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Re: TV on DVD* Challenge - The Sixth Season List Thread

Goals: Realistically hoping to complete any 15

Childhood's End
The Lost Room
And Then There Were None

The Returned (2/4)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (5/5)
Battlestar Galactica (8/8)
Fear Itself (1/8)
Resurrection (2/9)
Hemlock Grove (4/10)
Haven (13/13)

Catch Up:
Outlander (0/5)
The Walking Dead (6/6)
Olympus (4/7)
Scream Queens (8/8)
Penny Dreadful (2/8)
The Librarians (0/9)
iZombie (9/9)
American Horror Story (10/10)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (10/10)
Fargo (4/10)
The Last Man on Earth (10/10)
Bones (1/10)
The 100 (2/10)
The Big Bang Theory (11/11)
Doctor Who (13/13)
Masters of Sex (0/12)
Z Nation (15/15)

Ash vs. Evil Dead (9/9)
Heroes Reborn (10/10)
Killjoys (2/10)
Sense8 (2/12)
Aquarius (1/13)
Con Man (13/13)

Make a Dent:
Stargate Atlantis Season 2 (8/8) Season 3 (0/20)
Grey's Anatomy Season 2 (3/10) Season 3 (0/25)
Supernatural Season 4 (22/22) Season 5 (0/22)

BLU: 0 | DVD: 0 | Netflix/Amazon : 41 | Free Streaming: 87 | DVR/VOD: 132

December 26 (after dusk)
None. Great Wolf Lodge with family

December 27
1. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01E03 "The Education of a Magician" Primewire
2. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01E04 "All the Mirrors of the World" Primewire
3. Castle S08E08 "Mr. & Mrs. Castle" VOD
4. The Magicians S01E01 "Unauthorized Magic" Primewire
5. Modern Family S07E06 "The More You Ignore Me" Primewire

December 28
6. The Walking Dead S06E03 "Thank You" VOD
7. The Walking Dead S06E04 "Here's Not Here" VOD
8. The Walking Dead S06E05 "Now" VOD
9. The Walking Dead S06E06 "Always Accountable" VOD
10. The Walking Dead S06E07 "Heads Up" VOD
11. The Walking Dead S06E08 "Start to Finish" VOD
12. Modern Family S07E07 "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" Primewire
13. Modern Family S07E08 "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer" VOD
14. Modern Family S07E09 "White Christmas" VOD

December 29
15. The Big Bang Theory S09E01 "The Matrimonial Momentum" Primewire
16. The Big Bang Theory S09E02 "The Separation Oscillation" Primewire
17. The Big Bang Theory S09E03 "The Bachelor Party Corrosion" Primewire
18. The Big Bang Theory S09E04 "The 2003 Approximation" Primewire
19. The Big Bang Theory S09E05 "The Perspiration Implementation" Primewire
20. The Big Bang Theory S09E06 "The Helium Insufficiency" Primewire
21. The Big Bang Theory S09E07 "The Spock Resonance" Primewire
22. The Big Bang Theory S09E08 "The Mystery Date Observation" VOD
23. The Big Bang Theory S09E09 "The Platonic Permutation" VOD
24. The Big Bang Theory S09E10 "The Earworm Reverberation" VOD
25. The Big Bang Theory S09E11 "The Opening Night Excitation" VOD
26. Scream Queens S01E06 "Seven Minutes in Hell" VOD
27. Scream Queens S01E07 "Beware of Young Girls" VOD
28. Scream Queens S01E08 "Mommie Dearest" VOD
29. Scream Queens S01E09 "Ghost Stories" VOD
30. Scream Queens S01E10 "Thanksgiving" VOD

December 30
31. Hemlock Grove S03E01 "A Place to Fall" Netflix
32. Hemlock Grove S03E02 "Souls on Ice" Netflix
33. Scream Queens S01E11 "Black Friday" VOD
34. Scream Queens S01E12 "Dorkus" VOD
35. Scream Queens S01E13 "The Final Girl(s)" Primewire
36. Battlestar Galactica S04E13 "The Oath" Primewire
37. Battlestar Galactica S04E14 "Blood on the Scales" Primewire
38. Battlestar Galactica S04E15 "No Exit" Primewire

December 31
39. The Lost Room "Part 1: The Key and the Clock" Primewire
40. The Lost Room "Part 2: The Comb and the Box" Primewire

January 1
41. The Lost Room "Part 3: The Eye and the Prime Object" Primewire
42. And Then There Were None "Episode 1" Primewire
43. And Then There Were None "Episode 2" Primewire
44. And Then There Were None "Episode 3" Primewire
45. Battlestar Galactica S04E16 "Deadlock" Primewire
46. Battlestar Galactica S04E17 "Someone to Watch Over Me" Primewire

