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Re: TV on DVD* Challenge: The Fourth Season List Thread

✔ Finish Doctor Who S1 (8/8)
✔ Finish Supernatural S2 (12/12)
✔ Finish Breaking Bad S2 (11/11)
✔ Finish The Office S1 (4/4)
✔ Watch 666 Park Avenue (13/13)
✔ Finish Masters of Horror S1 (7/7)

✔ Grey's Anatomy S1 (9/9)
✔ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S1 (7/7)
- One Tree Hill S1 (1/22) Not working for me. Will replace below.
✔ Scrubs S1 (24/24)
- 24 S1 (2/24) Ehh, can't get into it. Will replace below.
✔ The Office S2 (22/22)
✔ Weeds S1 (10/10)
✔ Doctor Who S2 (13/13)
✔ Breaking Bad S3 (13/13)

DVD: 17 | DVR: 32 | Netflix Instant: 160 | Other Streaming: 6 | On Demand: 33

January 1
1. Breaking Bad (S02E03): Bit by a Dead Bee Netflix
2. Breaking Bad (S02E04): Down Netflix
3. The Office (S01E03): Health Care Netflix
4. The Office (S01E04): The Alliance Netflix
5. The Office (S01E05): Basketball Netflix
6. The Office (S01E06): Hot Girl Netflix

January 2
7. Doctor Who (S01E06): Dalek Netflix
8. Doctor Who (S01E07): The Long Game Netflix
9. Supernatural (S02E11): Playthings Netflix
10. Supernatural (S02E12): Nightshifter Netflix
11. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 1): Battleground DVD
12. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 2): Crouch End DVD
13. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 3): Umney's Last Case DVD

January 3
14. 666 Park Avenue (S01E01): Pilot Netflix
15. 666 Park Avenue (S01E02): Murmurations Netflix
16. Masters of Horror (S01E02): Dreams in the Witch-House DVR
17. Masters of Horror (S01E03): Dance of the Dead DVR
18. Community (S05E01): Repilot DVR
19. Community (S05E02): Introduction to Teaching DVR
20. Supernatural (S02E13): Houses of the Holy Netflix

January 4
21. Dexter (S08E11): Monkey in a Box Netflix
22. Dexter (S08E12): Remember the Monsters? Netflix
23. Breaking Bad (S02E05): Breakage Netflix

January 5
24. Doctor Who (S01E08): Father's Day Netflix
25. Supernatural (S02E14): Born Under a Bad Sign Netflix
26. Supernatural (S02E15): Tall Tales Netflix
27. Supernatural (S02E16): Roadkill Netflix
28. Supernatural (S02E17): Heart Netflix
29. The Crazy Ones (S01E12): The Face of a Winner VOD
30. Doctor Who (S01E09): The Empty Child Netflix
31. Doctor Who (S01E10): The Doctor Dances Netflix
32. Doctor Who (S01E11): Boom Town Netflix

January 6
33. Doctor Who (S01E12): Bad Wolf Netflix
34. Doctor Who (S01E13): The Parting of the Ways Netflix
35. 666 Park Avenue (S01E03): The Dead Don't Stay Dead Netflix
36. 666 Park Avenue (S01E04): Hero Complex Netflix
37. 666 Park Avenue (S01E05): A Crowd Of Demons Netflix
38. 666 Park Avenue (S01E06): Diabolic Netflix
39. 666 Park Avenue (S01E07): Downward Spiral Netflix
40. 666 Park Avenue (S01E08): What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Netflix
41. 666 Park Avenue (S01E09): Hypnos Netflix
42. 666 Park Avenue (S01E10): The Comfort of Death Netflix
43. 666 Park Avenue (S01E11): Sins of the Fathers Netflix

January 7
44. 666 Park Avenue (S01E12): The Elysian Fields Netflix
45. 666 Park Avenue (S01E13): Lazarus: Part 1 Netflix
46. Supernatural (S02E18): Hollywood Babylon Netflix
47. Supernatural (S02E19): Folsom Prison Blues Netflix
48. Supernatural (S02E20): What Is and What Should Never Be Netflix
49. Supernatural (S02E21): All Hell Breaks Loose (1) Netflix
50. Supernatural (S02E22): All Hell Breaks Loose (2) Netflix

