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Re: 8th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation Challenge List Thread (April 1-30,2017)

The 8th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge

2010 B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge List - 104
2011 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 105
2012 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2013 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2014 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 64
2015 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 86
2016 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 98


1) High Voltage (1997) [B-Movie TV] - A group of small-time crooks robs a small bank that turns out to be a repository for a Vietnamese mob's dirty money, resulting in lots of gunplay and martial arts action. Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee's daughter), Amy Smart (Crank), William Zabka (How I Met Your Mother), Antonio Sabato (both of them), and quite a few recognizable character actors kept things interesting.
2) Vice Academy Part 2 (1990) [B-Movie TV] - Two female cops (Ginger Lynn Allen and Linnea Quigley) try to stop bad guy from contaminating water supply with Spanish Fly. There were actually a few funny lines in the first act, but whoever came up with them must have had to go back to his day job. Yeah, it sucked, but having seen the first one, I expected that going in.


3) Drive-In Delirium Volume 2: The Offspring (2011) - Disc 1: "Giallo A-Go-Go / We Are Going To Eat You / Don't!" - Just shy of three hours of trailers. Unfortunately, these Italian Giallo, cannibal, and zombie trailers are extremely popular with the Roku channels I watch, so I've seen quite a few of these trailers many, many times in the recent past, and I started getting a little bored watching them yet again.
4) Serbuan maut (The Raid: Redemption) (2011) - SWAT team raids a tenement to arrest a crime lord, and ends up in a war with the building's residents. A bit like Roberta Findlay's Tenement (1985), but with lots more blood, gunfights, and kung fu violence. A really good action flick that almost lives up to all the hype.
5) The Intruder Within (1981) [B-Movie TV] - Made for TV Alien rip-off. Guys (and gals) working on an oil rig near Antarctica dig up a prehistoric killing machine. I've seen a lot worse.
6) Bad Blood (1994) [B-Movie TV] - Ponytailed one man army (Lorenzo Lamas) fights a gang of killers who are after his worthless criminal brother for embezzling a shitload of money. There was some nudity, lotsa shootin' and kickin', and a buncha explosions, so I don't feel like I totally wasted those 90 minutes.
7) Pale Blood (1990) [B-Movie TV] - Vampire travels to Los Angeles to investigate a series of murders that look like the work of a vampire. Wings Hauser plays a nutty "video artist" who may or may not be the real killer. Cheezy, silly little time-waster. Pretty much what I've come to expect from a Wings Hauser movie.


8) Teen-Age Jail Bait (1973) [B-Movie TV] - Soon after two young chicks from Beverly Hills run away from home, their car gets a flat tire, stranding them in the middle of nowhere. They're soon picked up by two guys in a dune buggy. After some simulated sex, they go to one chick's house (to steal some money her dad's keeping for the mob and to have more simulated sex). Rene Bond ('Necromania': A Tale of Weird Love!), Sandy Dempsey (The Black Alley Cats), Marsha Jordan (The Head Mistress), John Alderman (Trader Hornee), and Chesley Noone (Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song) fill out the "all-star" cast of this little sleaze-fest. I just watched this one on B-Movie TV a month ago, but since it's short (just about an hour) and such a perfect movie for this challenge, and I don't have a copy of it so who knows when I'll get another chance to watch it, I decided to watch it again.
9) The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals (1969) - An archeologist (Anthony Eisley) who lives in a rundown house just outside Las Vegas has two mummy cases in his living room (we're told he fished them out of Lake Mead following a plane crash). One case contains a mummy, and the other a perfectly preserved sleeping Egyptian princess. The archeologist becomes a "werejackal" who's supposed to protect the princess. The princess and the mummy wake up. The mummy and the jackal fight. John Carradine shows up for a couple of short scenes. The mummy and the jackal fight again. Bad, but not nearly as bad as I'd been led to believe.
10) The Sexploiters (1965) - A day in the life of a few sex workers in New York.
11) Should a Schoolgirl Tell? (Josefine - Das liebestolle Kätzchen) (1969) - When a gym teacher at a girls' school is accused of inappropriately touching his students, his lawyer decides the best way to clear his name is to prove that the daughter of the parent who complained, sixteen year old Josefine, is a slut.
12) Blowin' Smoke (Freak Talks About Sex) (1999) [B-Movie TV] - Twentysomething slacker, David (Josh Hamilton), spends his days working a crappy job at the mall and his nights hanging out with his stoner buddy, Freak (Steve Zahn).


