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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

Originally Posted by bevilacq12 View Post
I suppose that all makes sense. The DVD-Rs are being manufactured one-at-a-time or in very small batches in some Amazon warehouse, so it makes sense that those would not have MiM, while presumably Amazon contracted the pressed discs out to a Mexican replicator (which is common for retail pressed DVDs and BDs). That could change in the future so the absence of MiM might not always indicate DVD-R, but the presence of MiM SHOULD indicate pressed discs. But the "Manufactured by Amazon" above the barcode seems a much better method of testing.
Okay. I was unclear if we had established that the "Manufactured by Amazon" text above the barcode was a 100% indicator. If it is (and you now have much more experience than I) then you're definitely right about that being the easiest way to establish a disc's bona fides, and I'll just proceed based on that.

As for the barcodes on the disc, I'm not sure. I returned my DVD-R sets so I don't have any on-hand to look at, but my pressed ones don't seem to have any barcodes. But to see this, you already have to have opened the set, so it's much easier to look at the bottom of the disc.
No problem at all. If you still had them, or remembered, then as said, that would have been another factor. But since you don't, and we don't seem to need anything else anyway, then obviously we can disregard this.

I just did some Google-ing and could not find anything. Perhaps the built-in Disc Utility app? I think there is little disc-focused software for Mac since so few Macs even come with disc drives anymore... I know I used Boot Camp + Windows + Nero when my sole computer was a Mac.
Thanks very much for looking into it! I know that I should get around to running Windows on my Mac too, and as soon as I get around to it then I'll just use the free Nero. Although it sounds like we've pretty well established that the "Manufactured by Amazon" text is an adequate sign.

In my experience, the customer service reps have next to no knowledge of the actual product and no power over the fulfillment process (which is backed up by your experience where he assured you that no DVD-Rs were sold and then you did receive a DVD-R).
I figure that it never hurts to ask, and it could happen that we get someone who knows what they're talking about. Plus, if I hadn't been careless enough to open the DVD-R then I would have had a decent argument about returning it.

All four recent purchases were pressed (Crazy Ones, Salem s1, Wilfred s3-4). The fact that some really unpopular titles like Crisis, Salem, and Graceland received pressed discs makes me think that ALL Fox titles included in the sale received pressed discs. I could be wrong, but that's my gut feeling. The oddities surrounding which have sold out already and what their sales ranks were during the time period since the sale could just be related to Amazon misjudging how many to press for individual titles.
Wow, congratulations again! Can't ask for better than that, and of course that's great for your overall success rate with this. Thanks especially for listing the titles, and I need to get on The Crazy Ones as soon as I can. I wish we all had known about this when the titles were cheaper and/or I could have saved up to order them all asap. But still, this has been a greatly helpful thread and I'm very thankful for every pressed title I can get.

You could well be right about Fox pressing all their titles for year-end. At this point I think there are enough factors that it's impossible to say for sure, but I'm just glad that there are some still there for us. Meanwhile, I probably won't order and then receive more for another 3-4 weeks, but I'll absolutely report back on the results then.
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