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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

Originally Posted by bevilacq12 View Post
Almost Human is a Warner Archive title, and WB themselves presses the first batch of multi-disc sets (i.e., TV seasons and multi-film collections like Forbidden Hollywood volumes). For that, you have to order directly from the Warner Archive site, as they handle that internally. The Warner Archive titles from Amazon and other sites are (to the best of my knowledge) always burned. Though maybe Amazon is choosing to press limited amounts of those to at their own discretion, who knows.

Amazon doing that for Fox MOD titles is super interesting to me because Fox themselves does not give a crap, so this seems like the only way to get pressed discs of these releases. I have Doug and the Bob's Burgers seasons on order, so I'll know soon enough if those are still pressed. Any information on other titles would be greatly appreciated - Louie, Wilfred, and Crisis in particular.
I never knew that about Warner Archive titles, and had only heard it about Almost Human, thanks very much!

I wish that I could be of assistance on any other titles, but I've only ordered 1 once in my life, when I didn't understand what it was, which was Jeremiah S2 many years ago.

I just placed an Amazon order yesterday, so I hadn't planned to do so again very soon, but I'll think over whether I might take a chance on one of the other titles I mentioned, in case there might still be pressed copies left over from what Wezzo mentioned. I wish I had known at the time. Ah well.
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