13) Nudes on Tiger Reef (1965) - Barry Mahon nudist camp flick. Broadway director goes to a nudist camp for vacation and runs into the star of his Broadway show, so they decide to make a movie.
14) The Jaguar Project (Cannibal Mercenary) (1983) [B-Movie TV] - A shellshocked retired soldier finds out that his daughter has polio and they need a shitload of money to pay for her medical care. Coincidentally, a dude shows up and offers him a shitload of money to work for him as a mercenary. The onscreen title was "The Jaguar Project," but the copy on YT with that title has a new subplot with 3 white guys edited in, and loses the daughter subplot, the over-the-top gore and cannibalism, and the epilogue (maybe it's this one from 1988: The Jaguar Project). The one on YouTube called "Cannibal Mercenary" (which also has "The Jaguar Project" title card) is the version I saw.
15) Furious (1984) [B-Movie TV] - Simon, a karate teacher, is sent by some old guy and his amateur magician buddy on a quest to collect some magical medallions. Starts out weird, gets weirder: There's barely any dialogue in this thing, the bad guys in white jumpsuits look like a Devo cover band (they even play music in one scene, so it wasn't an accident), and then there's the chickens. Easily the best bad movie I've seen in a long time.


16) The Wonderful Land of Oz (1969) [YouTube] - Another Barry Mahon snooze-athon. Kid runs away from home to the Emerald City. Along the way he runs into a mini-skirt clad army of hotties out to overthrow the Scarecrow, the new leader of the city.
17) The Vixens of Kung Fu (A Tale of Yin Yang) (1975) - Chop-socky porn mashup. Prostitute walking in the woods runs into three hunters. After refusing their advances, she is shot with a "gun of anesthesia," and raped, then left on a beach where she is found by a kung fu vixen who takes her back to her jungle hut and trains her "physically, spiritually, and sexually."
18) Mondo Oscenità (World of Obscenity) (1966) - "Documentary" about censorship. Reuses a bunch of footage from the director's (Joseph P. Mawra) Olga movies (and uses the same narrator from those films). I also recognized a couple of clips from Revenge of the Virgins in it.
19) It's Hot in Paradise (Ein Toter hing im Netz, Body in the Web, Horrors of Spider Island) (1960) - Plane carrying a dance troupe to Singapore crashes into the ocean. The survivors end up on an island where they find a dead body in a giant spider web. After a bunch of standing around and talking, the troupe's manager gets bitten by a radioactive spider and turns into a monster. Then there's more standing around talking. After a while, a few of the girls go skinny dipping and a couple of guys show up on the island. Then there's more standing around and talking.


20) Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults (1969) - Gray haired guy in a suit gives a 15 minute lecture about sex (complete with anatomical charts), then he narrates as we watch couples on a bed in a wood paneled room have sex in various positions.
21) He & She (1970) - Another gray haired guy in a suit introduces this "motion picture marriage manual" which we're told uses motion picture techniques, like the flashback, to tell a story. This one does feel more like a movie, with music and scenes with the couple out on dates, etc., not just in bed.
22) Black Is Beautiful (Afrikanus Sexualis) (1970) - Black guy in a suit tells us about alleged sexual mores of various African tribes. Occasionally a couple is shown demonstrating sexual positions.
23) Adultery for Fun & Profit (1971) - Rich guys getting divorced hire the main character to sleep with their wives so they can countersue for adultery and not have to pay alimony.


