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Re: The Third Annual November Comedy Challenge Nov 1-30, 2013 **List Thread**

* First time viewing
cable tv/dvr/on demand

Cheer when you hear the name of the movie!

★★★★★ Awww yeah!
★★★★ Excellent
★★★(+) Very Good, I enjoyed it
★★★(-) Good, I didn't dislike it
★★ Sucked
★ Made me angry

Nov 1
1. Mutant Girls Squad* (2010) ★★★★★
I've already seen the best movie of the month, and it's called Mutant Girls Squad. At Rin's 16th birthday party, she finds out that her father is a mutant. Then, both her parents are killed by nose bullets. Great party! So, everyone wants to kill Rin, the half-mutant. She runs into a filming of the "Nice Guy" tv show. Uh, the nice guys have guns. They want to stuff her and make her the icon of the shopping mall. You know, to revive business. She winds up hooking up with a HILKO girls squad, led by Mr. Kisaragi, who has gone total 80's glam. They're on a mission to KILL ALL HUMANS. Rin is conflicted because she's half-human. I'm all about chicks kicking ass, and this movie delivers it in spades. And "outrageous" doesn't even begin to describe what transpires here! I love their theme song. It's like a female Japanese Cheap Trick. There is also a great origin/side story for Yoshie, as a bonus on the disc. I just watched Helldriver, and it had 3 such stories. I like this trend.

Nov 2
2. The Eric Andre Show James Van Der Beek/Steve-O* S2/Ep05 (2013) ★★★★
3. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Harrison Ford/Padma Lakshmi* S5/Ep222 (2013) ★★★★
4. Conan Rachel McAdams/Norman Reedus* S3/Ep159 (2013) ★★★★★
5. The Big Bang Theory The Scavenger Vortex* S7/Ep03 (2013) ★★★★★
6. The Big Bang Theory The Raiders Minimization* S7/Ep04 (2013) ★★★★

Nov 3
7. The League The Automatic Faucet* S5/Ep09 (2013) ★★
Hey, I tried.
8. The Big Bang Theory The Workplace Proximity* S7/Ep05 (2013) ★★★★

Nov 4
9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6* S9/Ep09 (2013) ★★★(+)
10. The Big Bang Theory The Romance Resonance* S7/Ep06 (2013) ★★★★

11. The Machine Girl* (2008) ★★★★★
Ami's brother Yu is killed by a young gang of punks. Local toughs. I dunno, what are they called in Japan? The police want to paint it as a suicide. Yu was being bullied, and Ami wants revenge. Quite frankly, everyone wants revenge in this flick. Ami swears to kill every one of Yu's enemies. She confronts Ryota's parents. Her arm is dipped in batter and fried. You heard me. Turns out Sho is the leader of the gang, and his father is Yakuza. But the mother wears the pants in this family. She's quite the evil bitch. Ami runs into trouble here, is captured, and has her arm cut off. No problem. She has it fit with a machine gun. The Machine Girl plays out fairly serious, but there's some dark comedy here if you're looking for it. It includes outrageous gore, wacky fight sequences, and...

Nov 5
12. Conan Kevin Kline/Brie Larson* S4/Ep01 (2013) ★★★★
Kevin Kline?! Did I step into a fucking time machine?

Nov 6
13. RoboGeisha* (2009) ★★★(+)
Kikuyakko is a beautiful geisha, and Yoshie, her sister, has always lived in her shadow. Kikuyakko abuses Yoshie, even punching her in the throat for not addressing her properly. Yoshie is "discovered", however, and forced into a secret geisha squad. She has to battle her sister in a fight to the death as an initiation. The sisters are reconstructed, Kikuyakko with boob guns, and Yoshie with armpit swords. Yoshie becomes a geisha assassin. She ultimately shows sympathy for some people who are looking for their missing family members, ones who happen to have gone into the geisha squad. I could do without the excessive CGI and the sappy ending, but overall this is a fun movie. The biggest surprise for me was the 2-part side-story that accompanies the movie as a dvd extra. It's called Fearsome Geisha Corps Go to Hell, and it's even better than RoboGeisha. Ami the GeishaCop infiltrates Kageno Steel (the front for the geisha squad in the movie) to rescue her brother. Love the opening credit sequence which displays what exactly the squad does with spies.

