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Re: The Sixth Annual November Comedy Challenge *List Thread* Nov 1-30, 2016

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Start of challenge Comedy (20/50), AFI (32/100), Film Comedy (62/351)

2011: 68 *Checklist Completed*
2012: 74 (211)
2013: 46.25 (104)
2014: 45.75 (124)
2015: 60.75 (134)

Shameless S.6
Goldbergs S.2
Difficult People S.2
You're the Worst S.2
Married S.2
Life in Pieces S.1 catch-up (0/20)
Fresh Off the Boat S.2 catch-up (7/7)
Modern Family S.6/7 catch-up (27/27)
The Big Bang Theory S.9 catch-up (22/22)
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November 1st
1. The Goldbergs S.1 "Lame Gretzky"*
2. The Goldbergs S.1 "For Your Own Good"*
3. The Good Place S.1 "Most Improved Player"*
4. The Mindy Project S.5 "Leland Breakfast Is the Miracle Worker"*
5. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Bachelor Party Corrosion"*
6. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The 2003 Approximation"*
7. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Perspiration Implementation"*
8. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Helium Insufficiency"*

November 2nd
9. The Goldbergs S.1 "The President's Fitness Test"*
10. The Goldbergs S.1 "You're Not Invited"*
11. The Goldbergs S.1 "The Age of Darkness"*
12. American Housewife S.1 "Art Show"*
13. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Spock Resonance"*

November 3rd
14. The Real O'Neals S.2 "The Real Move"*
15. The Goldbergs S.1 "A Wrestler Named Goldberg"*
16. The Goldbergs S.1 "Livin' On a Prayer"*
17. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Mystery Date Observation"*
18. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Platonic Permutation"*
19. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Earworm Reverberation"*
20. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Opening Night Excitation"*
21. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Sales Call Sublimation"*
22. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Empathy Optimization"*

November 4th
23. Difficult People S.2 "Unplugged"*
24. Difficult People S.2 "Kessler Epstein Foundation"*
25. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Forty-Five"*
26. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Forty-Six"*
27. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Forty-Seven"*
28. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Meemaw Materialization"*
29. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Valentino Submergence"*
30. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Positive Negative Reaction"*

November 5th
31. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Celebration Experimentation"*
32. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Application Deterioration"*
33. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Solder Excursion Diversion"*
34. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Big Bear Precipitation"*
35. The Good Place S.1 "...Someone Like Me as a Member"*
36. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Viewing Party Combustion"*
37. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Fermentation Bifurcation"*
38. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Line Substitution Solution"*
39. The Big Bang Theory S.9 "The Convergence Convergence"*
40. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Two Openings: Part One"*

November 6th
41. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Two Openings: Part Two"*
42. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the 80's Movie"*
43. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Godmama Drama"*
44. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the College Experience"*
45. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Conjugal Conjecture"*
46. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Military Miniaturization"*
47. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Dependence Transcendence"*
48. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Cohabitation Experimentation"*
49. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Hot Tub Contamination"*
50. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Fetal Kick Catalyst"*
51. Dirty Grandpa (2016)*

November 7th
52. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Veracity Elasticity"*
53. Shameless S.6 "I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing"
54. Shameless S.6 "#AbortionRules"
55. Shameless S.6 "The F Word"*
56. The Last Man Earth S.3 "The Power of Power"*

November 8th
57. Difficult People S.2 "Italian Piņata"*

November 9th
58. Shameless S.6 "Going Once, Going Twice"*
59. Shameless S.6 "Refugees"*
60. Shameless S.6 "NSFW"*
61. Shameless S.6 "Pimp's Paradise"*

November 10th
62. Shameless S.6 "Be a Good Boy. Come for Grandma."*
63. Shameless S.6 "A Yurt of One's Own"*
64. Shameless S.6 "Paradise Lost"*
65. Shameless S.6 "Sleep No More"*
66. Shameless S.6 "Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!"*

November 11th
67. Shameless S.7 "Hiraeth"*
68. Shameless S.7 "Swipe, Fuck, Leave"*
69. Shameless S.7 "Home Sweet Homeless Shelter"*
70. Shameless S.7 "I Am a Storm"*
71. Shameless S.7 "Own Your Shit"*

November 12th
72. Shameless S.7 "The Defenestration of Frank*
73. The Mindy Project S.5 "Concord"*
74. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Brain Bowl Incubation"*
75. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Rom-Commie"*
76. Modern Family S.6 "Knock 'Em Down"*
77. Modern Family S.6 "Integrity"*
78. Modern Family S.6 "Patriot Games"*
79. Modern Family S.6 "Crying Out Loud"*
80. Modern Family S.6 "American Skyper"*
81. Modern Family S.7 "Summer Lovin'"*
82. Modern Family S.7 "The Day Alex Left for College"*
83. Modern Family S.7 "The Closet Case"*