24) Psycho from Texas (Wheeler) (1975) [YouTube] - I saw the trailer for this one a few weeks back, and thought it looked interesting. Crazy drifter, Wheeler, joins up with local boy, "Slick," to kidnap a retired oilman. Features what may be the longest foot chase in film history.
25) In Hot Pursuit (Polk County Pot Plane) (1977) - Gang of good ol' boy pot smugglers lead a bunch of cops on a coupla car chases. The plot doesn't really matter, this movie's all about fuckin' up some cars, and they do a surprisingly good job at it considering this was just a low-budget, regional flick. Another one I'd seen the trailer for recently, and was interested in watching.


26) Blonde Comet (1941) - PRC B about a female race car driver competing with men who eventually qualifies for the Indy 500. Lots of stock racing footage. It was on the same DVD as the last one I watched, and I felt like taking a break from the '70s.
27) The Hitchhikers (1972) [YouTube] - Yet another film I put on my to-watch list after I caught the trailer on a Roku channel. Pregnant teenager (the adorable Misty Rowe) runs away from home and eventually joins up with a guy and four chicks who thumb for rides and rob the guys who stop for them. The music was pretty bad to begin with, but then got worse when part way through the flick, they started into a Keoma-style song, narrating the onscreen action. Luckily that didn't last long.
28) The Vals (1983) [B-Movie TV] - "Comedy" about four valley girls and their frat boy boyfriends. John Carradine, Chuck Connors, and Sonny Bono were in it, so at least it wasn't a total waste of time.


29) Stalag 69 (1982) - Two female American spies sent to gather information on Germany's atomic bomb program were captured and are being tortured and raped in a secret facility beneath a "Love Camp," so two more spies are sent to be captured so they can help the first two escape (with the help of some commandos). Then there's more raping, followed by a lot of explosions at the end. Angelique Pettyjohn was supposed to be in this, and I guess it was her.
30) Abduction (1975) - Heiress named Patty is kidnapped by radical hippies, and eventually joins their cause (maybe). A note at the beginning of the movie tells us right up front that this flick about a kidnapped heiress named Patty has nothing to do with any actual events, and that it's based on a novel published in 1972 called Black Abductor.
31) Women of the World (La donna nel mondo) (1963) - "Documentary" (mostly) about women. Typical mondo film with some nudity and some animal cruelty.
32) Grid Runners (Virtual Combat) (1995) [B-Movie TV] - Sci-Fi flick with future cop Don "The Dragon" Wilson battling a virtual reality character brought to life by a nutty scientist working for an evil corporation. Stella Stevens plays the voice and face of his handy-dandy, can-do-whatever-he-needs-it-to-do, handheld computer.
33) The Junkman (1982) [B-Movie TV] - H.B. Halicki stars as a stuntman who is chased by killers, wrecking dozens of cars (and a couple of airplanes) in the process. I've seen this before, but decided to go ahead and watch it again since it was on.
34) American Nightmare (1983) [B-Movie TV] - Pianist investigates his sister's disappearance. Michael Ironside plays a cop investigating a series of hooker murders in the same neighborhood.


35) Caged Women (Gefangene Frauen, Women's Penitentiary VII) (1980) [B-Movie TV] - Three prostitutes (Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, and Lynn Monteil) are arrested and sent to the women's prison on "Rat Island." Nudity abounds.
36) Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School (Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat) (1979) - A French girl and her six Swedish roommates (Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, Lynn Monteil, and others), who appear to be the only students in this "school," jog naked in slow motion, ride bicycles naked, and have other naked adventures in an around a Boarding School.
37) High Test Girls (Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle) (1980) - Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, and Lynn Monteil are back (along with three new Swedish girls). In this one they run a gas station which provides full service to their customers. For whatever reason, they're still wearing their school uniforms from the last picture (when they aren't jogging naked in slow motion, or busy with other things).
38) The Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space (1985) [Shockwerks TV] - A group of alien chicks from a planet without men visits Earth to have sex with as many men as they can. It was like a porn movie without any nudity or sex, and most of the actors were way too old to pass for high school students. The "student" in love with the science teacher looked as old as him. Seriously, it took me a while to realize she was supposed to be a student and not a parent or another teacher.


