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Re: Battlefield Talk (PS3)

Looks like the Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers have been messed up since mid-May. All of the VIP map packs are down across all platforms. That means no Arica Harbor, no Oasis, no Harvest Day (on the other hand, no Heavy Metal, so it's not all bad).

I hopped on for an hour this weekend just for the heck of it and still found a few pretty active maps. People were playing, having fun. People were on the mic and actually using teamwork, something I've found quite a bit lacking with squad randoms in BF4 and BF1 on PS4. I think that's what I miss the most about the old days: friends who wanted to use the squad like an actual squad instead of a mobile multiple spawn option.

They say they hope to get the servers up before the end of June, but perhaps this is finally the beginning of the end for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Bummer, I loved that game.
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