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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

Originally Posted by bevilacq12 View Post
It definitely sounds like Don't Trust The B---- is a DVD-R and the other two (Graceland and Witches of East End) are pressed DVD-ROMs. The color of the discs is a dead giveaway usually, and everything else you've said is consistent. It seems that "Manufactured by Amazon" being above the UPC indicates burned DVD-R and the absence of that means pressed DVD-ROM (though only when purchasing directly from Amazon - the Willette Acquisition Group copies, which you'd get if you ordered from Best Buy, Walmart, etc. are always DVD-R but don't have the "Manufactured by Amazon" text for obvious reasons).
Thanks for the reply and all the analysis bevilacq12. I was curious if any of the other factors I mentioned lined up for you too, beyond the "Manufactured by Amazon" text, i.e. the pressed discs being in shrinkwrap with the "Made in Mexico" and not having barcodes on the discs, while the DVD-R's had cellophane, no "MiM" stamp and barcodes on their discs?

When ordering from Amazon then the "Manufactured by Amazon" above the barcode may be the sole indicator needed to tell the difference, but as you say, I'd love to try to know all the signs in case any of us ever order from someone else. It will be great to know just by looking at them, and possibly return them unopened (at our cost of course), without having to unwrap them.

I wouldn't bother checking the sizes. Dual-layer DVD-Rs definitely exist. Not as common, but they are definitely used. The free software Nero CD-DVD Speed will tell you if it's a DVD-ROM or DVD-R definitively (on the 3rd tab I believe).
Thanks, though I'm on a Mac (which doesn't have a PC option) and I believe that Nero only works for a PC. After some investigating I tried using Quick Time, but that didn't tell me. I'll investigate more later, unless anyone knows a good program in lieu of Nero for Mac?

So yes, it definitely seems that Amazon pressed a fairly wide selection of Fox discs for their sale last December, and they also pressed copies of Doug for an earlier sale. I've yet to see any other non-Fox titles besides Doug, but it's possible.

Of the titles I ordered, the results are as follows:
- Bob's Burgers season 2 - pressed
- Bob's Burgers season 3 - pressed
- Bob's Burgers season 4 - DVD-R
- Crisis season 1 - pressed
- Louie season 3 - pressed
- Louie season 4 - pressed
- You're The Worst season 1 - DVD-R

Fairly good results all around, though Bob's Burgers season 4 being DVD-R kills me because Bob's Burgers is one of my all-time favorite shoes and I know from other forums that pressed versions of season 4 definitely exist. If anyone has these and would be willing to sell them, please please contact me .
5/7 are definitely good results, congratulations! I understand about Bob's Burgers being one of your favorites, though at least you got 2 more pressed Seasons. Perhaps you might try contacting cust. service prior to placing another order, in the hopes of getting a rep. as understanding as mine? Or one that might insert a note to the shipping dept. (if that's possible)?

For others like You're The Worst and Don't Trust The B----, it's hard to know if pressed ones existed and sold out or if they just never pressed any for those. There's also the issue of warehouse locations - I imagine Amazon would ship a copy from the closest warehouse regardless of whether there were still pressed copies at a farther warehouse. I didn't even try for American Dad as that had a very high sales rank during the sale (according to camelcamelcamel) so I expect that those pressed copies have already sold out (though it's possible Amazon pressed a lot more for those since they would have known that the baseline sales for American Dad are higher too - who knows!). I did just place another order for The Crazy Ones, Salem season 1, and Wilfred seasons 3 and 4, so I'll report back about those.
Yeah, it's impossible to know for sure if pressed discs were created unless someone reports them. As you say, certain titles may not have been included in the sale or they might have built up a small supply of DVD-R's where they felt that that would be sufficient and no pressing as needed. And different warehouses might have, or have had, different allocations of these.

Good luck to you on your new order, I'll definitely look forward to your results on those titles, especially The Crazy Ones.

All around very frustrating. I wish Amazon would announce which releases they give a limited run of pressed discs for during the sale - it would help us collectors keep track, and I imagine it would spur their sales even higher.
I agree, though my guess is that they don't want to draw too much attention to this, so as the people who are happily buying the DVD-R's don't start questioning them. Unfortunate for us, but I'm just glad that you posted and we've found out what we have on the Fox (and WB multi-disc sets in my case) titles.
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