39) The Mountain of the Cannibal God (La montagna del dio cannibale) (1978) - Ursula Andress hires Stacy Keach to help her find her missing husband. I didn't think I'd seen this before, but lots of it was familiar. It could be that I'd seen so many scenes from it over the years, and seen the lengthy trailer so many times, that I had seen much of it before. Or maybe I saw the edited version on cable years ago.
40) Superfights (1995) [B-Movie TV] - Young guy saves a woman from being robbed at an ATM and becomes famous, then uses that fame to become an MMA fighter. After awhile he discovers that the promoter is a crook who is secretly juicing fighters with steroids and mind control drugs to use them as enforcers, and when they're too far gone he has them fight to the death for high rollers.
41) Happy Hell Night (1992) [Shockwerks TV] - During a fraternity initiation at an asylum, two guys release the killer who had killed a bunch of frat boys 25 years earlier. Sam Rockwell played a younger Darren McGavin in flashbacks.


41) Booby Trap (1970) - Explosives expert plans to set explosives at an outdoor concert, partly because of his dislike of hippies, but mostly because his ex-wife's guitarist boyfriend will be playing there. Starred Buck Kartalian and a few more familiar faces from other Harry Novak productions. The theme song playing over the opening credits riding through Vegas at night is the music used on the SWV Harry Novack Exploitation Art DVD extra - it was nice to finally ID that.
42) The Takers (1971) - Two guys riding around on motorcycles follow two women to a house and break in and harass and rape them for a few days. Boring softcore porn flick (at least 75% of the film was sex scenes), and I don't want to spoil the ending, but
that was a loooooooong way to go for a joke.

43) Playroom (1989) [B-Movie TV] - Archeologist has recurring nightmares of his childhood and his imaginary friend while digging at the site his father was working on when he was murdered years earlier. I was hoping this would be good when I saw Manny Coto's name on it.


44) The Sex Perils of Paulette (1965) - Doris Wishman flick about a young woman who moves to New York City to become an actress, but ends up as a model, and later, a prostitute. This was the fourth or fifth Darlene Bennet movie I've seen in a week.
45) Sock It to Me Baby (1968) - Greasy middle aged alcoholic schlub, married to a rich lesbian, has hots for the fifteen year old comic book reading babysitter next door. I couldn't tell if the actress playing the babysitter was trying to act childish or if she just couldn't act, either way it got old fast. The best part of this one was the copy of Spider-Man #63 she was reading.


46) Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973) - It's 2062, and because of pollution, or something, a few people live in inflatable domes next to a pipeline. Meanwhile other people ride around on motorcycles and harass anyone they run into. Uschi Digard and Neola Graef showed up 44 minutes in and were naked by the 45 minute mark. There was a minute or two of missing footage at the end of SWV version I watched, so I'm not really sure how it ended.
47) GetEven (Road to Revenge) (1993) [B-Movie TV] - John De Hart (an Attorney who wrote, directed, produced, starred in this, and wrote, directed, produced, and sang all the songs on the soundtrack) plays an ex-cop, who along with his ex-cop buddy (played by Wings Hauser) battles an evil, satan worshiping, ex-cop now judge, William Smith. Yeah, this one's really something.


48) The Sexploiters (1965) w/commentary by Michael Bowen & C. Davis Smith - C. Davis Smith was a cinematographer and editor who worked with Doris Wishman and others. While talking about Wishman, he said she never rehearsed the actors, so he just had to do the best he could following them around with the camera. "Doris as a director: She knew what she wanted. She just didn't let us know." Really interesting commentary.
49) Starship Eros (1980) - Three women and a male robot fly around in a spaceship. Screw a lot. Basically a hardcore version of Space Thing. Complete with model spaceships from the nearest five and dime.
50) The Ice House (1969) - Ex-cop working at an ice house kills a few people.
51) Hot Times at Montclair High (1989) [B-Movie TV] -Three students meet on the first day of school, end up in detention, and slowly become friends. It sucked.
52) The Last Slumber Party (1988) [B-Movie TV] - Shot on video crap about a few girls who have a slumber party to celebrate the last day of school and the first day of summer. Some guys and a killer or two show up. After a really long time, I thought (hoped) it was over, but it wasn't.


