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Re: TV on DVD* Challenge - The Sixth Season List Thread

Season 1 - watched Starsky & Hutch S1, The Bob Newhart Show S1, and Hammer House of Horror
Season 2 - watched Starsky & Hutch S2, The Bob Newhart Show S2, and Sons of Anarchy S3
Season 3 - watched Starsky & Hutch S3, The Bob Newhart Show S3, and Sons of Anarchy S4
Season 4 - watched Charlie's Angels S1, The Bob Newhart Show S4, Dexter S7 & S8, and Justified S4
Season 5 - watched Charlie's Angels S2, Starsky & Hutch S4, The IT Crowd S2 - S4, and Justified S5

Goal: Watch Season 3 of Charlie's Angels (finished 1/15/16) and Season 6 of Justified (finished 1/9/16), and probably a season of something else (Decided to go with Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy (finished 1/19/16) and Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 (finished 1/20/16)).


1) Charlie's Angels: "Angels in Vegas Part I"
2) Charlie's Angels: "Angels in Vegas Part II"
3) Charlie's Angels: "Angel Come Home"


4) Charlie's Angels: "Angel on High"
5) Charlie's Angels: "Angels in Springtime"


6) Charlie's Angels: "Winning is for Losers"
7) Charlie's Angels: "Haunted Angels"
8) Charlie's Angels: "Pom Pom Angels"
9) Justified: "Fate's Right Hand"
10) Justified: "Cash Game"
11) Justified: "Noblesse Oblige"
12) Justified: "The Trash and the Snake"
13) Justified: "Sounding"


14) Justified: "Alive Day"
15) Justified: "The hunt"
16) Justified: "Dark as a Dungeon"
17) Justified: "Burned"


18) Charlie's Angels: "Angels Ahoy"
19) Charlie's Angels: "Mother Angel"
20) Charlie's Angels: "Angel on My Mind"
21) Charlie's Angels: "Angels Belong in Heaven"


22) Justified: "Trust"
23) Justified: "Fugitive Number One"
24) Justified: "Collateral"
25) Justified: "The Promise"


26) Charlie's Angels: "Angels in the Stretch"
27) Charlie's Angels: "Angels on Vacation"
28) Charlie's Angels: "Counterfeit Angels"
29) Charlie's Angels: "Disco Angels"


30) Charlie's Angels: "Terror on Skis Part I"
31) Charlie's Angels: "Terror on Skis Part II"
32) Charlie's Angels: "Angel in a Box"
33) Charlie's Angels: "Teen Angels"


34) Sons of Anarchy: "Black Widower"
35) Sons of Anarchy: "Toil and Till"
36) Sons of Anarchy: "Playing With Monsters"
37) Sons of Anarchy: "Poor Little Lambs"


38) Charlie's Angels: "Marathon Angels"
39) Charlie's Angels: "Angels in Waiting"
40) Charlie's Angels: "Rosemary, for Remembrance"
41) Charlie's Angels: "Angels Remembered"


42) Sons of Anarchy: "Some Strange Eruption"
43) Sons of Anarchy: "Smoke 'em if You Got 'em"
44) Sons of Anarchy: "Greensleeves"
45) Sons of Anarchy: "The Separation of Crows"
46) Fear the Walking Dead: "Pilot"
47) Fear the Walking Dead: "So Close, Yet So Far"


48) Sons of Anarchy: "What a Piece of Work is Man"
49) Sons of Anarchy: "Faith and Despondency"
50) Sons of Anarchy: "Suits of Woe"


51) Sons of Anarchy: "Red Rose"
52) Sons of Anarchy: "Papa's Goods"


53) Fear the Walking Dead: "The Dog"
54) Fear the Walking Dead: "Not Fade Away"
55) Fear the Walking Dead: "Cobalt"
56) Fear the Walking Dead: "The Good Man"
The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge

TV: '16|Academy Award: '16|Action: '17|Drive-in: '17|MYOC: '17|Historical: '17|Sci-Fi/Fantasy: '17|Animation: '17|Criterion: '15|Horror: '17|Comedy: '16|Holiday: '16

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