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Re: The 10th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

100 Movies
31 Different Beers


* = FTV

Wife's Thoughts In Blue
- Sept 30th -
1.) - 2.)
Friday The 13th S02E05-08 (1988) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I wanted to start out the challenge with something familiar that wasn't necessarily a first time view and that I knew wouldn't be a dud. I have been slowly trilling through this series, challenge by challenge, ever since I bought this DVD set back in 2010 during Big Lot's black friday. Yes, you read that right. This has been moving around my to watch pile for the last 4 years. This time around we get a Phantom of the Opera story, an actor using a cursed makeup kit, wax figures of death (at the fair) and some ventriloquist shtick. The Phantom story was a little on the sappy side. The makeup kit episode was a bit by the numbers. The fair episode was my favorite and it even made me consider going this year, briefly. And then there was the Dummy episode. I always find these kind of movies uncomfortable (the embarrassment not the evil dummy). But I will give the last one credit for going in a weird and different direction that I haven't seen in ventriloquist vehicles before. At this point they are just backing into cursed objects. Usually attached with people they want to date. I can see the purpose of this, wanting to have it be a little horror movie but I tend to like it better when they are on the hunt, sort of paranormal American Pickers. Not as good as the first season but still an above average and enjoyable genre tv show.
(3.5 out of 5)
Shiner: Oktoberfest (Texas)*
My Thoughts: My initial reaction to this beer was that it tasted a little skunky on top with notes of cigarette ash mixed with caramel. I was leaning towards a 2/5 but on my second beer I decided to ditch the bottle and pour it and it made a palpable difference. There might very well be a specific presentation method that complements this kind of beer. One thing is for sure, everything else the rest of the challenge is going into a glass. The second go around presented a pleasant marzen style beer. Not something that would win any awards but generally an all around good drink.
(3.5 out of 5)
Rosemary's Baby (1968) (Blu-Ray)
My Thoughts: I try not to watch movies that I have reviewed in previous challenges but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to force my pregnant wife to watch this classic, and knock out an optional theme night to boot. The movie looked fantastic on blu-ray, I had only ever seen it on a computer screen before and it just didn't do justice to all the late 60's decour/wardrobe. It is kind of weird but my grandmother still kind of dresses like Rosemary did in the movie... Anyway it is a classic and let me apologize in advance for my wife's review below.
(5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: I want to see baby. It was ok. Demo choto hen. I expected too much, it wasn’t that great and I can guess the ending easily. And I don’t understand why this is a horror movie challenge (You guessed it was the devils baby?) Not devil’s baby but it’s just they creepy people, husband getting creepy… everyone except Rosemary creepy and they take away baby. I didn't expect devil’s baby but I expected all other ending correctly.
(3 out of 5)
- Oct 1st -
Look What's Happened To Rosemary's Baby (1976) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: Atrocious YouTube quality aside it wasn't that bad. When I saw Patty Duke's name attached I had flashes of Amityville 4 and immediately feared the worst. No returning actors from the original except for the annoying neighbor lady who seemed to fall back into the roll effortlessly. And their were some conceits as they made the boy look normal when as we remember he at the very least had cat-eyes and at the most little hooves. The movie is broken up into 3 chapters (anthology style) which was kind of fun. It never exceeded average but it did satisfy the itch I had to see what happened to Rosemary's Baby. I would have liked Criterion to have thrown this on their disc as a bonus feature, It might have even made up for not having a commentary (at least by a film historian (come on guys!)).
(3 out of 5)
The Willies (1990) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: A campy anthology with wrap arounds staring Sean Astin still playing a kid at 19. And at that be on the lookout for several other familiar faces. This was one of those horror movies that simultaneously plays down while for kids while having subject matter that seems much more adult oriented. Think the Ice Cream Man or The Gate. I never saw this one when I was a kid but still received a certain amount of nostalgic gratification from it. I am going to have to start amassing movies like this for when my daughter grows up a few years so I can ease her into the genre. Wasn't a huge fan of the last and longest story but as a package I was pleasantly surprised.
