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re: Xbox One: S $249 Now / X $499 November 7 2017

Originally Posted by BravesMG View Post
I'm looking for some advice. I've been home and just remembered to track the shipment. I have a tracking number from UPS that says it delivered at 10:30am EST. I never heard the doorbell (my dogs would go nuts if they rang or knocked) and there's nothing anywhere around my front door where the tracking information says they left it.

Amazon was useless. They basically said that it's guaranteed by 8pm EST and could still show up. If it doesn't, it's not considered 'lost' until Monday night and I can contact them then. They said they didn't have any direct UPS help to provide. I contacted UPS directly and they said all they could do was open a claim, which wouldn't be worked probably for days.

This really sucks. Anybody have any other good ideas or suggestions?
sucks. check neighbors porches, that's happened to me before. go to local UPS distribuition facility if you know where that is (you can't get a phone number for it).
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