January 8
51. Breaking Bad (S02E06): Peekaboo Netflix
52. Breaking Bad (S02E07): Negro Y Azul Netflix
53. Breaking Bad (S02E08): Better Call Saul Netflix
54. Breaking Bad (S02E09): 4 Days Out Netflix
55. Breaking Bad (S02E10): Over Netflix
56. Breaking Bad (S02E11): Mandala Netflix
57. Breaking Bad (S02E12): Phoenix Netflix
58. Breaking Bad (S02E13): ABQ Netflix
59. Psych (S08E01): Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet DVR
60. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 4): The End Of The Whole Mess DVD

January 9
61. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 5): The Road Virus Heads North DVD
62. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 6): The Fifth Quarter DVD
63. Dads (S01E12): Mister Edna DVR
64. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S01E12): Pontiac Bandit DVR
65. Revenge (S03E11): Homecoming DVR
66. The Mentalist (S06E11): White Lines DVR
67. Masters of Horror (S01E04): Jenifer DVR
68. Masters of Horror (S01E05): Chocolate DVR
69. Masters of Horror (S01E07): Deer Woman DVR
70. Masters of Horror (S01E10): Sick Girl DVR

January 10
71. Masters of Horror (S01E13): Imprint DVR
72. Castle (S06E11): Under Fire VOD
73. Cougar Town (S05E01): All or Nothin' VOD
74. American Horror Story (S03E10): The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks VOD
75. Modern Family (S05E11): And One to Grow On VOD
76. Community (S05E03): Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
77. The Crazy Ones (S01E13): Outbreak VOD
78. The Office (S02E01): The Dundies Netflix
79. The Office (S02E02): Sexual Harassment Netflix

January 11
80. Weeds (S01E01): You Can't Miss The Bear Netflix
81. Scrubs (S01E01): My First Day Netflix
82. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E01): The Gang Gets Racist Netflix
83. Scrubs (S01E02): My Mentor Netflix
84. Scrubs (S01E03): My Best Friend's Mistake Netflix
85. Scrubs (S01E04): My Old Lady Netflix
86. Scrubs (S01E05): My Two Dads Netflix
87. Scrubs (S01E06): My Bad Netflix
88. Scrubs (S01E07): My Super Ego Netflix
89. Scrubs (S01E08): My Fifteen Minutes Netflix
90. Scrubs (S01E09): My Day Off Netflix

January 12
91. Scrubs (S01E10): My Nickname Netflix
92. Scrubs (S01E11): My Own Personal Jesus Netflix
93. Scrubs (S01E12): My Blind Date Netflix
94. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E02): Charlie Wants an Abortion Netflix
95. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E03): Underage Drinking: A National Concern Netflix
96. Weeds (S01E02): Free Goat Netflix
97. The Office (S02E03): Office Olympics Netflix
98. Scrubs (S01E13): My Balancing Act Netflix
99. Scrubs (S01E14): My Drug Buddy Netflix
100. Scrubs (S01E15): My Bed Banter & Beyond Netflix
101. Scrubs (S01E16): My Heavy Meddle Netflix
102. Scrubs (S01E17): My Student Netflix
103. Scrubs (S01E18): My Tuscaloosa Heart Netflix
104. Scrubs (S01E19): My Old Man Netflix

January 13
105. Scrubs (S01E20): My Way or the Highway Netflix
106. Bones (S09E12): The Ghost in the Killer DVR
107. Enlisted (S01E01): Pilot DVR
108. Revenge (S03E12): Endurance DVR
109. The Mentalist (S06E12): The Golden Hammer DVR
110. Intelligence (S01E01): Pilot
111. The Neighbors (S02E12): Fear and Loving in New Jersey VOD
112. How I Met Your Mother (S09E14): Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra DVR
113. Scrubs (S01E21): My Sacrificial Clam Netflix
114. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E04): Charlie Has Cancer Netflix
115. Scrubs (S01E22): My Occurrence (1) Netflix
116. Scrubs (S01E23): My Hero (2) Netflix
117. Scrubs (S01E24): My Last Day Netflix
118. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E05): Gun Fever Netflix