(3.5 out of 5)
Warm Bodies (2013) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was against it. Zombies falling in love, talking PG-13!!!?!?! But then I saw the trailer about a thousand more times and started to really want to see it. And I do have to admit, grudgingly, to liking it. The ending theme I was not a fan of but otherwise there is some great zombie apocalypse here, I liked the love story and I even laughed a few times. Was their undead love as good as Return Of The Living Dead 3? Not quite but of all the other zombie love stories this one would rank quite high. And if they had released an unrated version (big oversight there) it would have rated even a little higher.
(3.5 out of 5)
Commentary For Warm Bodies (2013) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: This commentary was fantastic. You get the director and the two leads, they are a little drunk and they have a great time. Especially that saucy Ausie girl. She was extremely entertaining to listen to and I think is probably the 'life of the party' type that really brightens up a room. She reminded me drunk Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil commentary. I was initially meh on her because for some reason or another she really reminded me of Bella but after this track you can count me as a fan. Probably not as informative a track as others but way more entertaining. I was a little down though as the director mentions they shot all the gore and just cut it back to PG-13, why no alt cut? Snowglobes.
(4.5 out of 5)
Lakefront: Pumpkin (Wisconsin)
My Thoughts: Runner up for best pumpkin beer last year, lakefront does not dissapoint. It has a very interesting pumping flavor that is light on the traditional spices (this is opposite to the industry standard) and finishes with a note of liquorish. Another interesting facet of this beer is that it starts out as a light crisp pumpkin lager but kind of thickens as it warms and finishes a lot closer to a pumpkin marzen. Reading that now I think I am going to have to go back and test this one again. Either way if you are going to try just a few pumpkin beers this year, make this one of them.
(4 out of 5)
Stalled (2012) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: Thank you mighty sparks for suggesting this movie and thank you alyxstarr for hosting it. This google drive idea was great, if we could get each member to host 5 movies we could have our own DVDTalk Horror Flix channel! Not a film that I would have even given a second glance and for the first 5 mins or so I was thinking that that was a very justified opinion. But then the movie took a sharp turn for the better. The comedy started clicking and I gave into the plot which I hadn't really been on board for at the begging. For sure it lacked polish and felt a little like it was a stretched short story but I liked it. When to not do drugs; while pined down by the undead.
(3.5 out of 5)
Left Hand Brewing Company: Nitro (Colorado)
My Thoughts: Well this beer started out with an activity, which was nice. Carbonated with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide and has to be poured (forcefully) in order to activate the carbonation. The beer itself is a thick, creamy, bitter stout. Stouts are not really my go to beer but it had a little skull on it and referenced the undead so I had to have one for the challenge. It was not my cup of tea but did have an interesting Russian vibe about it. Later I tried to pair this beer with chips and salsa, that was a mistake.
(2 out of 5)
The Meateater (1979) (VHS)
My Thoughts: Most misleading VHS cover ever. No cannibalism, no excruciation TCM style dinner scenes, this is a movie about a shoe salesman buying a rundown movie theater that has a Phantom problem. I actually really like the premise of this movie, the whole running your own theater was a dream of mine when I was younger. Obviously a much more obtainable one in 1979 than now. But anyway they take this plot and cast it not only with bad but some super annoying actors (we are talking Nilbog channeling here), pace it all wrong and genuinely kill what could have been a decent movie. If you are considering seeing this go see Popcorn instead (I actually remember not thinking Popcorn was that great either but I do know I disliked it much less (might have to revisit this one)). Upon further investigation their appears to be a Facebook fan page for this title, if you can believe it;
(2 out of 5)
- Oct 2nd -
10.) - 13.)
Commentary For Crystal Lake Memories (2013) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: 7 hour commentary? What could go wrong? Actually it was a good track, it reminded me of the Jason Goes To Hell commentary if it were a little toned down. It is heralded by the Crystal Lake Memories creators, both big genre fans that tend to wander to wonder onto other properties throughout the course of the feature. They are entertaining though out and even offer up additional info that has been in the previous however many hours of this and the bonus disc and His Name Was Jason that I have watched. My favorite parts were probably talking about the people who refused to participate, a subject I found perversely entertaining. And now I think I can take at least a decade break on Friday The 13th Retrospectives.
