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re: Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One now, PS4 on 10/11/16)

Originally Posted by RichC2 View Post
No, I said Sunset Overdrive is to stack the deck. It's a new IP from a known studio.

System Seller is buying a big name like Tomb Raider for what had to be a ton of money.
this is what you said first:

Originally Posted by RichC2 View Post
You don't pay for an exclusive if you don't expect it to move systems.
So, by that statement, you expect SO to sell systems, because MS paid to have it as an exclusive title.

Then you say this:

Originally Posted by RichC2 View Post
SO doesn't have to be a massive hit, a title like that is to just sort of stack the deck - to show you have something. .
So which is it? You are saying two completely different things, which contradict each other.
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