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Re: Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Originally Posted by K&AJones View Post
Two of us bought the game same time and played entirely co-op.....sadly we never finished it. I think we ended up about 1/2 of the game/area. Ended up trying Elder Scrolls Online when it popped up for like $15 online thru the PSN Store and haven't stopped playing...nor gone back to Wildlands which I regret.

I never gave the play along with AI a go though I thought about a few times if my friend didn't want to play....she's got more wrapped up in Elder Scrolls Online more than me. The game shines with co-op play, probably one of the best co-op games I've played in terms of working together. When it came out I had several friends playing but in most cases everyone went in different directions with different playstyles....which is either play as a "Ghost" or "Rambo"....what platform and if some here still play or want to I could actually get back in. I think we went from the middle to the three regions NE, E and SE.
I wouldn't mind playing with you but you have got to break free of feeling like you have to play with that other particular player all of the time. Just do it!
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