January 2
47. Haven S05E14 "New World Order" Primewire
48. Haven S05E15 "Power" Primewire
49. Haven S05E16 "The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" Primewire
50. Haven S05E17 "Enter Sandman" Primewire
51. Haven S05E18 "Wild Card" Primewire
52. Haven S05E19 "Perditus" Primewire

January 3
53. Doctor Who S09E01 "The Magician's Apprentice" VOD
54. Doctor Who S09E02 "The Witch's Familiar" VOD
55. Doctor Who S09E03 "Under The Lake" VOD
56. Doctor Who S09E04 "Before The Flood" VOD
57. Doctor Who S09E05 "The Girl Who Died" VOD
58. Doctor Who S09E06 "The Woman Who Lived" VOD

January 4
59. iZombie S02E01 "Grumpy Old Liv" Primewire
60. iZombie S02E02 "Zombie Bro" Primewire
61. Galavant S02E01 "A New Season... aka Suck It Cancellation Bear" DVR
62. Galavant S02E02 "World's Best Kiss" DVR
63. Battlestar Galactica S04E18 "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" Primewire

January 5
64. Childhood's End "The Overlords" VOD
65. Childhood's End "The Deceivers" VOD
66. Childhood's End "The Children" VOD
67. Battlestar Galactica S04E19 "Daybreak (1)" Primewire
68. Battlestar Galactica S04E20 "Daybreak (2)" Primewire

January 6
69. The Last Man on Earth S02E01 "Is There Anybody Out There?" VOD
70. The Last Man on Earth S02E02 "The Boo" VOD
71. The Last Man on Earth S02E03 "Dead Man Walking" VOD
72. The Last Man on Earth S02E04 "C to the T" VOD
73. The Last Man on Earth S02E05 "Crickets" VOD
74. The Last Man on Earth S02E06 "A Real Live Wire" VOD
75. The Last Man on Earth S02E07 "Baby Steps" VOD
76. The Last Man on Earth S02E08 "No Bull" VOD

January 7
77. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E01 "Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo" Primewire
78. Modern Family S07E10 "Playdates" VOD
79. The Last Man on Earth S02E09 "Secret Santa" VOD
80. The Last Man on Earth S02E10 "Silent Night" VOD
81. Haven S05E20 "Just Passing Through" Primewire
82. Haven S05E21 "Close to Home" Primewire
83. Haven S05E22 "A Matter of Time" VOD
84. Haven S05E23 "Blind Spot" VOD
85. Haven S05E24 "The Widening Gyre" VOD

January 8
86. Haven S05E25 "Now" VOD
87. Haven S05E26 "Forever" VOD
88. The Big Bang Theory S09E12 "The Sales Call Sublimation" VOD
89. Doctor Who S09E07 "The Zygon Invasion" VOD
90. Doctor Who S09E08 "The Zygon Inversion" VOD

January 9
91. Heroes Reborn S01E01 "Brave New World" VOD
92. Heroes Reborn S01E02 "Odessa" VOD
93. Heroes Reborn S01E03 "Under the Mask" VOD
94. Heroes Reborn S01E04 "The Needs of the Many" VOD
95. Heroes Reborn S01E05 "The Lion's Den" VOD
96. Heroes Reborn S01E06 "Game Over" VOD

January 10
97. Olympus S01E07 "Love and Time" Primewire
98. Olympus S01E08 "Danger and Desire" Primewire
99. Doctor Who S09E09 "Sleep No More" VOD
100. Doctor Who S09E10 "Face The Raven" VOD

January 11
101. Penny Dreadful S02E03 "The Nightcomers" VOD
102. Penny Dreadful S02E04 "Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places" VOD
103. Galavant S02E03 "Aw, Hell, the King" VOD
104. Galavant S02E04 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled" VOD
105. Doctor Who S09E11 "Heaven Sent" VOD
106. Doctor Who S09E12 "Hell Bent" VOD
107. Doctor Who S09E13 " The Husbands of River Song" VOD

January 12
108. Hemlock Grove S03E03 "The House in the Woods" Netflix
109. Hemlock Grove S03E04 "Every Beast" Netflix

January 13
110. Fargo S02E01 "Waiting for Dutch" VOD

January 14
111. Fargo S02E02 "Before the Law" VOD
112. Shadowhunters S01E01 "The Mortal Cup" VOD
113. Modern Family S07E11 "Spread Your Wings" VOD
114. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E02 "Frank Falls Out the Window" Primewire
115. Heroes Reborn S01E07 "June 13th (1)" VOD
116. Heroes Reborn S01E08 "June 13th (2)" VOD
117. Heroes Reborn S01E09 "Sundae, Bloody Sundae" VOD
118. Heroes Reborn S01E10 "11:53 to Odessa" VOD
119. Heroes Reborn S01E11 "Send in the Clones" VOD
120. iZombie S02E03 "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle" Primewire

