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Re: Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We're in the other boat...loved it. Has plenty of "Far Cry 4" elements to it...large open sand box, Rebel Support, locals, vehicles but with more variations, the side missions and even the overall look.

We were far from bored....but we of course like to go out of the way and just explore and look around and we found all sorts of stuff to do let alone just hop on or in and drive. If someone is looking for some game that just charge & barge with all sort of fancy sci-fi stuff...then no. It's far more bigger and variation than The Division yet hard to say when it comes to how all the leveling happens. But like Far Cry 4 you do have a sort of "Rebel/Local" element but this is far more vast with different parts added to help combat the area.

One note too which many complained but were did stat at the beginning on the right side a sort of disclaimer that this was not the final build and a beta and not all areas were going to be accessible and or complete. Other than that it's still a day one for us.
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