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Re: 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by aktick View Post
Hilarity ensues. It's clear you're "that guy" who had no self control, got way overweight, and went on to take out your frustrations on opponents of "your" teams (that were perpetual losers, like...yeah) by trying to bully everybody who is a fan of a team you irrationally dislike. Your pathetic behavior in the NFL threads is sad enough, but your annual two week return to NHL threads is even more ridiculous.

Though for your sake, I am glad you've allowed the medical community to try and fix your laziness, and I hope you all the best.
Lol. Wow. Such butthurt.

Lets see... That's three (four?) personal attacks on me now, and still I haven't risen to your sad bait. Well, okay, replacing your "ass" comment with aktick probably counted as me finally acknowledging your vitriol. You seem to want to make yourself seem more important by unleashing attacks that don't really have anything to so with this thread. Kinda sad, but you know what, I'm a bigger man than you (yes, in both senses of the word) so I'm gonna let you rant and act the fool all you want, as there are better things to do than have to read your immature ad hominem drivel any longer.

Go ahead and reply, maybe the Otters here will be impressed by your snappy comebacks. Unfortunately it'll be little more than mental masturbation 'cause I won't see it.

Welcome to Ignoresville.

Edited to add - Glad I quoted you before you deleted your comment. I think by deleting it you understand that it was irrational and kinda offensive. I'm uncertain if I'll waste my time reporting you, but at least with it captured and on display perhaps others here will gain a little more insight into what makes you tick. And hopefully you'll have some time to reflect and decide if that's the type of person you really want to be.

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