53) Substitution (1970) - Stereo salesman is bored with his marriage, but a coworker tells him that a "groovy yogi called Maharoni" could teach him a way to "substitute" his wife with someone else during sex. Most of the movie is not-very-attractive women modeling negligees, over, and over, and over.
54) Honeymoon of Terror (1961) - Newlywed couple go to Vegas, see a show, gamble, dance, and go to a cheap hotel. Then they decide they'd like to go somewhere to be really alone, so they follow a map the husband just happens to have to a deserted island in the middle of a lake. The husband takes the boat back for some propane and a killer club-footed lumberjack shows up and chases the wife around the island.
55) Maryjane (1968) [Dailymotion] - Fabian plays an art teacher at a school where some of the kids smoke pot. I saw the trailer for this on the last DVD I watched, and wanted to see it. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed it.
56) Invader (Lifeform) (1996) [B-Movie TV] - Viking probe returns from Mars, bringing along a killer alien in this fairly decent Alien ripoff.
57) Rampage (Korkusuz) (1986) [B-Movie TV] - Serdar (aka "Turkish Rambo") & two other prisoners in a truck escape and go to a bad guy's lair. The bad guy tortures Serdar, then sends him out to grab another guy. Serdar kills a bunch of people, captures the guy, takes him back to the bad guy's lair, hilarity ensues.
58) Hellgate (1989) [Shockwerks TV] - Some guys on motorcycles kidnap a girl and ride to a tourist trap where her father (who looks a little like Gomez Addams) just happens to be. Girl ends up dead. Father gets a magical jewel that revives dead things. Jump to sometime later and Ron Palillo (yep, Horshack) shows up. Eventually it ended.


59) Hot Summer Week (Girls on the Road) (1972) - Two cute nerdy girls driving to a beach house pick up an ex-soldier with mental problems (Michael Ontkean). They soon learn that someone is killing women on the beach, and begin to fear the killer may be their new friend. IMDb tells me the blonde chick was on Dark Shadows the year before this but I didn't recognize her (it's been a long time since I saw those episodes). Uschi Digard had a quick cameo during the opening credits.
60) Teenagers Battle the Thing (1958) - Six high school kids, their teacher, and Bill Wyman, not the bass player, but "an outstanding archeologist," dig up a mummy. Not a lot happens. It ends.


61) A Happening in Africa (Africa Erotica, Jungle Erotic) (1970) - A model and a photographer go to Africa, ride around in an Amphicar, take pictures, get chased by animals. IMDb says Brigitte Lahaie is in this, but she wasn't in the SWV copy I watched. I later dug up my other copy of the movie (titled Africa Erotica: A Happening in Africa) which did have a Brigitte Lahaie scene edited in (along with one or two others). Plus it had a more complete ending than the choppy SWV copy.
62) Mr. Angel (1966) - One day, while out for a jaunt in his seaplane, Mr. Angel catches sight of a topless chick on a small island signalling madly for him to land. After he crashes his plane, he wades ashore to find a chick in really short cutoff jean shorts who says she's being held prisoner on the island.
63) Thunder Warrior (Thunder) (1983) [B-Movie TV] - Native American gets pissed off when he discovers that people are about to bulldoze the local Indian Burial Site©, so he goes to the cops to complain. Unfortunately, the local sheriff (Bo Svenson) and his men are in on it, and arrest him. Hero escapes. Violence ensues. Not bad for what it was.
64) Group Marriage (1973) - Two couples meet and swap partners. When they get bored with that they add a couple more into the mix. The first half of this was amusing (a little like a Love, American Style episode with dirty words and boobs), then it started to drag.