January 15
121. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01E05 "Arabella" Primewire
122. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01E06 "The Black Tower" Primewire
123. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01E07 "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" Primewire
124. The Big Bang Theory S09E13 "The Empathy Optimization" VOD
125. Heroes Reborn S01E12 "Company Woman" VOD

January 16
126. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E01 "New Captain" VOD
127. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E02 "The Funeral" VOD
128. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E03 "Boyle's Hunch" VOD
129. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E04 "The Oolong Slayer" VOD
130. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E05 "Halloween III" VOD
131. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E06 "Into the Woods" VOD
132. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E07 "The Mattress" VOD
133. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E08 "Ava" VOD
134. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E09 "The Swedes" VOD
135. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E10 "Yippie Kayak" VOD
136. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E11 "Hostage Situation" VOD
137. Colony S01E01 "Pilot" VOD

January 17
138. Supernatural S04E01 "Lazarus Rising" Netflix
139. Supernatural S04E02 "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" Netflix
140. Supernatural S04E03 "In the Beginning" Netflix
141. Supernatural S04E04 "Metamorphosis" Netflix
142. Supernatural S04E05 "Monster Movie" Netflix
143. Supernatural S04E06 "Yellow Fever" Netflix
144. Supernatural S04E07 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" Netflix
145. Supernatural S04E08 "Wishful Thinking" Netflix
146. Supernatural S04E09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Netflix
147. Supernatural S04E10 "Heaven and Hell" Netflix

January 18
148. Sense8 S01E01 "Limbic Resonance" Netflix
149. Sense8 S01E02 "I Am Also a We" Netflix
150. Galavant S02E05 "Giants vs. Dwarves" VOD
151. Galavant S02E06 "About Last Knight" VOD
152. iZombie S02E04 "Even Cowgirls Get the Black & Blues" Primewire
153. iZombie S02E05 "Love & Basketball" Primewire
154. iZombie S02E06 "Max Wager" VOD
155. iZombie S02E07 "Abra Cadaver" VOD

January 19
156. The 100 S02E07 "Long Into an Abyss" Netflix
157. The 100 S02E08 "Spacewalker" Netflix
158. iZombie S02E08 "The Hurt Stalker" Primewire
159. iZombie S02E09 "Cape Town" Primewire
160. iZombie S02E10 "Method Head" Primewire
161. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E01 "El Jefe" VOD
162. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E02 "Bait" VOD
163. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E03 "Books from Beyond" VOD
164. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E04 "Brujo" VOD
165. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E05 "The Host" VOD

January 20
166. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E06 "The Killer of Killers" VOD
167. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E07 "Fire in the Hole" VOD
168. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E08 "Ashes to Ashes" VOD
169. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E09 "Bound in Flesh" VOD
170. Ash vs. Evil Dead S01E10 "The Dark One" VOD
171. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E12 "9 Days" Primewire
172. Shadowhunters S01E02 "The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy" VOD
173. Stargate Atlantis S02E13 "Critical Mass" Amazon
174. Stargate Atlantis S02E14 "Grace Under Pressure" Amazon

January 21
175. Z Nation S02E01 "The Murphy" Primewire
176. Z Nation S02E02 "White Light" Primewire
177. Z Nation S02E03 "Zombie Road" Primewire
178. Z Nation S02E04 "Batch 47" Primewire
179. Z Nation S02E05 "Zombaby!" Primewire
180. Z Nation S02E06 "Zombie Baby Daddy" Primewire

January 22
181. Stargate Atlantis S02E15 "The Tower" Amazon
182. Stargate Atlantis S02E16 "The Long Goodbye" Amazon
183. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E03 "The Gang Hits the Slopes" VOD
184. Heroes Reborn S01E13 "Project Reborn" VOD
185. Colony S01E02 "A Brave New World" VOD
186. Stargate Atlantis S02E17 "Coup d'Etat" Amazon
187. Stargate Atlantis S02E18 "Michael" Amazon
188. Stargate Atlantis S02E19 "Inferno" Amazon