(4 out of 5)
Evil Dead (2013) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I was not onboard for this movie for about the first third. But then when shit starts going down, shit starts going down. I did find myself comparing it to the originals constantly, there were somethings that were much more effective and a few things that I desperately missed. I almost went with a 3 out of 5 on this one but admittedly it did viscerally both gross and creep me out. And it even got me talking to the screen once or twice like a sassy black woman.
(3.5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: Very unrealistic. And it’s not fair why everyone die while mia is alive because she is the one with the problem and everyone try to help her. Do they have 2,3,4? I can watch. Too gross, glad to watch after dinner. 3 star cause I don’t like that ending and it is too gross. (What did you think of this compared to the other movies?) Other one is much better, this one is kind of worse and really gross, story wise nah. (Which one was the best?) Musical pretty good, I don’t see musical like that so I enjoyed it. Yeah, expected too much, choto disappointed.
(3 out of 5)
- Oct 3rd -
Dust Devil (1992) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This is one of those titles I put on my Amazon wish list and then promptly forgot about until it had gone out of print and skyrocketed in price. Recently I found that Mill Creek was selling the same title for about $4 so I decided to pick one up. Turns out that this version is almost half an our shorter than the other but I am not so sure that that additional running time would have made this project that much better. The movie started out with a bang (and ended with one) but aside from that I never really got too much into this one. It was ok, had some picturesque scenes and the bit about being white in south Africa was interesting but otherwise I don't know how this title even warranted the 5 disc edition that came out back in '02.
(3 out of 5)
16.) - 18.)
Friday The 13th S02E09-14 (1989) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This batch was about an evil pocket watch, keychain, bee transport box, playhouse, lantern and the return of an evil compact mirror that got away the first time. The best one was about a Picker that had a magic lantern that allowed him to go back in time to seal antiques to sell. And of course one of our heroines gets trapped back in the past and gets to meet Robert E. Lee. And the worst was the return of the compact which really just felt lazy. Overall it was decent viewing though.
(2.5 - 3.5 out of 5)
Dundee: Oktoberfest (New York)*
My Thoughts: Well this dashed by rapscallion dreams of a Crocodile Dundee brew. It starts out really crisp, too crisp for anyone to consider it a marzen with an almost cheap generic taste to it. I kept waiting for it to improve but it never did. It was like a domestic with some marzen flavoring added. A good seasonal beer for the Bud Light/Coolers fan in your life.
(2 out of 5)
Possession (1981) (VHS)
My Thoughts: Sam Neils wife starts cheating on him with an alien(?) and then she and everyone around her proceed to go insane. It is basically a Cronenberg movie. Recommendable to fans of such properties. I don't go much into movie symbolism, mostly because I think it is about 75% rubbish. But this movie may very will be an analogy for the splitting of the German state. As odd as that may sound.
(4 out of 5)
Marshall: Oktoberfest Lager (Oklahoma)*
My Thoughts: Now this is what I have been wanting to drink for days now. An Excellent deep mellow Marzen. Fantastic beer that is a little earthy, has hints of caramel and barley, I loved it. This whole time I had been thinking that this is one that I had last year and thought was just meh, but that wasn’t the case on either point. The taste of fall... And no, having this be a beer from my home town had no effect on score.
(4.5 out of 5)
Hofbraul: Oktoberfest (Germany)*
My Thoughts: Have never really liked green bottle beers. That being said this may very well be the best one I have had. Reminds me of a Heineken mixed with a marzen. It’s interesting but not something I would run out and buy. Still a passable pleasant surprise… I wonder if have I changed or is it just this beer? Further beervestigation will be required.
(3 out of 5)
Bates Motel S01E01-02 (2013) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: I decided to check out this one for checklist purposes and it was decent. If I had just seen the first episode I don't know if I would really be compelled to follow up with the series. Compared to the other genre shows out now, most relatable American Horror Story, it just didn't define it's self enough, it kind of felt like a show that might have come out 10 years ago. The next episode did fair better, it added a criminal underbelly to the town and took the series in kind of a Twin Peaks direction. While this won't be a priority watch for me I will keep an eye out for deals on the series.
