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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

After this discussion I spoke/chatted with Amazon Cust. Service, who was very earnest and promised me that all the Fox titles are DVD's and not DVD-R's (after putting me on-hold multiple times to check with others). I asked about sending a note to the shipping dept. to look for the difference in barcodes that Wezzo showed in his pics (and thanks for those!), but the rep. insisted that was unnecessary. I took that info with several grains of salt, but he promised me a full refund on the titles and shipping if DVD-R's arrived instead of DVD's.

Given that offer, I stretched the budget and ordered 3 with him (Witches Of East End Season 2, Graceland Season 2 and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: The Complete Series). The first two were shipped together more slowly and Don't Trust the B arrived first. Here's what I found.

Don't Trust the B was wrapped in cellophane with the folded corners (which seemed promising), but it had the "Manufactured by kydc, Lexington, KY" above the bar code/UPC just like Wezzo mentioned. I had had a long day, and mistakenly recalled the opposite of what Wezzo had said (that the "Manufactured" writing meant that I should avoid this one), so I went ahead and opened it. The discs were purple and had a barcode on them. I randomly chose Disc 3 and the specs said:

USED: 6.57 GB on disk (6,569,279,488 bytes)

In another conversation somewhere else I think I recall someone mentioning that pressed discs have a higher capacity of 8 GB while burned ones are at 4 GB. Obviously that was not the case here, as this set seems very much a DVD-R but still well over 6 GB.

Then Witches Of East End Season 2 and Graceland Season 2 arrived. These were clearly different. Neither had the "Manufactured by kydc, Lexington, KY" writing, and no writing at all in the barcode other than the UPC number. Both were in shrinkwrap. HOWEVER, the shrink had "Made in Mexico" stamped in purple on the back of the shrink, just like many pressed titles do (and Don't Trust didn't). Upon opening them, I found all the discs to lack barcodes and all were silver. I don't know if I should be 100% certain that these were pressed, but all the signs are great. I also scanned the 3rd discs of each of these 2 sets:

Graceland Disk 3
USED: 8.21 GB on disk (8,212,596,736 bytes)

Witches of East End Disk 3
USED: 8.03 GB on disk (8,027,555,840 bytes)

I don't know if there's some other test I can do to be sure that the last 2 are pressed? If not, I'll proceed on the assumption that they are.

So for Fox TV titles Amazon currently has some that are pressed and some that are DVD-R's as we'd thought. I shared bevilacq12's worry that all would be sold out by now, but for however long, for whatever reason, that's not yet the case. My advice for those trying to obtain them would be to try to ask customer service first, and hope that you can get a rep. as nice and flexible enough to make a similar offer as the one he did to me (But don't then mistakenly open the one that you should be returning *sigh*).

Even if such a cust. service deal doesn't happen, it might be worth taking a gamble anyway, as we can still return them unopened if we're willing to pay shipping. In my case, with a 2/3 success rate then I paid $72.53 (which would have been less if I'd paid attention). Definitely not a bargain price, but I'm very happy to get these two very much wanted titles pressed. Thanks again to everyone who's posted helpful info in this thread.

I don't know how long any of these pressed Fox titles will still be around, and will try to order more as soon as I can, which will probably not be for at least another few weeks. The Fox titles I'm still interested in are Rush S1, Friends with Better Lives S1, The Crazy Ones S1 and Crisis S1 (I know that this is one of those bevilacq12 wanted to hear back on, but unfortunately it is down on my list of wants and I had to try the 3 that I did, sorry).

I hope that this info is helpful and would love to hear if anyone else has more info, whether on Fox titles or anyone else's.
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