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Re: Bloodborne - PS4 (Sony Japan + From + Miyazaki)

From Software Boss: PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Will Be Harder Than Demon's Souls

According to Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, PlayStation fans shouldn't worry about Bloodborne difficulty as it's going to be HARDER than Demon's Souls. Sony PlayStation has just published a brand new Bloodborne video footage detailing Chalice Dungeons, multiplayer, new features and more. The exact quote of Masaaki reads:

"Demon’s Souls fans can expect the same level of challenge and sense of achievement with Bloodborne. In fact, I think the sense of achievement will be even higher"

This is commentary by Masaaki (in Japanese) but there is a great deal of game footage including co-op battling some decent size bosses. Pretty impressive...

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