14. Conan Jonny Gomes & Shane Victorino/Artie Lange* S4/Ep02 (2013) ★★★★
15. Late Show With David Letterman Kathy Griffin/Bruce McCall* S21/Ep45 (2013) ★★★★
16. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Lucy Liu/Zachary Quinto* S5/Ep224 (2013) ★★★(+)
17. Dead Sushi* (2012) ★★★★★
Noboru Igushi is one demented individual. He's also my new hero. Keiko can't live up to her father's expectations of a sushi chef. So she runs away from home and takes a job at a resort inn. There, people travel for kilometers around to taste Tsuchida's sushi. Some people from Komatsu Pharmaceutical visit. Keiko confronts Tsuchida, saying his sushi is inferior, and gets into a huge fight with everyone. Such a sushi snob! Fortunately, she's a total ass-kicker, thanks to her dad. Yamada is a bum loitering on their property. He used to be the head of the New Medicine Development department. *insert plot to Re-Animator here* He injects the serum into a squid to take revenge on the corrupt company, and it starts flying around. The squid infects other sushi which leads to schools of sushi attacks. The egg sushi gets bullied(!), then teams up Keiko. The people from the corporation blackmail the girls into taking off their clothes and doing "body sushi". Asami ("Yumi") does The Robot, just like she did in Sukeban Boy (the castle also brings this back in RoboGeisha -- think that was her?). There's plenty of sloppy making out in this movie, never mind the revolting "egg" scene. Clearly, both actors are ready to hurl. As relief, the sushi do an opera! Dead Sushi will make you laugh, and make you sick. That's a winning formula according to me!

Nov 7
18. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Jason Statham/Tom Green* S5/Ep225 (2013) ★★★(+)
19. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Squashes Their Beefs* S9/Ep10 (2013) ★★★★★

20. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl* (2009) ★★★(+)
If a girl likes a boy in Japan, it is customary to give him chocolates. Or so this movie states. Mizushima is being bullied by a group of girls to go out with Keiko. Tell me about it. Her father is the vice principal who secretly conducts experiments in the basement with Midori, the hot school nurse, reconstructing and reanimating dead bodies. Also after Mizushima is Monami (Vampire Girl). She gives Mizushima a chocolate full of her blood, and turns him into a half-vampire. Monami kills Keiko, and Midori collects all the best body parts in school so that Mr. Furano (the VP) can reconstruct his daughter into Frankenstein Girl. There's a wrist-cutting rally. You know, for kids. There's also some crazy racist shit, with spears, afros, and blackface, that would certainly be an issue in this country (to say the least). This movie is a little less engaging than the other Japanese horror comedies I've been watching, but equally (if not more) bizarre. I mean, it is a horror-romance, something you don't see every day.

Nov 8
21. The Eric Andre Show Wink Martindale/Sarah Burns* S2/Ep06 (2013) ★★★★
22. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Rachel Maddow/M.I.A.* S5/Ep226 (2013) ★★★(-)
Is Jimmy's crappy sidekick Higgins going to The Tonight Show? The guy literally hasn't said one funny thing in 5 years.

Nov 9

Kathy Griffin (trust me) from the 10th row at Foxwoods

Nov 10
23. The Big Bang Theory The Proton Displacement* S7/Ep07 (2013) ★★★★★
24. Conan Aziz Ansari/Deepak Chopra* S4/Ep03 (2013) ★★★★★
"Beloved wife, loving mother, racist piece of shit"
25. Conan Chris Hemsworth/Marc Maron* S4/Ep04 (2013) ★★★★★
Worth 5 stars for the horse race remote alone!
26. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Natalie Portman/Taye Diggs* S5/Ep227 (2013) ★★★(+)

27. Sukeban Boy* (2006) ★★★(-)
From old friends Noboru Iguchi and Asami. Sukeban is a boy that likes to mix it up with thugs, but, oddly, looks like a girl. He beats himself up, but it doesn't have an affect on his face. His father wants him to pretend to be a girl, and go to an all-girls school. Sukeban goes, and checks out the Humility club. He can't believe all the half-naked ladies. He (all right, it's Asami, a chick) gets in a fight with Kanko, punches her in the chooch, then farts in her face. Kanko respects Sukeban's fighting technique, and pals up with her. There are encounters with The Half-Naked Women, The Naked Witch (Full Frontal Woman), The Braless Women. I think I sense a pattern. Wait, there's The Monk Women, who are... half-naked. This movie is just an excuse to get girls' clothes off. It's the first movie I've seen where a single bullet will remove a blouse. While there are some goofy fight scenes thrown in, I think you get the idea. Not that I mind, exactly.