November 13th
84. Modern Family S.7 "She Crazy"*
85. Modern Family S.7 "The Verdict"*
86. Modern Family S.7 "The More You Ignore Me"*
87. Modern Family S.7 "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"*
88. Modern Family S.7 "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer"*

November 14th
89. Shameless S.7 "You'll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life"*
90. Modern Family S.7 "White Christmas"*
91. Modern Family S.7 "Playdates"*
92. Modern Family S.7 "Spread Your Wings"*
93. Modern Family S.7 "Clean for a Day"*
94. Modern Family S.7 "Thunk in the Trunk"*
95. Modern Family S.7 "The Storm"*
96. Modern Family S.7 "I Don't Know How She Does It"*

November 15th
97. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Sophie Doll"*
98. Modern Family S.7 "The Cover-Up"*
99. Modern Family S.7 "Express Yourself"*
100. Modern Family S.7 "The Party"*
101. Modern Family S.7 "Man Shouldn't Lie"*
102. Modern Family S.7 "Promposal"*
103. Modern Family S.7 "Crazy Train"*
104. Modern Family S.7 "Double Click"*
105. Modern Family S.8 "A Tale of Three Cities"*
106. Modern Family S.8 "A Stereotypical Day"*

November 16th
107. The Last Man on Earth S.3 "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths"*
108. The Real O'Neals S.2 "The Real Tradition"*
109. The Mindy Project S.5 "Revenge of the Nurse"*
110. American Housewife S.1 "The Snub"*
111. Modern Family S.8 "Blindsided"*
112. Modern Family S.8 "Weathering Heights"*
113. Modern Family S.8 "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook"*

November 17th
114. Chuck S.1 "Chuck Versus the Intersect"
115. Chuck S.1 "Chuck Versus the Helicopter"
116. Chuck S.1 "Chuck Versus the Tango"
117. The Grinder S.1 "A System on Trial"*
118. The Grinder S.1 "For the People"*
119. The Grinder S.1 "Divergence"*
120. The Grinder S.1 "Full Circle"*
121. Mom S.4 "High-Tops and Brown Jacket"*

November 18th
122. Mom S.4 "Sword Fights and a Dominican Shortstop"*
123. Mom S.4 "Sparkling Water & Ba-Dinkers"*
124. Mom S.4 "Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare"*
125. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "Kevin and Donna's Book Club"*
126. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "Kevin's Good Story"*
127. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "Beat the Parents"*
128. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "Hallow-We-Ain't-Home"*
129. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "Who's Better Than Us?"*
130. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "The Power of Positive Drinking"*
131. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S.2 "Where Is Josh's Friend?"*
132. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S.2 "When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?"*
133. Chuck S.1 "Chuck Versus the Wookiee"
134. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S.2 "All Signs Point to Josh…Or Is It Josh's Friend?"*
135. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S.2 "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?"*

November 19th
136. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S.2 "Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?"*
137. Difficult People S.2 "Blade Stallion"*
138. Difficult People S.2 "Patches"*
139. Difficult People S.2 "36 Candles"*
140. Difficult People S.2 "Carter"*
141. Difficult People S.2 "Hashtag Cats"*
142. Difficult People S.2 "Cedar Cove"*
143. Difficult People S.2 "High Alert"*
144. Ghostbusters (2016)*
145. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)*

November 20th
146. Central Intelligence (2016)*
147. Modern Family S.8 "Grab It"*
148. Modern Family S.8 "Thanksgiving Jamboree"*
149. New Girl S.6 "Ready"*
150. The Last Man on Earth S.3 "Mama's Hideaway"*

November 21st
151. The Goldbergs S.2 "Love is a Mixtape"*
152. The Goldbergs S.2 "Mama Drama"*
153. The Goldbergs S.2 "The Facts of Bleeping Life"*
154. The Goldbergs S.2 "Shall We Play a Game?"*
155. The Goldbergs S.2 "Family Takes Care of Beverly"*
156. The Goldbergs S.2 "Big Baby Ball"*
157. The Goldbergs S.2 "A Goldberg Thanksgiving"*
158. The Goldbergs S.2 "I Rode A Hoverboard!"*
159. The Goldbergs S.2 "The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet"*
160. You're the Worst S.2 "The Sweater People"*
161. You're the Worst S.2 "Crevasses"*
162. Kevin Can Wait S.1 "The Fantastic Pho"*
163. The Goldbergs S.2 "Dannydonniejoejonjordan"*
164. The Goldbergs S.2 "The Darryl Dawkins Dance"*

