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Re: Resident Evil 7

Well, I beat this game last weekend and unfortunately it
Takes a bit of a dive once you leave the house

Way, way, too much was explained (If you read all the notes and documents you pick up along the way you'll know what I'm talking about) - so much so that it made the creatures and other elements a bit less scary and just destroyed the feeling of the unknown - this bummed me out a bit but the story as a whole was actually nice and deep and you really end up feeling for

I love this game though - I'm so pleased with it - the controls are tight, graphics are excellent and the sound was amazing as well. Loved playing the tapes and just loved the atmosphere overall.

I don't see future titles being this good though as I'm sure we're going to get
explosions and less creepiness
but I will take what I can get - this was an amazing haunted house game for the most part.

Groucho - thanks for the DLC details.
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