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Re: Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

Originally Posted by 19K View Post
So I just started playing this game, and while I think it's actually better than I expected it to be, I have one HUGE complaint (and it's pretty inexcusable if you ask me)...

This game has ZERO team balancing. Players are never switched to the other team. EVER. If you are on a crappy team, you will lose match after match as long as the players on opposing team don't quit out. Even if the teams are lopsided, it doesn't move players. That's utterly ridiculous.

I played a round of Drop Zone (8 vs 8). I got put in the game halfway through and the team was already down 3-0. I thought 'whatever' and finished out the round, inevitably losing 5-0. Next round starts, we proceed to get rolled again. I notice all the same players on the other team are killing me... again. Ok fine, we we lose that round too. I figure, maybe it'll balance out after this... NOPE. I check the player list during the break between rounds. More than half my team quits as expected, the same 8 guys remain on the other side. Then the next round starts. My team only has 4 people left after that last game. The other team still has all 8. And this fucking game started the next round 8 vs 4. Are you kidding me? It didn't move any of the other players over even though they had 8 players and we only had 4!!!! This game is primarily multiplayer, right? How can there be absolutely no team balancing?!?
I only played it briefly at a friend's but how do you know the other team wasn't, you know, a team of friends?
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