Nov 11
28. The Odd Couple This Is the Army, Mrs. Madison S4/Ep07 (1973) ★★★★★
29. The Odd Couple The Songwriter S4/Ep08 (1973) ★★★★★
30. The Odd Couple Felix Directs S4/Ep09 (1973) ★★★★★
31. The Odd Couple The Pig Who Came to Dinner S4/Ep10 (1973) ★★★★★

Nov 12
I gave House (1977) a go. 52 minutes in, I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I seem to like my Japanese horror comedies trashy. Is that so bad?

32. The Odd Couple Maid For Each Other S4/Ep11 (1973) ★★★★
I think House tainted my viewing pleasure.
33. The Odd Couple The Exorcists S4/Ep12 (1973) ★★★★★

34. The Odd Couple A Barnacle Adventure S4/Ep13 (1973) ★★★★★

Nov 13
35. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Billy Crystal/Evan Rachel Wood* S5/Ep228 (2013) ★★★★

Nov 14
36. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Ice T/Thomas Rhett* S5/Ep230 (2013) ★★★★
37. Conan Jon Cryer/Chris Hadfield* S4/Ep05 (2013) ★★★(+)
38. Conan Will Arnett/Jim Gaffigan* S4/Ep07 (2013) ★★★★
Jim Gaffigan single-handedly saved this one.

Nov 15
39. The Eric Andre Show Lance Reddick/Harry Shum Jr.* S2/Ep07 (2013) ★★★★★
"I wrote the screenplay for Spring Breakers!" / "I don't give a shit about baseball! It's boring!!"

Nov 16
40. Conan Melissa McCarthy/Chris Elliott* S4/Ep08 (2013) ★★★★
41. Conan Dax Shepard/Regina Hall* S4/Ep06 (2013) ★★★★★
42. SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis* (2004) ★★★(+)
Perhaps the greatest Thai zombie flick I've ever seen. Ok, it's the only one. The deleted scenes on this disc were supremely cheesy. Even cheesier than the movie, and that's saying a lot.
Let's Get Out of Here! (or variation thereof) count: 5

43. The Big Bang Theory The Itchy Brain Simulation* S7/Ep08 (2013) ★★★★
Maybe the lamest BBT I've seen (and I've seen 'em all), and it was still pretty good.

Nov 17
44. The Odd Couple The Moonlighter S4/Ep14 (1974) ★★★★
45. The Odd Couple Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible S4/Ep15 (1974) ★★★★★

46. Wildcard Psycho Gothic Lolita* (2010) ★★★★★
If The Machine Girl is a comedy, then surely Psycho Gothic Lolita is one, too. I'm listing it as a wildcard because imdb says it's action/horror. There are more laughs here than The Machine Girl, believe me. But it does fit into my current favorite genre: Japanese-Female-Ass-Kickers. Yuki wants revenge on the thugs (and thug-ettes) that crucified her mother, and put her father in a wheelchair. Yuki has an arsenal of lethal parasols to dispose of the five baddies. These people are real characters. One is a the mistress of a perverse gambling den. One is a teacher who uses his psychic powers to blow up ladies' skirts. Another likes to gossip on her gun-phone in the midst of a battle. Yuki is adorned with an amazing outfit, making her easy on the eyes while she beats up on them. There is awesome, acrobatic action. Really well done on a seemingly small budget.

Nov 18
47. Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies* (2001) ★★
It seems girls between the ages of 15-17 are dying, and reawakening as "Stacies" (er, zombies). This zombie movie turns into a mushy love story. F-that. And I thought zombies jumped the shark this year with Warm Bodies. I'm sorry, I don't think there should be any "nice" zombie flicks.

Nov 19
48. Karate-Robo Zaborgar* (2011) ★★★(+)
Ok, now I officially have an issue with imdb. Surely, this is a comedy. It says so right on the box! But imdb has it listed as Action/Sci-Fi. There's no way anyone would take this film seriously. It's yet another revenge story. Daimon is after the Sigma organization for humiliating and killing his father. He has a trusty robot, Zaborgar, made from his dead brother's DNA (he died from man-breast milk... allegedly!). Zaborgar can turn into a motorcycle by just the word. Daimon hooks up with Miss Borg from Sigma for some human on cyborg action. She gets blowed up real good, yet has a cyborg baby. The dvd once again contains short films with the characters from the movie. Love it! These particular shorts are downright silly, but highly enjoyable. dvdtalk gave Karate-Robo Zaborgar zero stars. I thought it was pretty good. Certainly wacky enough to demand your attention.

