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Re: NES Classic Edition (30 games; 60 bucks; 11/11/2016)

Originally Posted by slop101 View Post
Poor Sega. They released a Genesis version of this exact thing a couple years ago which came with two controllers (both a wired and wireless versions), more games (80) and cartridge support for less money ($40) and nobody cared.
I'm sure there are some good games on that system, but to me, most look like shit... and I loved my Genesis.

The more I think about this mini NES, the more I realize Nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot. There are so many classic games that could be leveraged via expansion or a larger initial library and charge more... but instead we get 30 and the only way to get, say, 60 or 120 or 240 games is to buy another mini NES that may or may not ever exist? Dumb. I'd love to see NES wrestling, track and field, etc and would gladly pay double for this system if it was all inclusive.
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