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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

Originally Posted by Strapped4Cash View Post
Thanks for the reply and all the analysis bevilacq12. I was curious if any of the other factors I mentioned lined up for you too, beyond the "Manufactured by Amazon" text, i.e. the pressed discs being in shrinkwrap with the "Made in Mexico" and not having barcodes on the discs, while the DVD-R's had cellophane, no "MiM" stamp and barcodes on their discs?

When ordering from Amazon then the "Manufactured by Amazon" above the barcode may be the sole indicator needed to tell the difference, but as you say, I'd love to try to know all the signs in case any of us ever order from someone else. It will be great to know just by looking at them, and possibly return them unopened (at our cost of course), without having to unwrap them.
I suppose that all makes sense. The DVD-Rs are being manufactured one-at-a-time or in very small batches in some Amazon warehouse, so it makes sense that those would not have MiM, while presumably Amazon contracted the pressed discs out to a Mexican replicator (which is common for retail pressed DVDs and BDs). That could change in the future so the absence of MiM might not always indicate DVD-R, but the presence of MiM SHOULD indicate pressed discs. But the "Manufactured by Amazon" above the barcode seems a much better method of testing.

As for the barcodes on the disc, I'm not sure. I returned my DVD-R sets so I don't have any on-hand to look at, but my pressed ones don't seem to have any barcodes. But to see this, you already have to have opened the set, so it's much easier to look at the bottom of the disc.

Thanks, though I'm on a Mac (which doesn't have a PC option) and I believe that Nero only works for a PC. After some investigating I tried using Quick Time, but that didn't tell me. I'll investigate more later, unless anyone knows a good program in lieu of Nero for Mac?
I just did some Google-ing and could not find anything. Perhaps the built-in Disc Utility app? I think there is little disc-focused software for Mac since so few Macs even come with disc drives anymore... I know I used Boot Camp + Windows + Nero when my sole computer was a Mac.

5/7 are definitely good results, congratulations! I understand about Bob's Burgers being one of your favorites, though at least you got 2 more pressed Seasons. Perhaps you might try contacting cust. service prior to placing another order, in the hopes of getting a rep. as understanding as mine? Or one that might insert a note to the shipping dept. (if that's possible)?
In my experience, the customer service reps have next to no knowledge of the actual product and no power over the fulfillment process (which is backed up by your experience where he assured you that no DVD-Rs were sold and then you did receive a DVD-R).

Yeah, it's impossible to know for sure if pressed discs were created unless someone reports them. As you say, certain titles may not have been included in the sale or they might have built up a small supply of DVD-R's where they felt that that would be sufficient and no pressing as needed. And different warehouses might have, or have had, different allocations of these.

Good luck to you on your new order, I'll definitely look forward to your results on those titles, especially The Crazy Ones.
All four recent purchases were pressed (Crazy Ones, Salem s1, Wilfred s3-4). The fact that some really unpopular titles like Crisis, Salem, and Graceland received pressed discs makes me think that ALL Fox titles included in the sale received pressed discs. I could be wrong, but that's my gut feeling. The oddities surrounding which have sold out already and what their sales ranks were during the time period since the sale could just be related to Amazon misjudging how many to press for individual titles.

Originally Posted by orangerunner View Post
Whenever DVDs and CDs are pressed, there is always a 10% over/under-run allowable.

In the case of a six-disc set, there is never a perfectly equal number of each disc during a press run.

The inconsistencies probably have to do with having leftover pressed discs of say 2, 3 & 5 and then having to burn 1, 4 & 6 to make a complete set.

Eventually, they will be making sets with only one pressed disc until those are all used up and then they start running the set as DVD-R only.
I don't know what this has to do with anything. No one is receiving mixed sets, and the pressed discs are manufactured and shrinkwrapped in Mexico while the DVD-Rs are being burnt in Amazon facilities in the states, so it would be odd for the stocks to even cross paths until they were all already assembled and shrinkwrapped. Amazon presumably ordered X amount per title from a Mexican replicator, and the replicator delivered those X. Any odd numbers of extra discs would presumably be handled by the replicator and never actually affect Amazon.
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