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Re: TV on DVD* Challenge: The Fifth Season List Thread

✓ Breaking Bad S4 (10/10)
✓ Futurama S6 (10/10)
✓ The 100 S1 (2/2)
Arrested Development S1 (2/15) S2 (0/18)
Stargate Atlantis S2 (8/16)
✓ Doctor Who S3 (12/12)
The Office S3 (24/24) S4 (0/19)
✓ Weeds S2 (9/9)
✓ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S2 (8/8)
Scrubs S2 (21/21) S3 (0/22)
✓ Supernatural S3 (16/16)
Grey's Anatomy S2 (17/27)
✓ From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S1 (10/10)
Salem S1 (3/13)
Freaks and Geeks S1 (11/18)

BLU: 0 | DVD: 0 | Netflix/Amazon : 171 | Free Streaming: 38 | DVR/VOD: 28

December 26 (after dusk)
1. Sons of Anarchy S07E06 "Smoke 'em if You Got 'em" Primewire
2. Grey's Anatomy S02E01 "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" Netflix
3. Grey's Anatomy S02E02 "Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)" Netflix
4. Grey's Anatomy S02E03 "Make Me Lose Control" Netflix

December 27
5. Scrubs S02E02 "My Nightingale" Netflix
6. Scrubs S02E03 "My Case Study" Netflix
7. Scrubs S02E04 "My Big Mouth" Netflix
8. Scrubs S02E05 "My New Coat" Netflix
9. Scrubs S02E06 "My Big Brother" Netflix
10. Sons of Anarchy S07E07 "Greensleeves" Primewire
11. Sons of Anarchy S07E08 "The Separation of Crows" Primewire
12. Sons of Anarchy S07E09 "What A Piece Of Work Is Man" VOD
13. Sons of Anarchy S07E10 "Faith and Despondency" VOD
14. Sons of Anarchy S07E11 "Suits of Woe" VOD

December 28
15. Outlander S01E06 "The Garrison Commander" VOD
16. Outlander S01E07 "The Wedding" VOD
17. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E03 "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare" Netflix
18. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E04 "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom" Netflix
19. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E05 "Hundred Dollar Baby" Netflix
20. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E06 "The Gang Gives Back" Netflix
21. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E07 "The Gang Exploits a Miracle" Netflix
22. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E08 "The Gang Runs for Office" Netflix

December 29
23. Weeds S02E04 "A.K.A The Plant" Netflix
24. Melrose Place S01E02 "Nightingale" Netflix
25. Melrose Place S01E03 "Grand" Netflix
26. Melrose Place S01E04 "Vine" Netflix
27. Melrose Place S01E05 "Canon" Netflix
28. Melrose Place S01E06 "Shoreline" Netflix
29. Melrose Place S01E07 "Windsor" Netflix
30. Melrose Place S01E08 "Gower" Netflix

December 30
31. Grey's Anatomy S02E04 "Deny, Deny, Deny" Netflix
32. Grey's Anatomy S02E05 "Bring The Pain" Netflix
33. The Office S03E02 "The Convention" Netflix
34. The Office S03E03 "The Coup" Netflix
35. The Office S03E04 "Grief Counseling" Netflix
36. The Office S03E05 "Initiation" Netflix
37. The Office S03E06 "Diwali" Netflix
38. The Office S03E07 "Branch Closing" Netflix
39. The Office S03E08 "The Merger" Netflix
40. The Office S03E09 "The Convict" Netflix

December 31
41. Breaking Bad S04E04 "Bullet Points" Netflix

January 1
42. Stargate Atlantis S02E05 "Condemned" Amazon
43. Stargate Atlantis S02E06 "Trinity" Amazon

January 2
44. Weeds S02E05 "Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood" Netflix
45. Weeds S02E06 "Crush Girl Love Panic" Netflix
46. Weeds S02E07 "Must Find Toes" Netflix
47. Weeds S02E08 "MILF Money" Netflix
48. Weeds S02E09 "Bash" Netflix
49. Weeds S02E10 "Mile Deep And A Foot Wide" Netflix
50. Weeds S02E11 "Yeah, Just Like Tomatoes" Netflix
51. Weeds S02E12 "Pittsburgh" Netflix
52. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E01 "Pilot" Netflix

