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Re: Resident Evil 7

Ok, I was going to wait until I beat the game to post but I just can't. I absolutely love this game - they nailed the atmosphere and it's super creepy.

Pretty amazed at how you're basically playing cut scenes at times. those sludge monsters are terrifying when they appear - caught myself Mother F*** my tv a few times.

I just love the house and how it feels like you're playing a movie come to life (if that makes any sense).

This is truly the first "Great" game to come out for the new consoles IMO. This is the type of game that has me questioning all the other games I own (which isn't many but still) and I'm hoping it will continue to amaze - I know it's short but I don't care about that.

I hear all DLC is going to be tapes as well which I think is cool.

Finally - I think the highest praise I can give this game is that it just may be scarier than Outlast - and if not scarier, it's easily just as scary.
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