(3 - 3.5 out of 5)
- Oct 4th -
Commentary For Evil Dead (1981) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I like probably most of you already owned Evil Dead, multiple times over, but I didn't have it on blu-ray, it was $4 and it had a new commentary so I had to dip at least once more (I say that but I am fully aware that I will eventually buy this title again). The guys were a little dryer this time (having done so many commentaries for these movies at this point you can't really blame them) but what we get is a pretty comprehensive story about the making of this film that I can't say I have really head before. This might be due to my focus on the second one as it is admittedly my favorite. But the low budget behind the scene stories on this one fantastic, dealing with redneck bums, living on a dollar a day, and the sort of real life trial by fire that is exceptionally compelling. Great track.
(4 out of 5)
Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) (DVD)
My Thoughts: This was probably Freddy's peak, there is a lot I could say about this film but I have a cobbler in the oven. So suffice to say this is the second or third best Nightmare movie, depending on what kind of mood you are in. I will always remember Freddy TV and arteries for puppet strings.
(4 out of 5)
Still Screaming (2011) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I feel mislead here, the back of the box contains this line of text "Still Screaming combines extensive interviews with cast and crew from Scream 1-4...". And while this is true, it would imply that this retrospective covered all 4 film when in reality it was clearly made well before Scream 4 was even in development. And admit idly that did taint things a little for me so have a grain of salt with my thoughts here. This might have been good if I had seen it prior to Never Sleep Again or Crystal Lake Memories but the guys at 1428 film have set the bar pretty high for horror retrospects. And it ends up making this piece feel like some standard behind the scenes featurette or HBO making of. I am still holding out hope for a good Critters and Hellraiser retrospective though.
(3 out of 5)
La Hoarde (2009) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Heavily influenced by The Raid, this French Zombie movie was watchable but didn't strike me as the above average zombie experience that the forum it as last year (or was it the year before that?). We go the Danny Boyle style zombies that apparently get stronger after they die, unless a specific plot point is needed in which case they are pretty easy to hold down. I didn't like a majority of the characters and they whole movie felt like a stretch for time. But even so I am a sucker for a zombie movie, and there were a few bits of cool here and their in this piece. I wanted to shoehorn something about the French surrendering to the undead in their but there really wasn't a good place for it.
(3 out of 5)
BigLeaf Maple: Autumn Red (California)*
My Thoughts: Despite the rather misleading label there is no maple flavor in this beer. What there was was a overly hoppy, floral, discussing mess. I hate these kind of beers.
(1 out of 5)
Berlin Undead (2010) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Well, the Germans did give me a slightly better zombie movie. We are again trapped in a lower income apartment building, this time with no weapons and a loosery sort of heroin. And even though these are similar running zombies, they felt much more inline with my zombie expectations. The movie never really WOWed me and they did add a few extra rules to their zombies but it was a satisfying if vanilla experience. Lately every time I watch a zombie movie I kind of just wish I was watching The Walking Dead.
(3 out of 5)
Yellowbrickroad (2010) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This movie came free with Berlin Undead, otherwise I probably would have never given it a chance with a cover and a title like that. But it has been the surprise of the challenge for me so far. I am a sucker for old conspiracy theory/historical mysteries and this one tickled my brain just right. I had written down a movie recipe for this title but I feel it would inflate expectations too much. Just go in expecting a non-nauseating Blair Witch style walk in the woods and I think you will like it too.
(4.5 out of 5)
- Oct 5th -
Zombie Driftwood (2010) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: Assumably written by a 10 year old metal head, this zomcom fails at every level except for maybe picture quality. To the point were I legitimately feel dumber for having viewed it. Avoid this and anyone who likes it at all costs.
(1 out of 5)
Swinger Massacre (1975) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Jerry and Amy are looking to spice up their marriage, but Jerry's idea to swing soon turns into a nightmare. As far as subject matter goes this could have been an excellent movie. But it is played more like a sub par thriller than a horror movie. The main actress is frequently naked but the other swinger girls are always suspiciously clothed. Somewhat interesting for the psycho/sexual aspect but otherwise there just isn't enough here.
(2.5 out of 5)
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (2010) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I couldn't help but thinking the whole time that this film could have been more effective with little puppets, like the little guys from The Gate. I bought this before I knew it was a remake so I am hoping that the original delivers on this a little better. Otherwise it was a good movie that got left behind because of all the Cruise/Holmes weirdness.
