Metropolis

August 25th
112. Lilo & Stitch
113. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch
114. Wreck-It Ralph
115. Big Hero 6

August 26th
116. Cowboy Bebop 01: Asteroid Blues
117. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
118. Zootopia
119. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
120. Cowboy Bebop 02: Stray Dog Strut

August 27th
121. Cowboy Bebop 03: Honky Tonk Women
122. Cowboy Bebop 04: Gateway Shuffle
123. Cowboy Bebop 05: Ballad of Fallen Angels
124. Castlevanis S01E01: Witchbottle
125. Castlevanis S01E02: Necropolis
126. Castlevanis S01E03: Labyrinth
127. Castlevanis S01E04: Monument
128. The Jungle Book (1967)
129. Cowboy Bebop 06: Sympathy for the Devil

August 28th
130. Cowboy Bebop 07: Heavy Metal Queen
131. Cowboy Bebop 08: Waltz for Venus
132. Tegami Bachi 13: The Promised Land

August 31st
133. Watership Down
134. Fantastic Mr. Fox

September 1st
135. Fantastic Planet

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