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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

That'd be great news if it weren't for the fact that other outlets besides Amazon can sell these too haha.

So Fox must create the DVD authorings and let companies enter a deal with them to actually produce discs and distribute them. Amazon is one such company, and they alternate between burning (usually) and pressing (occasionally).

There is some Willette Acquisition Corp. that also deals with Fox, and their discs are what you can buy from Target, Best Buy, Walmart, ImportCDs, DVDEmpire, etc. - I've always assumed these are always burned, but who knows. You'd think if they're distributing to all these places that it would make sense to replicate pressed discs in 500-count batches, but clearly they don't think so... Does anyone have any info to the contrary, i.e., you've purchased these Fox MOD titles from non-Amazon retailers and gotten pressed discs?

I imagine most of the 3rd party resellers on Amazon and eBay have gotten their stock from Willette. The Amazon pressed discs are probably mostly in end consumer's hands, meaning it'll be super tough to find these.
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