(3.5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: I do not liked that ending at all, why Kim have to die? This is all Alex fault. If he listen the beginning it didn’t happen. And I will say 4 star. Demo choto unrealistic that creatures attacking the kids and adult. (What did you think about the creatures?) It’s always same, whatever the creature always look like that. Little looks like mice, many movies use like that so I am not surprised.
(4 out of 5)
Red Hook: Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter (Washington)*
My Thoughts: Smelt a little like pumpkin but I couldn't really taste any in the beer. There was an under taste that I couldn't quite place, not pumpkin... a little chemically. A decent full bodied beer but hardly seasonal.
(3 out of 5)
Shipyard: Pumpkinhead (Maine)
My Thoughts: Strong with the pumpkin, this beer is. Lots of pumpkin right up front on a nice smooth lager base with hints of pear. Now this is what I expect a pumpkin beer to be. Very mild, feel like not have alcohol. Good taste like little thin British beer. I don't know how to do scoring, I don't do beer. You put score. Is that pumpkin beer? Doesn't taste any pumpkin. And she is crazy, this beer is dripping with pumpkin, actual pumpkin as opposed to the pumpkin spice flavoring that has been so prevalent as of late.
(4.5 out of 5)
Fright Night II: New Blood (2013) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Not a squeal, just another reboot. This time Charlie, Evil Ed and the girlfriend are on a class trip to Romania and Jerri is their sexy female vampire professor. It was actually ok, not as good as any of the other Fright Nights but the Romania setting helped it quite a bit. Don't expect to like any of these characters comparatively to their previous counterparts but there is plenty of sex and violence.
(3 out of 5)
Samuel Adams: Harvest Pumpkin Ale (Massachusetts)
My Thoughts: Heavy with the pumpkin spice scent and flavor, it seems more pungent than last year, not nessisarily better but more. And there is that weird taste to it, it is something that reminds me slightly of dirty river water. I have tasted it before so it is something beer related that I need to nail down in the “tasting”. A decent but average offering.
(3 out of 5)
- Oct 6th -
Sexbomb (1989) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Now this is just the right kind of bad movie. It’s cheesy, it’s got the Quigley, there are lots of boobs and I just loved every minute of it. It takes place on a small horror movie set where the producer’s vixen wife is plotting to have him kiled. And did I mention that the film there are making is called; Werewolves In Heat? This film is in the same spirt of Bad Girls From Mars, Return To Horror High and Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburg. If you are a conosure of 80’s camp this is for you. Also how is it possible that this movie has 2 commentary tracks!
(4 out of 5)
Commentary For Sexbomb (1989) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: We have both female leads and the victim producer in this track. And the track is a lot more toned down than I feel like anything with Quigley should be. There are enough interesting remembrances and cringworthy moments so save it from being a disaster. Overall, however, there is too much dead space/watch time and talking about purses/outfits.
(3 out of 5)
33.) - 38.)
Friday The 13th S02E15-26 (1989) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Wow, I think I have had my fill of Friday The 13th the series for awhile. Some highs and some lows here. My two favorite episodes were the one with the cursed camera that allowed an oddly obsessed lycanthrope-ophile to live his dream. And another where a frozen Nazi is brought back to life to hunt down Jack, his old war buddies and to be a right wing radio show host. it is quite the feeling of accomplishment to have this title finally out of the too watch pile after all this time. It was a good series but the question must be asked; Would I have bought these if the series had been named anything else?
(2.5 - 4 out of 5)
- Oct 7th -
Paranormal Activities: The Marked Ones (2014) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: Mexican kids what are doing? That is white people shit right there. So I have only seen the PA1 and now 4, given some of the connections it might have benefitted me watching the other 2 prior to this movie but it wan't a big loss. I was for sure less scared overall during this one as opposed to the original, but it did give me a few jumps and one goosebump moment. I couldn't relate to the cast as much this time but it was an interesting way to get out of telling the same kid of story as the first 3. And the urban setting is a very underused one in horror genre. A little better than average and there is enough here so that I would be interested in seeing the next one.
(3.5 out of 5)
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The House That Screamed (1969) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Arg, picture boxed! It wouldn't have bothered me so much but I can't find my remote to change viewing modes (I have been having to use the buttons on the side for basic functions (like a savage)). The movie was actually not an awful one, girls school, mysterious killer and all of that. Add a little Elvira on top and I had a halfway decent time.
