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re: Xbox One: S $249 Now / X $499 November 7 2017

I already redeemed my day one card, so no quick buck for me.
Scanning the QR with Kinect was bad-ass. It's trivial, sure, but damn. Really cool.

Installing updates and apps went really fast. Killer Instinct took a few minutes before I could play it. NFS:R took maybe 20 before I could watch the cut scene and do the tutorial. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Ghosts has been installing since I left for work, so I have no idea where the progress is at.

The only thing I had trouble with was redeeming the 14-day Live card in the Day One box, and the 2-day Live card in the Controller w/ Play & Charge box. Not sure what the deal is there. The Day One 12-month card is silly... and no QR code, so I had to type both 25-digit codes in. Ugh! That's SO pre-Nov-2013.

Oh, and I have a second Day One console on the way from MS today. If anyone (in Canada only, sorry) really wants it, let me know. I'd rather sell it to someone here than a TOTAL stranger.
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