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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

It definitely sounds like Don't Trust The B---- is a DVD-R and the other two (Graceland and Witches of East End) are pressed DVD-ROMs. The color of the discs is a dead giveaway usually, and everything else you've said is consistent. It seems that "Manufactured by Amazon" being above the UPC indicates burned DVD-R and the absence of that means pressed DVD-ROM (though only when purchasing directly from Amazon - the Willette Acquisition Group copies, which you'd get if you ordered from Best Buy, Walmart, etc. are always DVD-R but don't have the "Manufactured by Amazon" text for obvious reasons).

I wouldn't bother checking the sizes. Dual-layer DVD-Rs definitely exist. Not as common, but they are definitely used. The free software Nero CD-DVD Speed will tell you if it's a DVD-ROM or DVD-R definitively (on the 3rd tab I believe).

So yes, it definitely seems that Amazon pressed a fairly wide selection of Fox discs for their sale last December, and they also pressed copies of Doug for an earlier sale. I've yet to see any other non-Fox titles besides Doug, but it's possible.

Of the titles I ordered, the results are as follows:
- Bob's Burgers season 2 - pressed
- Bob's Burgers season 3 - pressed
- Bob's Burgers season 4 - DVD-R
- Crisis season 1 - pressed
- Louie season 3 - pressed
- Louie season 4 - pressed
- You're The Worst season 1 - DVD-R

Fairly good results all around, though Bob's Burgers season 4 being DVD-R kills me because Bob's Burgers is one of my all-time favorite shoes and I know from other forums that pressed versions of season 4 definitely exist. If anyone has these and would be willing to sell them, please please contact me .

For others like You're The Worst and Don't Trust The B----, it's hard to know if pressed ones existed and sold out or if they just never pressed any for those. There's also the issue of warehouse locations - I imagine Amazon would ship a copy from the closest warehouse regardless of whether there were still pressed copies at a farther warehouse. I didn't even try for American Dad as that had a very high sales rank during the sale (according to camelcamelcamel) so I expect that those pressed copies have already sold out (though it's possible Amazon pressed a lot more for those since they would have known that the baseline sales for American Dad are higher too - who knows!). I did just place another order for The Crazy Ones, Salem season 1, and Wilfred seasons 3 and 4, so I'll report back about those.

All around very frustrating. I wish Amazon would announce which releases they give a limited run of pressed discs for during the sale - it would help us collectors keep track, and I imagine it would spur their sales even higher.
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