January 23
189. Supernatural S04E11 "Family Remains" Netflix
190. Supernatural S04E12 "Criss Angel Is A Douchebag" Netflix
191. Supernatural S04E13 "After School Special" Netflix
192. Supernatural S04E14 "Sex and Violence" Netflix
193. Supernatural S04E15 "Death Takes a Holiday" Netflix
194. Supernatural S04E16 "On the Head of a Pin" Netflix
195. Supernatural S04E17 "It's a Terrible Life" Netflix
196. Supernatural S04E18 "The Monster at the End of this Book" Netflix
197. Supernatural S04E19 "Jump the Shark" Netflix
198. Supernatural S04E20 "The Rapture" Netflix
199. Supernatural S04E21 "When the Levee Breaks" Netflix
200. Supernatural S04E22 "Lucifer Rising" Netflix

January 24
201. Olympus S01E09 "Pandora's Tomb" VOD
202. Olympus S01E10 "Heritage" VOD
203. Stargate Atlantis S02E20 "Allies" Amazon
204. Z Nation S02E07 "Down the Mississippi" Primewire
205. Z Nation S02E08 "The Collector" Primewire

January 25
206. Killjoys S01E01 "Bangarang" VOD
207. Killjoys S01E02 "The Sugar Point Run" VOD
208. Galavant S02E07 "Love and Death" VOD
209. Galavant S02E08 "Do the D'DEW" VOD
210. The X-Files S10E01 "My Struggle" VOD
211. Z Nation S02E09 "RoZwell" Primewire
212. Z Nation S02E10 "We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon" Primewire
213. Z Nation S02E11 "Corporate Retreat" Primewire

January 26
214. American Horror Story S05E01 "Checking In" VOD
215. American Horror Story S05E02 "Chutes and Ladders" VOD
216. American Horror Story S05E03 "Mommy" VOD
217. American Horror Story S05E04 "Devil's Night" VOD
218. The Magicians S01E02 "The Source of Magic" VOD

January 27
219. Grey's Anatomy S02E18 "Yesterday" Netflix
220. Grey's Anatomy S02E19 "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" Netflix
221. The X-Files S10E02 "Founder's Mutation" VOD
222. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S03E13 "The Cruise" VOD
223. Shadowhunters S01E03 "Dead Man's Party" VOD
224. Z Nation S02E12 "Party With the Zeros" Primewire
225. Z Nation S02E13 "Adiós, Muchachos" Primewire

January 28
226. The Returned S01E07 "Rowan" Primewire
226. The Returned S01E08 "Claire" Primewire
227. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E04 "Dee Made a Smut Film" Primewire
228. Z Nation S02E14 "Day One" Primewire
229. Z Nation S02E15 "All Good Things Must Come to an End" Primewire
230. American Horror Story S05E05 "Room Service" VOD
231. American Horror Story S05E06 "Room 33" VOD

January 29
232. Fargo S02E03 "The Myth of Sisyphus" VOD
233. Fargo S02E04 "Fear and Trembling" VOD
234. Colony S01E03 "98 Seconds" VOD
235. American Horror Story S05E07 "Flicker" VOD
236. American Horror Story S05E08 "The Ten Commandments Killer" VOD

January 30
237. Resurrection S02E05 "Will" Primewire
238. Resurrection S02E06 "Afflictions" Primewire
239. American Horror Story S05E09 "She Wants Revenge" VOD
240. American Horror Story S05E10 "She Gets Revenge" VOD
241. American Horror Story S05E11 "Battle Royale" VOD
242. American Horror Story S05E12 "Be Our Guest" VOD
243. Con Man S01E01 "Stalled" Primewire
244. Con Man S01E02 "Cash Poor" Primewire
245. Con Man S01E03 "Behind the Lines" Primewire
246. Con Man S01E04 "Retarding It All Up" Primewire
247. Con Man S01E05 "Baby Boom" Primewire
248. Con Man S01E06 "A Fluid Thing" Primewire

January 31
249. Con Man S01E07 "Doll Faced" Primewire
250. Con Man S01E08 "Voiced Over" Primewire
251. Con Man S01E09 "Sinking Feelings" Primewire
252. Con Man S01E10 "Thank you for your Service" Primewire
253. Con Man S01E11 "Full Release" Primewire
254. Con Man S01E12 "Found and Lost" Primewire
255. Con Man S01E13 "Too Much Closure for Comfort" Primewire
256. Bones S11E01 "The Loyalty in the Lie" Primewire
257. Fear Itself S01E01 "The Sacrifice" Primewire
258. Aquarius S01E01 "Everybody's Been Burned" Primewire
259. Grey's Anatomy S02E20 "Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" Netflix

Total Time: 223 Hours

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Horror 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 | Comedy 2013, 2014 | Holiday 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 | TV on DVD 2014, 2015, 2016 | Academy Award 2014 | Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery 2014, 2015, 2016 | Make-Your-Own 2014, 2015, 2016 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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