January 3
53. Masters of Horror S02E10 "We All Scream for Ice Cream" DVR

January 4
54. Supernatural S03E01 "The Magnificent Seven" Netflix
55. Supernatural S03E02 "The Kids are Alright" Netflix
56. Supernatural S03E03 "Bad Day at Black Rock" Netflix
57. Supernatural S03E04 "Sin City" Netflix
58. Supernatural S03E05 "Bedtime Stories" Netflix

January 5
59. V S02E09 "Devil in a Blue Dress" Primewire
60. V S02E10 "Mother's Day" Primewire
61. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E02 "Blood Runs Thick" Netflix
62. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E03 "Mistress" Netflix
63. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E04 "Let's Get Ramblin'" Netflix
64. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E05 "Self-Contained" Netflix
65. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E06 "Place Of Dead Roads" Netflix

January 6
66. The Event S01E04 "A Matter of Life and Death" Hulu
67. The Event S01E05 "Casualties of War" Hulu
68. The Event S01E06 "Loyalty" Hulu
69. The Event S01E07 "I Know Who You Are " Hulu
70. The Event S01E08 "For the Good of Our Country" Hulu
71. The Event S01E09 "Your World to Take" Hulu
72. The Event S01E10 "Everything Will Change" Hulu
73. The Event S01E11 "And Then There Were More" Hulu
74. The Event S01E12 "Inostranka" Hulu

January 7
75. Scrubs S02E07 "My First Step" Netflix
76. Scrubs S02E08 "My Fruit Cups" Netflix
77. Scrubs S02E09 "My Lucky Day" Netflix
78. Scrubs S02E10 "My Monster" Netflix
79. Scrubs S02E11 "My Sex Buddy" Netflix
80. Scrubs S02E12 "My New Old Friend" Netflix
81. Scrubs S02E13 "My Philosophy" Netflix
82. Scrubs S02E14 "My Brother, My Keeper" Netflix
83. Scrubs S02E15 "His Story" Netflix
84. Scrubs S02E16 "My Karma" Netflix
85. Scrubs S02E17 "My Own Private Practice Guy" Netflix
86. Scrubs S02E18 "My T.C.W." Netflix

January 8
87. Castle S07E10 "Bad Santa" VOD
88. Bones S10E09 "The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator" VOD
89. Bones S10E10 "The 200th in the 10th" VOD
90. Outlander S01E08 "Both Sides Now" VOD
91. Masters of Sex S02E08 "Mirror, Mirror" Primewire
92. Masters of Sex S02E09 "Story of My Life" Primewire
93. Masters of Sex S02E10 "Below the Belt" Primewire

January 9
94. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S02E11 "Stakeout" VOD
95. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S02E12 "Beach House" VOD
96. Sons of Anarchy S07E12 "Red Rose" VOD
97. Sons of Anarchy S07E13 "Papa's Goods" VOD
98. The Librarians S01E03 "And the Horns of a Dilemma" VOD
99. The Librarians S01E04 "And Santa's Midnight Run" VOD
100. The Librarians S01E05 "And the Apple of Discord" VOD
101. The Librarians S01E06 "And the Fables of Doom" VOD
102. Breaking Bad S04E05 "Shotgun" Netflix
103. Breaking Bad S04E06 "Cornered" Netflix

January 10
104. The 100 S01E12 "We Are Grounders - Part I" Netflix
105. The 100 S01E13 "We Are Grounders - Part II" Netflix
106. Supernatural S03E06 "Red Sky Morning" Netflix
107. Supernatural S03E07 "Fresh Blood" Netflix

January 11
108. Futurama S06E17 "Law and Oracle" Netflix
109. Futurama S06E18 "The Silence of the Clamps" Netflix

January 12
110. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E07 "Pandemonium" Netflix
111. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E08 "La Conquista" Netflix
112. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E09 "Boxman" Netflix
113. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series S01E10 "The Take" Netflix
114. Modern Family S06E11 "The Day We Almost Died" VOD