November 22nd
165. The Goldbergs S.2 "Cowboy Country"*
166. The Goldbergs S.2 "Van People"*
167. The Goldbergs S.2 "Barry Goldberg's Day Off"*
168. The Goldbergs S.2 "Happy Mom, Happy Life"*
169. The Goldbergs S.2 "The Lost Boy"*
170. The Goldbergs S.2 "The Adam Bomb"*
171. The Goldbergs S.2 "I Drank the Mold!"*
172. The Goldbergs S.2 "La Biblioteca Es Libros"*
173. The Goldbergs S.2 "Just Say No"*
174. The Goldbergs S.2 "As You Wish"*
175. The Goldbergs S.2 "Dance Party USA"*
176. You're the Worst S.2 "Born Dead"*
177. You're the Worst S.2 "All About That Paper"*
178. You're the Worst S.2 "We Can Do Better Than This"*
179. You're the Worst S.2 "Side Bitch"*
180. You're the Worst S.2 "There Is Not Currently a Problem"*
181. You're the Worst S.2 "Spooky Sunday Funday"*
182. You're the Worst S.2 "LCD Soundsystem"*
183. The Late Late Show with James Corden "Anna Kendrick, Billy Eichner, Kurt Braunohler"*
184. The Goldbergs S.2 "Bill/Murray"*
185. The Goldbergs S.2 "Goldbergs Feel Hard"*

November 23rd
186. The Goldbergs S.3 "A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party"*
187. The Goldbergs S.3 "A Chorus Lie"*
188. The Goldbergs S.3 "Jimmy 5 is Alive"*
189. The Goldbergs S.3 "I Caddyshacked the Pool"*
190. The Goldbergs S.3 "Boy Barry"*
191. The Goldbergs S.3 "Couples Costume"*
192. The Goldbergs S.3 "Lucky"*
193. The Goldbergs S.3 "In Conclusion, Thanksgiving"*
194. The Goldbergs S.3 "Wingmom"*
195. The Goldbergs S.3 "A Christmas Story"*
196. You're the Worst S.2 "A Right Proper Story"*
197. You're the Worst S.2 "A Rapidly Mutating Virus"*
198. You're the Worst S.2 "Other Things You Could Be Doing"*
199. You're the Worst S.2 "The Heart is a Dumb Dumb"*

November 25th
200. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life "Winter"*
201. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life "Spring"*
202. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life "Summer"*
203. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life "Fall"*
204. American Housewife S.1 "The Blow-Up"*
205. 2 Broke Girls S.6 "And the Duck Stamp"*
206. New Girl S.6 "Last Thanksgiving"*
207. The Big Bang Theory S.10 "The Geology Elevation"*
208. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Forty-Eight"*
209. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Forty-Nine"*
210. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Fifty"*

November 26th
211. Shameless S.7 "You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?
212. Married S.2 "Thanksgiving"*
213. Married S.2 "Aftershocks"*
214. Married S.2 "The Sandwich"*
215. Married S.2 "Koreatown"*
216. Married S.2 "Pimps"*
217. Married S.2 "Murder!"*
218. Married S.2 "The Cruise"*
219. Married S.2 "Mother's Day"*
220. Married S.2 "Guardians"*

November 27th
221. Married S.2 "1997"*
222. Married S.2 "Triggers"*
223. Married S.2 "Gymnastics"*
224. Married S.2 "The Waiter"*
225. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Week in Review"*

November 28th
226. The Goldbergs S.3 "The Tasty Boys"*
227. The Goldbergs S.3 "Baio and Switch"*
228. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Jessica Place"*
229. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Hi, My Name Is…"*
230. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Rent Day"*
231. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Gotta Be Me"*
232. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "The Manchurian Dinner Date"*

November 29th
233. The Goldbergs S.3 "Double Dare"*
234. The Goldbergs S.3 "Lainey Loves Lionel"*
235. The Goldbergs S.3 "Weird Al"*
236. The Goldbergs S.3 "Edward 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards"*
237. The Goldbergs S.3 "The Dirty Dancing Dance"*
238. The Goldbergs S.3 "12 Tapes for a Penny"*
239. Fresh Off the Boat S.2 "Bring the Pain"*
240. Fresh Off the Boat S.3 "Coming from America"*
241. Fresh Off the Boat S.3 "Breaking Chains"*

November 30th
242. The Goldbergs S.3 "Magic Is Real"*
243. The Goldbergs S.3 "Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?"*
244. The Goldbergs S.3 "Rush"*
245. The Goldbergs S.3 "Smother's Day"*
246. The Goldbergs S.3 "Big Orange"*
247. The Goldbergs S.3 "Have a Summer"*
248. Mom S.4 "Blow and a Free McMuffin"*
249. The Real O'Neals S.2 "The Real Fit"*
250. American Housewife S.1 "Power Couple"*
251. New Girl S.6 "James Wonder"*
252. Jane the Virgin S.3 "Chapter Fifty-One"*
253. Fresh Off the Boat S.3 "Louisween"*
254. Fresh Off the Boat S.3 "Citizen Jessica"*
255. Fresh Off the Boat S.3 "No Thanks-giving"*

Total: 78 (255)
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