65) The Lickerish Quartet (1970) - Married couple and their kid watch a blue movie, then go to a carnival where they pick up a chick and take her back home. Great looking, odd movie.
66) Thunder 2 (1987) [B-Movie TV] - It's a few years later, and even with all the property damage he caused in the previous film, the Governor has appointed Thunder as a deputy in the same county he wrecked before (where Bo Svenson is still the sheriff). Thunder is framed and sent to jail. He escapes and violence ensues once more.
67) Kyôfu kikei ningen: Edogawa Rampo zenshû (Horrors of Malformed Men) (1969) [Shockwerks TV] - Man escapes from an asylum. While on a train, he sees a newspaper article about a guy who looked just like him who recently died, so he goes and digs up the dead guy and switches clothes with him and takes his place (telling people he didn't die, he was just sleeping really soundly, or something). After a while, he goes to an island where stuff gets really weird, even by Japan standards.
68) Au Pair Girls (1972) - Group of young foreign women go to London to get jobs as au pairs and have comedic sex adventures. Pretty sure I saw this in the '70s on cable, but I didn't remember any of it other than the title.


69) Swedish Wildcats (Every Afternoon) (1972) - Joe Sarno flick about two sisters who work for their aunt (Diana Dors) in her whorehouse. Christina Lindberg plays one of the other whores and shows up in a few scenes.
70) Poor White Trash Part II (Scum of the Earth) (1974) - Man and wife are enjoying a vacation at a cabin in the woods until the man is killed with an ax. The woman runs off into the woods where she runs into a horny old drunken slob who takes her back to his shack where she meets the rest of his family.
71) Victims! (1985) - Four "teenage" girls go on a field trip into the desert (to study rocks) where a couple of serial killers just happen to be hanging out that weekend. I think the filmmakers might have been trying to go for a deeper meaning for the title there at the end.
72) Thunder 3 (1988) [B-Movie TV] - Thunder is back again. This time, a group of goofballs shoots a couple of horses, chases a little boy to a trailer park, then shoots up the trailers, which causes Thunder to go after repayment for the damage they did.


73) Guyana: Crime of the Century (Guyana: Cult of the Damned) (1979) [B-Movie TV] - Jim Jones (or Johnson in this case, since "Names have been changed to protect the innocent.") leads his followers, first to Guyana, then to death.
74) Pink Flamingos (1972) - Low-lifes compete to see who is lowest. I thought it was trying a little too hard to be weird.
75) Porn USA (Prostitution Pornography USA) (1971) - "Documentary" about pornography and prostitution. In the scene on the boat with Neola Graef, the "director" calls her Donna early in the scene, but repeatedly calls her Neola through the rest of it.
76) The Screentest Girls (1969) - Two young women audition for a sleazy movie producer, then film a couple of screentests. I recognized Mary Jane Shippen from Miss Nymphet's Zap-In, but where I thought she was just kind of cute in that, she was super cute in this one (even though the color on the copy I watched was off, making her red hair look brown).
77) Horny Hobo (1969) - Hobo asks a guy for money and the guy tells him if he washes his windows he'll pay him when he gets back home. Hobo agrees and starts washing window. Through the window he sees two women getting busy. The women notice him, and invite him in. Mary Jane Shippen was in this one, but she didn't have a lot of screen time.


78) Soul of Bruce Lee (Gekisatsu! Jadô ken) (1977) - Sonny Chiba's buddy kills their teacher. So he trains a lot then goes after him. Pretty sure Bruce Lee wasn't even mentioned in the movie.
79) Oh! You Beautiful "Doll" (1973) - Old, well past her prime Hollywood starlet advertises acting lessons in order to acquire new sexual partners.
80) Winterbeast (1992) [B-Movie TV] - Stop motion monsters kill people. I really think the people who made this had a few short stop motion films they had made and then made this film to try to tie them together somehow.


