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Re: Amazon MOD titles actually pressed in some cases

Originally Posted by Strapped4Cash View Post
I've heard of a couple of titles listed as mod being pressed on their initial release, such as Almost Human S1, but I only heard about it well after their release, when the stock may or may not have already been depleted. I e-mailed them asking about it, but they never replied.

I wish there was a way to know, as there are about 60 titles I have interest in buying if I knew that they were pressed. The Fox titles are Witches of East End S2, Graceland S2, Rush S1, Crisis S1, Friends with Better Lives S1, and Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 The Complete Series.

In case Wezzo or anyone else knows if any of these were pressed and still might be available? Or any resource that might help us for any future situations like the Fox one during Christmas?
Almost Human is a Warner Archive title, and WB themselves presses the first batch of multi-disc sets (i.e., TV seasons and multi-film collections like Forbidden Hollywood volumes). For that, you have to order directly from the Warner Archive site, as they handle that internally. The Warner Archive titles from Amazon and other sites are (to the best of my knowledge) always burned. Though maybe Amazon is choosing to press limited amounts of those to at their own discretion, who knows.

Amazon doing that for Fox MOD titles is super interesting to me because Fox themselves does not give a crap, so this seems like the only way to get pressed discs of these releases. I have Doug and the Bob's Burgers seasons on order, so I'll know soon enough if those are still pressed. Any information on other titles would be greatly appreciated - Louie, Wilfred, and Crisis in particular.
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