(3.5 out of 5)
Suck (2009) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: It took me a little while to get into this vampire band comedy. In fact the first 7 or so minutes I was dreading having to sit through the whole thing. When it clicked with me though, it was great. Some decent movie, quite a few laughs and lots and lots of famous faces. Poor Hugo.
(4 out of 5)
Attack Girls' Swim Team Versus The Undead (2007) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: By all accounts this is a bad movie, the production values are low, the acting is atrocious and the plot is just downright stupid. What this film does having going for it is hot 20 something Japanese girls pretending to be hot 17 something Japanese girls. There is lots of nudity, over the top violence, lesbian scenes and (in true Japanese form) upskirt shots. If you go in with the right expectations a mildly good time can be had with this admittedly bad film.
(3 out of 5)
Abita: Octoberfest Lager (Louisiana)*
My Thoughts: Big dissapointment, not a smooth marzen at all but rather a bitter hopppy ipa style beer. I wonder if this was a bottling mistake because I am not getting any hint of marzen at all. No smell, to taste, no lingering notes. It’s either that or they didn’t have an oktoberfest brew at all and just filled the beers with whatever. Serious wtf Abita? And they misspelled Oktoberfest.
(1.5 out of 5)
Left Hand Brewing: Oktoberfest (Colorado)
My Thoughts: OK getting a little b ether with this one. It's a nice smooth marzen style lager, it kind of taste like both mixed together as opposed to a hybrid. Maybe 3/4ths lager and 1/4 marzen. Better warm than chilled this as an enjoyable beer. Not run out and buy more good but above average.
(3.5 out of 5)
House On Straw Hill (1976) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I was kind of surprised that this was a video nasty. It was a lot tamer than I thought films garnering that classification had to be. There was some weird psycho/sexual stuff but not enough to scar poor Britain's tweens. It wasn't a bad movie, I enjoyed it, it just did not live up to my nasty expectations. I will admit though that the finally to this movie was very strange.
(3.5 out of 5)
Hacker-Pschorr: Original Oktoberfest (Germany)*
My Thoughts: Ahhh, now those Germans know how to make a good beer. This beer is similar to the last one but done much better, there more barley and a smoother creamier taste while still having just a hint of that carbonated lager kick. A repeat purchase brew.
(4 out of 5)
- Oct 8th -
Ban the Sadist Videos! (2005) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: Ah, now this is why I really wanted The House On Straw Hill. It is a fascinating look at movie censorship in the UK. I hate the MPAA but the system they have over there is completely unacceptable. Reminds me of the violent video game crusade that went on over here back when I was going through school. Even only being 9 years old, the documentary feels a little dated, an update that included the recent internet filtering would be nice. As a lover of film I could never support any of these government sponsored censorship programs, super 1984.
(4 out of 5)
Elvira's Movie Macabre: Maneater Of Hydra (1967) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Another languishing classic given the Elvira treatment. Elvira is as charming as ever and the film is about a mad scientist breeding man eating vampire plants, so yeah... I probably would have liked it either way. I wish I had know this was set on an island so I could have saved myself having to suffer through Zombie Driftwood. Also how do these mad scientist keep getting this awesome old manors/castles to live/research in? I should have been a mad scientist.
(3.5 out of 5)
The Howling (1981) (VHS)
My Thoughts: Easily one of the top 5 werewolf movies ever made. I loved the whole Wickerman small town with a big secret aspect. Does anything good ever happen to city folks when they decide to take some time off in the country? There is some really good physical effects in this movie but the just aren't quite as good as An American Werewolf In London. Dee Wallace is, as usual, great and I love her unique screaming. Several good old school horror cameos and that ending credits shot made me so so hungry!
(4.5 out of 5)
The Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988) (DVD)
My Thoughts: This is roughly the same plot as the original movie but it is apparently a retelling of there source material much like The Shining miniseries. It does not play as well as the original and the effects are really uneven, sometimes being amazing while other times hooky. I will say that the werewolf temptress was more alluring this time aroung. An ok cabin in the woods werewolf movie but does't hold a candle to the original.