January 13
115. Breaking Bad S04E07 "Problem Dog" Netflix
116. Breaking Bad S04E08 "Hermanos" Netflix
117. Breaking Bad S04E09 "Bug" Netflix
118. Breaking Bad S04E10 "Salud" Netflix
119. Breaking Bad S04E11 "Crawl Space" Netflix
120. Breaking Bad S04E12 "End Times" Netflix
121. Breaking Bad S04E13 "Face Off" Netflix
122. Supernatural S03E08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas" Netflix
123. Supernatural S03E09 "Malleus Maleficarum" Netflix
124. Supernatural S03E10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Netflix

January 14
125. Revenge S04E04 "Meteor" Primewire
126. Revenge S04E05 "Repercussions" Primewire
127. Revenge S04E06 "Damage" Primewire
128. Revenge S04E07 "Ambush" Primewire

January 15
129. Melrose Place S01E09 "Ocean" Netflix

January 16
130. Supernatural S03E11 "Mystery Spot" Netflix
131. Supernatural S03E12 "Jus In Bello" Netflix
132. Supernatural S03E13 "Ghostfacers" Netflix

January 17
133. Supernatural S03E14 "Long Distance Call" Netflix
134. Supernatural S03E15 "Time is on My Side" Netflix
135. Supernatural S03E16 "No Rest for the Wicked" Netflix

January 18
136. American Horror Story S04E02 "Massacres and Matinees" Primewire
137. American Horror Story S04E03 "Edward Mordrake (1)" Primewire
138. American Horror Story S04E04 "Edward Mordrake (2)" Primewire

January 19
139. Grey's Anatomy S02E06 "Into You Like A Train" Netflix
140. Grey's Anatomy S02E07 "Something to Talk About" Netflix
141. Grey's Anatomy S02E08 "Let It Be" Netflix
142. Grey's Anatomy S02E09 "Thanks for the Memories" Netflix
143. Grey's Anatomy S02E10 "Much Too Much" Netflix

January 20
144. Doctor Who S03E02 "The Shakespeare Code" Netflix
145. Doctor Who S03E03 "Gridlock" Netflix
146. Doctor Who S03E04 "Daleks in Manhattan" Netflix
147. Doctor Who S03E05 "Evolution of the Daleks" Netflix
148. Doctor Who S03E06 "The Lazarus Experiment" Netflix
149. Doctor Who S03E07 "42" Netflix
150. Doctor Who S03E08 "Human Nature" Netflix

January 21
151. Modern Family S06E12 "The Big Guns" VOD
152. The Event S01E13 "Turnabout" Hulu
153. The Event S01E14 "A Message Back" Hulu
154. The Event S01E15 "Face Off" Hulu
155. The Event S01E16 "You Bury Other Things Too" Hulu
156. The Event S01E17 "Cut Off the Head" Hulu

January 22
157. The Office S03E10 "A Benihana Christmas (Part 1)" Netflix
158. The Office S03E11 "A Benihana Christmas (Part 2)" Netflix
159. The Office S03E12 "Back from Vacation" Netflix
160. The Office S03E13 "Traveling Salesmen" Netflix

January 23
161. The Librarians S01E07 "And the Rule of Three" VOD
162. The Librarians S01E08 "And the Heart of Darkness" VOD
163. The Librarians S01E09 "And the City of Light" VOD
164. The Librarians S01E10 "And the Loom of Fate" VOD
165. The Event S01E18 "Strain" Hulu
166. The Event S01E19 "Us or Them" Hulu
167. The Event S01E20 "One Will Live, One Will Die" Hulu
168. The Event S01E21 "The Beginning of the End" Hulu
169. The Event S01E22 "Arrival" Hulu
170. Arrested Development S01E08 "My Mother The Car" Netflix
171. Arrested Development S01E09 "Storming the Castle" Netflix

January 24
172. Freaks and Geeks S01E01 "Pilot" Netflix
173. Freaks and Geeks S01E02 "Beers and Weirs" Netflix
174. Freaks and Geeks S01E03 "Tricks and Treats" Netflix
175. Freaks and Geeks S01E04 "Tests and Breasts" Netflix
176. Freaks and Geeks S01E05 "I'm with the Band" Netflix
177. Freaks and Geeks S01E06 "Carded and Discarded" Netflix
178. Freaks and Geeks S01E07 "Girlfriends and Boyfriends" Netflix