81) The Eighteen Carat Virgin (1971) - After her stepdad rapes her, a young woman steals his car and runs away to Miami Beach. She stops partway there where she meets a prostitute who takes her under her wing and sets her up as a prostitute too. Every now and then, a guy playing a guitar cuts in and sings a Keoma-style theme song in case you're having trouble keeping up with the intricate plot.
82) Cage (1989) [B-Movie TV] - Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno are in a firefight in Viet Nam when Lou gets shot in the head, causing permanent brain damage. After the war, the two are running a bar when a crook in deep money troubles decides to kidnap Ferigno and make him a cage fighter. Not a great movie, but how can you not have fun watching Captain America and the Hulk together in a movie? Danny Trejo has a bit part as a henchman.
83) Up! (1976) - Story about a murder and sexual antics in a small community. Wasn't expecting Uschi Digard to be listed as a producer on the film (she also did body makeup according to an interview on the disc).
84) Kid (1990) [B-Movie TV] - Nameless stranger (C. Thomas Howell) shows up in a desert town looking to avenge his parents' murder years earlier. R. Lee Ermey plays the evil sheriff who wants to run him out of town. Surprisingly decent flick.
85) Lunchmeat (1987) [B-Movie TV] - A group of L.A. douches going to a cabin in the woods are attacked on the way by a goofball, hick cannibal family. Not a likeable character in sight. If we're lucky, they'll all die horrific deaths. "Stay put, I tell ya!"


86) The Snow Bunnies (1972) - Stephen C. Apostolof flick (written by Ed Wood) with Marsha Jordan, Rene Bond, and a few others, in boring fake sex scene after boring fake sex scene, interrupted occasionally with long boring conversations. Feels like I've seen this one before, but I think maybe it was because it was so generic and boring.


87) Drop Out Wife (1972) - Another Stephen C. Apostolof & Ed Wood flick. Some of the same folks from the previous movie. This one had a story, but it was still mostly one boring fake sex scene after another.
88) Drive-In Delirium Volume 2: The Offspring (2011) - Disc 2: "British Blood & Bosoms / Sexy for Satan / A Fistful of Euros" - Three more hours of trailers. This one was really heavy on horror stuff (the last segment with the Spaghetti Western trailers was definitely welcomed). It looks like disc three is also heavy on horror, so I think I'm done with these for this year.
89) Black Samurai (1977) [B-Movie TV] - Al Adamson flick with Jim Kelly as a spy. In one scene, Jim Kelly fights a buzzard. It's bad, and not in a cheesy fun kinda bad way.
90) Mannaja (A Man Called Blade) (1977) - The Spaghetti Western trailers made me want to watch a Spaghetti Western, and the trailer for this one looked good and I have a copy of it. Guy armed with a hatchet (and a pistol) looks to avenge his father's death. Another really good Italian Western with a terrible theme song.


91) Europe in the Raw (1963) - Russ Meyer "documentary" composed of montages of street signs, buildings, statues, big breasts, some neon signs, then maybe a topless woman jiggles around for awhile, all while a guy tells you a little about some European country.
92) Undercover Vixens (The Harem Bunch) (1969) [YouTube] - I happened upon this title on Youtube, which I recognized as one of the few Debbie Osborne movies I hadn't seen, so I watched it. She is listed in the end credits, but I'm not sure her scenes weren't cut from the film. There are more people credited as "Barracks Women" than were in the two barracks scenes. Well, at least Monica Gayle was in it. Her and two other girls play Israeli spies who are captured by Arabs.


93) The Stewardesses (1969) - A bunch of stewardesses spend their off time drinking, doing drugs, and/or having pretend sex. Monica Gayle had a small part in this one. Not a very good movie, but the 3D is great, with several showy "pop-outs" as well as good use of depth throughout.
94) Hell Is a Place Called Hollywood (1950) (watched 4/15/17) - A girl wins a beauty contest and wins a trip to Hollywood where she makes a nudie flick, and later becomes a nude model. I just saw this a few months back on Bizarre TV, but I'm glad to know I have a copy of it. / A Wild Night at the Interlude (1967) (watched 4/17/17) - Short film about night club in San Francisco. / The Swinging Nurses (1965) (watched 4/20/17) - Barry Mahon short about a photographer laid up in a hospital who gets a few nurses to pose nude for him. June Roberts is in it for a few seconds in what is most likely a reused clip from another Mahon movie. / Experiments in Love (1977) (watched 4/26/17) - Female scientist and her female assistant film various 3D effects with the scientist's new 3D camera. Really good 3D demonstration film (plus lots of nudity).
94) The Headless Eyes (1971) [Bizarre TV] - Artist loses an eye while trying his hand at robbery, later becomes a serial killer who steals his victim's eyes.
95) Street Law (1995) [B-Movie TV] - Goofy crap about a long haired kung fu lawyer who pisses off the wrong people and gets kicked out of his apartment, so he becomes a fighter.
96) Mutant War (1988) [B-Movie TV] - Sequel to a movie I haven't seen has the hero return, team up with a young girl and fight some bad guys.