(3 out of 5)
House Of Dark Shadows (1970) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: I grew up watching this series in reruns on the then Sci-Fi Channel and I even enjoyed the recent Johnny Depp version of Dark Shadows. This one, however, did not do it for me. Not classy or soapy like the original or entertaining like the recent reimagining. This is just a bad vampire movie with a few Collins in it. I am baffled by the amount of praise this movie gets.
(2.5 out of 5)
American Horror Story S04E01 (2014) (TV)*
My Thoughts: I kept wondering the whole time if that real life girl with the two heads was watching the premiere with me, tucked away in some innocuous suburban house somewhere. I am a little apprehensive about this season after how last season crashed and burned there at the end. The opening theme seems a little weak this time but the show has potential, I will be tuning in. Flipper action.
(3.5 out of 5)
Contamination .7 (1993) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Also known as Troll 3 has about the same quality of acting and production quality of Troll 2 although no Trolls (or Goblins). So apparently someone saw that scene in Evil Dead where the trees attack and decided to make that their whole movie. But they didn't bother to find out how the other movie made it look so good. Basically a nuclear power plant is dumping toxic waste in the woods and it is making man eating plants. One of the things that bugged me about this movie was the poor radiation safety even from characters who are suppose to be experts. If you liked Troll 2 and are looking for something more of the same check this out otherwise, despite the promising sounding plot, stay away.
(1.5 out of 5)
- Oct 9th -
50.75) - 52.75)
The Shining Parts 1-3 (1997) (DVD)
My Thoughts: Well like the rest of the world, I prefer the movie still. It is just all around a better product; from the acting, to location, to the effects, it's 70's counterpart is superior in every way. I do life that we get more of the story and I am sure this is closer to the original novel than the first movie but there are somethings they did here that just seem like they wanted to do it differently than the movie. Redrum for example, the whole purpose of that would be to finally see it in a mirro, not for it to CG morph into murder, lame. While I wasn't overtly pleased with this property I do think I am going to need to catch that Stephen King commentary at some point (all 4.5 hours of it)
(2.5 out of 5)
Bob's Burgers S04E02 (2013) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: I really like this show and was really surprised when it made it past one season, on FOX no less! This episode centers on a creepy stalker that keeps Louise and her friends trapped during prime trick or treating time. It is a fun down to earth show and guest star Aziz Ansari was great. I can't wait to see this year's special, hopefully they can sync everything up this time.
(4 out of 5)
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I kept asking myself while I watched if I actually liked the first 2. Certainly I must have liked them enough to put this on my amazon wish list 4 years ago, right? This one seems to be a copy of the first movie, if I remember correctly, except set on a college campus with people too old to be college students. Some interesting gory deaths here but otherwise there is no reason to watch this.
(2.5 out of 5)
- Oct 10th -
Requiem For A Vampire (1971) (DVD)
My Thoughts: The blond girl in this movie has always appealed to me, I feel like I have seen her in something else over the years but after checking IMDB it must have just been repeat revisiting of this film (in my early teen years undoubtedly). Not much of a plot here, most of the movie in fact is without dialog but it's not like you watch Jean Rollin movies for the plot anyways. Passable Rollin but not one of his better films.
(2.5 out of 5)
Absentia (2011) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Hey, the first Kickstarter movie I have ever purchased (after the fact). And that is something I probably never would have done both based on the supper generic cover and this article that was everywhere at the time: . But I believe there was some positive buzz her on the forum on this one so I added it to the list. It was decent, super low budget, movie. I dug the idea behind it and this very well could have been a good 1hr show or intro to real movie. Think about it, make them less mystical and more an accent terror living under the city. And then we could have had an expedition to get back loved ones, now that would have been awesome. You will be entertained with this one but your socks will not be rocked.
(3 out of 5)
The Fly II (1989) (DVD)
My Thoughts: I have always had a fond spot for this movie, I think I even preferred it to the original when I was younger. It defiantly skews to the male single child audience. I still felt some pause before picking this title up, a double dip on Fly II? And on DVD? But not BR and lots of bonus features on this one, also the $3 price point helped quite a bit. Anyway it is a good monster, obviously not in the same league as the first one but for a sequel with no returning main character it rocked. Also I dug the more Alien looking fly. And a Drewish princess!
(4 out of 5)
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