January 25
179. Masters of Horror S02E11 "The Black Cat" DVR
180. Masters of Horror S02E13 "Dream Cruise" DVR
181. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E09 "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass" Netflix
182. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E10 "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad" Netflix
183. Castle S07E11 "Castle, P.I." VOD
184. Castle S07E12 "Private Eye Caramba!" VOD
185. Scrubs S02E19 "My Kingdom" Netflix
186. Scrubs S02E20 "My Interpretation" Netflix
187. Scrubs S02E21 "My Drama Queen" Netflix
188. Scrubs S02E22 "My Dream Job" Netflix

January 26
189. The Mentalist S07E02 "The Greybar Hotel" Primewire
190. The Mentalist S07E03 "Orange Blossom Ice Cream" Primewire
191. The Walking Dead S05E03 "Four Walls and a Roof" Primewire
192. Episodes S04E01 "Episode One" Primewire
193. Grey's Anatomy S02E11 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Netflix
194. Grey's Anatomy S02E12 "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" Netflix
195. Grey's Anatomy S02E13 "Begin the Begin" Netflix
196. Grey's Anatomy S02E14 "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" Netflix
197. Grey's Anatomy S02E15 "Break on Through" Netflix
198. Grey's Anatomy S02E16 "It's the End of the World" Netflix
199. Grey's Anatomy S02E17 "(As We Know It)" Netflix

January 27
200. Doctor Who S03E09 "The Family of Blood" Netflix
201. Doctor Who S03E10 "Blink" Netflix
202. Doctor Who S03E11 "Utopia" Netflix
203. Doctor Who S03E12 "The Sound of Drums" Netflix
204. Doctor Who S03E13 "Last of the Time Lords" Netflix
205. Futurama S06E19 "Yo Leela Leela" Netflix
206. Futurama S06E20 "All the Presidents' Heads" Netflix
207. Futurama S06E21 "Möbius Dick" Netflix
208. Futurama S06E22 "Fry am the Egg Man" Netflix
209. Futurama S06E23 "The Tip of the Zoidberg" Netflix
210. Futurama S06E24 "Cold Warriors" Netflix
211. Futurama S06E25 "Overclockwise" Netflix

January 28
212. Futurama S06E26 "Reincarnation" Netflix
213. Freaks and Geeks S01E08 "We've Got Spirit" Netflix
214. Freaks and Geeks S01E09 "The Diary" Netflix
215. Freaks and Geeks S01E10 "Looks and Books" Netflix
216. Freaks and Geeks S01E11 "The Garage Door" Netflix

January 29
217. Salem S01E01 "The Vow" Netflix
218. Salem S01E02 "The Stone Child" Netflix
219. Salem S01E03 "In Vain" Netflix

January 30
220. Stargate Atlantis S02E07 "Instinct" Amazon
221. Stargate Atlantis S02E08 "Conversion" Amazon
222. Stargate Atlantis S02E09 "Aurora" Amazon
223. Stargate Atlantis S02E10 "The Lost Boys" Amazon
224. Stargate Atlantis S02E11 "The Hives" Amazon
225. Stargate Atlantis S02E12 "Epiphany" Amazon

January 31
226. The Office S03E14 "The Return" Netflix
227. The Office S03E15 "Ben Franklin" Netflix
228. The Office S03E16 "Phyllis' Wedding" Netflix
229. The Office S03E17 "Business School" Netflix
230. The Office S03E18 "Cocktails" Netflix
231. The Office S03E19 "The Negotiation" Netflix
232. The Office S03E20 "Safety Training" Netflix
233. The Office S03E21 "Product Recall" Netflix
234. The Office S03E22 "Women's Appreciation" Netflix
235. The Office S03E23 "Beach Games" Netflix
236. The Office S03E24 "The Job (Part 1)" Netflix
237. The Office S03E25 "The Job (Part 2)" Netflix

Total Time: 214 Hours

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