97) Cyborg Cop II (1994) [B-Movie TV] - Another sequel to a movie I haven't seen. Evil scientists turn bad guys into cyborgs who get loose and start killing people. Really, really, really sucked.
98) Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force (1989) [B-Movie TV] - Finally, a sequel to a movie I've seen (Roller Blade (1986)). Post-apocalyptic crap about people on skates. The first one was weirdly entertaining. This one just sucked.
99) The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955) - Was kind of surprised to see I still had some unwatched Midnight Movies DVDs, so I watched this one. When a radioactive underwater mutant monster kills a couple of people, two guys working for the government investigate.


100) The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955) - Alien lands on earth and hassles a family and their mute ranch hand.
101) Rescue Force (1990) [B-Movie TV] - Silly low-budget action flick. After an Ambassador and his daughter are abducted, the Rescue Force is called into action.
102) Angel: Black Angel (Arabella l'angelo nero) (1989) [B-Movie TV] - Sleazy Giallo (I guess this counts as one since it's Italian, and it has a serial murderer who could be any one of a few characters and who isn't identified until the end of the movie) about a woman and her invalid writer husband, a lesbian cop, and some murders.


103) Rhythm and Blues Revue (1955) [] - Variety of acts perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Could've used more Mantan Moreland (who was only in it for about a minute) and Nipsey Russell.
104) Games of Survival (1989) [B-Movie TV] - Lizard alien dude with a very high opinion of himself sends seven prisoners from different planets to earth to fight for possession of a ball (a gift from his father). Whoever possesses it at the end, wins his freedom.
105) Lady Avenger (1988) [B-Movie TV] - Female prisoner is temporarily released so she can go to her brother's funeral. She escapes and goes searching for the guys who killed her brother (but where'd she get a flame thrower?). Michelle Bauer is in a few scenes, usually naked.
106) Fatal Exposure (1989) [YouTube] - Photographer who claims to be the great grandson of Jack the Ripper (and calls himself "Jack T. Rippington") kills people and photographs them as they die, then drinks their blood.


107) The Bellboy and the Playgirls (1962) - Francis Ford Coppola filmed new scenes which were edited into a German movie. The new film is about a bellboy who is taking a correspondence course to learn to be a detective who thinks the new guests at the hotel are "professional women." Part of the time, he's in black & white, and disguised as a stagehand, watching a director tell stories to his lead actress who suddenly decided she wasn't okay with the sex in the play they're rehearsing, and the rest of the time, whenever he's back in the hotel, he's in color. Just before the final reel, he points out and reads "Put on your special glasses" in his detective handbook, and everything from then on should be in 3D (of course it was flat on the copy I have). I had hoped the whole last reel was included on the 3-D Rarities blu-ray, but it was only 2 minutes. Oh well, I watched it anyway.
108) A*P*E (1976) - Guy in ape suit wakes up and destroys miniature ship then wades to shore in Korea where he breaks up a lot of miniature buildings. This was really bad, and unlike a bunch of people online, I didn't think the 3D saved it.
109) Warlord (Dynasty, Qian dao wan li zhu) - Bad guy kills a few monks and a prince, then one guy weasels himself into the bad guy's inner circle while another guy beats people up with an umbrella - in 3D! I watched a low resolution, faded copy, and the 3D still worked really well. I'd love to get a blu-ray copy of this one.
The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge

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