January 14
119. Weeds (S01E03): Good Shit Lollipop Netflix
120. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E06): The Gang Finds a Dead Guy Netflix
121. The Office (S02E04): The Fire Netflix
122. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S01E07): Charlie Got Molested Netflix
123. Bitten (S01E01): Summons DVR
124. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 7): Autopsy Room Four DVD
125. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Ep. 8): You Know They've Got a Hell of a Band DVD
126. Weeds (S01E04): Fashion of the Christ Netflix
127. Grey's Anatomy (S01E01): A Hard Day's Night Netflix

January 15
128. Grey's Anatomy (S01E02): The First Cut Is the Deepest Netflix
129. Carrie (2002) Netflix
130. Weeds (S01E05): Lude Awakening Netflix
131. Grey's Anatomy (S01E03): Winning a Battle, Losing the War Netflix
132. One Tree Hill (S01E01): Pilot Netflix
133. 24 (S01E01): 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M. Netflix
134. Grey's Anatomy (S01E04): No Man's Land Netflix
135. Grey's Anatomy (S01E05): Shake Your Groove Thing Netflix

January 16
136. Grey's Anatomy (S01E06): If Tomorrow Never Comes Netflix
137. Grey's Anatomy (S01E07): The Self Destruct Button Netflix
138. Grey's Anatomy (S01E08): Save Me Netflix
139. Grey's Anatomy (S01E09): Who's Zoomin' Who? Netflix
140. Psych (S08E02): S.E.I.Z.E the Day DVR

January 17
141. American Horror Story (S03E11): Protect the Coven VOD
142. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S01E13): The Bet VOD
143. Castle (S06E12): Deep Cover VOD
144. Community (S05E04): Cooperative Polygraphy
145. Cougar Town (S05E02): Like a Diamond VOD
146. Dads (S01E13): Eli Nightingale VOD
147. Intelligence (S01E02): Red X
148. Modern Family (S05E12): Under Pressure VOD
148. Suburgatory (S03E01): No Me Gusta, Mami VOD
149. The Office (S02E05): Halloween Netflix
150. The Office (S02E06): The Fight Netflix

January 18
151. Weeds (S01E06): Dead In The Nethers Netflix
152. Weeds (S01E07): Higher Education Netflix
153. Big Love (S01E01): Pilot DVD
154. Big Love (S01E02): Viagra Blue DVD
155. Weeds (S01E08): The Punishment Light Netflix
156. Weeds (S01E09): The Punishment Lighter Netflix
157. Weeds (S01E10): The Godmother Netflix
158. The Office (S02E07): The Client Netflix
159. The Office (S02E08): Performance Review Netflix
160. The Office (S02E09): E-Mail Surveillance Netflix
161. The Office (S02E10): Christmas Party Netflix
162. The Office (S02E11): Booze Cruise Netflix
163. The Office (S02E12): The Injury Netflix
164. The Office (S02E13): The Secret Netflix
165. The Office (S02E14): The Carpet Netflix
166. The Office (S02E15): Boys & Girls Netflix
167. The Office (S02E16): Valentine's Day Netflix

January 19
168. The Office (S02E17): Dwight's Speech Netflix
169. The Office (S02E18): Take Your Daughter to Work Day Netflix
170. The Office (S02E19): Michael's Birthday Netflix
171. The Office (S02E20): Drug Testing Netflix
172. The Office (S02E21): Conflict Resolution Netflix
173. The Office (S02E22): Casino Night Netflix
174. 24 (S01E02): 1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M. Netflix
175. Doctor Who (S02E01): New Earth Netflix
176. Doctor Who (S02E02): Tooth and Claw Netflix
177. Doctor Who (S02E03): School Reunion Netflix

January 20
178. Bones (S09E13): Big in the Philippines DVR
179. Enlisted (S01E02): Randy Get Your Gun DVR
180. The Neighbors (S02E13): High School Reunion VOD
181. Doctor Who (S02E04): The Girl in the Fireplace Netflix
182. Doctor Who (S02E05): Rise of the Cybermen (1) Netflix
183. Doctor Who (S02E06): The Age of Steel (2) Netflix
184. Doctor Who (S02E07): The Idiot's Lantern Netflix
185. Doctor Who (S02E08): The Impossible Planet (1) Netflix

