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re: Mass Effect: Andromeda - 3/21/17

Originally Posted by Rob V View Post
I hope they scrap planet scanning!
From the leak, it seems they did scrap planet scanning in favor of returning to planet exploration. I just hope we get fully realized worlds and not the lazy maps from ME1 where you rode that poorly handling Mako (though I did cheat and use it to climb near vertical mountains).

I also hope they bring back the abandoned Dark Matter subplot from ME2. That was originally going to play into the ending of ME3 until the folks at Bioware came up with a "better" idea.
So there's simultaneously a super secret team of giant robots and a super secret team of technologically enhanced super soldiers, and neither team knows about the other? The governments in these movies must be far more effective than our actual government. Well, damn it, I want some realism and mature adult themes in my giant robot and super soldier movies! - Suprmallet
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