January 21
186. Doctor Who (S02E09): The Satan Pit (2) Netflix
187. Doctor Who (S02E10): Love & Monsters Netflix
188. Doctor Who (S02E11): Fear Her Netflix
189. Doctor Who (S02E12): Army of Ghosts (1) Netflix
190. Doctor Who (S02E13): Doomsday (2) Netflix
191. Breaking Bad (S03E01): No Mas Netflix

January 22
192. Breaking Bad (S03E02): Caballo sin Nombre Netflix
193. Breaking Bad (S03E03): I.F.T. Netflix
194. Breaking Bad (S03E04): Green Light Netflix
195. Breaking Bad (S03E05): Mas Netflix
196. The Following (S02E01): Resurrection DVR

January 23
197. Breaking Bad (S03E06): Sunset Netflix
198. Breaking Bad (S03E07): One Minute Netflix
199. Breaking Bad (S03E08): I See You Netflix
200. Breaking Bad (S03E09): Kafkaesque Netflix
201. Breaking Bad (S03E10): Fly Netflix
202. How I Met Your Mother (S09E15): Unpause DVR

January 24
203. Breaking Bad (S03E11): Abiquiu Netflix
204. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S01E14): The Ebony Falcon DVR
205. Dads (S01E14): Bully Gene DVR
206. Breaking Bad (S03E12): Half Measures Netflix

January 25
207. Breaking Bad (S03E13): Full Measure Netflix
208. Big Love (S01E03): Home Invasion DVD
209. Big Love (S01E04): Eclipse DVD
210. Big Love (S01E05): The Affair DVD
211. Bitten (S01E02): Prodigal VOD

January 26
212. Psych (S08E03): Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement VOD
213. Community (S05E05): Geothermal Escapism VOD
214. American Horror Story (S03E12): Go to Hell VOD
215. Cougar Town (S05E03): Depending On You VOD
216. Castle (S06E13): Limelight VOD
217. Suburgatory (S03E02): Victor Ha VOD
218. The Neighbors (S02E14): Man, Actually VOD
219. Enlisted (S01E03): Pete's Airstream VOD
220. Bones (S09E14): The Master In The Slop VOD
221. Intelligence (S01E03): Mei Chen Returns

January 27
222. Revenge (S03E13): Hatred VOD
223. Hart of Dixie (S03E09): Something to Talk About VOD
224. Arrested Development (S01E04): Key Decisions Netflix
225. Weeds (S02E01): Corn Snake Netflix
226. How I Met Your Mother (S09E16): 200th Episode: How Your Mother Met Me DVR
227. Scrubs (S02E01): My Overkill Netflix

January 28
228. Weeds (S02E02): Cooking With Jesus Netflix
229. Breaking Bad (S04E01): Box Cutter Netflix
230. 24 (S01E03): 2:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M. Netflix
231. The Following (S02E02): For Joe DVR

January 29
232. Breaking Bad (S04E02): Thirty-Eight Snub Netflix
233. 24 (S01E04): 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. Netflix
234. Arrested Development (S01E05): Charity Drive Netflix
235. Cougar Town (S05E04): The Trip to Pirate's Cove VOD
236. Dads (S01E15): Baby Face VOD
237. Intelligence (S01E04): Secrets of the Secret Service
238. Hart of Dixie (S03E10): Star of the Show VOD

January 30
239. American Horror Story (S03E13): The Seven Wonders VOD
240. Big Love (S01E06): Roberta's Funeral DVD
241. Big Love (S01E07): Eviction DVD
242. Big Love (S01E08): Easter DVD

January 31
243. Suburgatory (S03E03): Open Door Policy VOD
244. Arrested Development (S01E06): Visiting Ours Netflix
245. Breaking Bad (S04E03): Open House Netflix
246. Maury (airing 1/31/14): Is My Dad Cheating on My Mom? Test Him!DVR
247. Prison Break (S01E03): Cell Test Netflix
248. Community (S05E06): Analysis of Cork-Based Networking DVR
249. Bitten (S01E03): Trespass DVR

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