Nov 20
49. Conan Eric Stonestreet/David Morrissey* S4/Ep09 (2013) ★★★(+)
50. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Bill Cosby* S5/Ep233 (2013) ★★★★
51. The Toxic Avenger (1984) ★★★★
Holy 1980s! Tromaville is the toxic waste dumping capital of the world. Melvin is the mop boy at the Tromaville Health Club. He stresses Bozo and his gang. They pull a prank on Melvin that goes awry, sending him headfirst into radioactive chemical waste that happens to be passing through town on a truck. This turns Melvin into a 7-foot tutu-clad monster determined to mash and tear apart all of the evil in town. Bozo, Slug, and their girls are amusingly portrayed as "hit and run" killers. The ladies enjoy comparing Polaroids of their victims. The Toxic Avenger is gleefully offensive and politically incorrect, just the way I like it.

Nov 21
52. Conan Simon Cowell/Jimmy Pardo* S4/Ep10 (2013) ★★★★

Nov 22
53. Conan "Ron Burgundy"/Jessie Ware* S4/Ep11 (2013) ★★★★
54. The Eric Andre Show Joey Fatone/Richard Hatch* S2/Ep08 (2013) ★★★★
55. Executive Koala* (2005) ★★
Mr. Tamura (the "executive koala") works at a pickle company. He may or may not be a murderer. Why the guy is a koala is beyond me, but you kind of feel sorry for the guy. He is trying to partner up with a South Korean firm, while detectives are keeping tabs. It seems like everyone is working against him. Of course, all of the plot just leads up to a big karate fight. I can only put up with so many dream sequences and twists before it becomes ridiculous. And, the koala gets the girl in the end?! WTF did I just watch?
56. Happy Tree Friends The Wrong Side of the Tracks/From Hero to Eternity/And the Kitchen Sink* S1/Ep01 (2006) ★★★(+)
57. Happy Tree Friends Party Animal/Ipso Fatso/Don't Yank My Chain* S1/Ep02 (2006) ★★★★
58. Happy Tree Friends Doggone It/Concrete Solution/Sea What I Found* S1/Ep03 (2006) ★★★(+)

Nov 23
59. Conan James Franco/Neal McDonough* S4/Ep12 (2013) ★★★★
Looks like another shitty James Franco movie.
60. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Sarah Silverman/Lenny Kravitz* S5/Ep237 (2013) ★★★★★
61. The Big Bang Theory The Thanksgiving Decoupling* S7/Ep09 (2013) ★★★★★
62. The Toxic Avenger Part II* (1989) ★★
Toxie hooks up with another hot blind chick, and windsurfs to Japan to find his father. Too campy, too silly, and too stupid for even my tastes. Don't know if I'll continue with this series.
63. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pop-Pop: The Final Solution* S8/Ep01 (2012) ★★★★
64. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Recycles Their Trash* S8/Ep02 (2012) ★★★★
65. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre* S8/Ep03 (2012) ★★★★★

Nov 24
66. Repo Man (1984) ★★★★
Otto (Emilio Estevez) is a snotty punk rocker who gets roped into the art of car repossession by Bud (Harry Dean Stanton). Wait, isn't everyone named "Ace" in this movie? The repo men, as well as the CIA, are after the same Chevy Malibu, being driven around town by Barry from Storage Wars. As if the $20,000 wasn't incentive enough, the car also carries 4 dead aliens in the trunk. Er, was the $20k put up by the CIA? Otto hooks up with Leila (Olivia Barash), who works at the United Fruitcake Outlet. Uh, it's a front. Only Frog seems to know what really is going on. There's a bunch of social commentary that I could give a shit about, but Repo Man was entertaining enough. I'm being cavalier, of course. 5 stars on the soundtrack! Amazing extras on the Criterion disc!
"Repo Man" count: 11

67. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie and Dee Find Love* S8/Ep04 (2012) ★★★★★
68. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Gets Analyzed* S8/Ep05 (2012) ★★★★★
69. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's Mom Has Cancer* S8/Ep06 (2012) ★★★★★
Puff Daddy or whatever the fuck he calls himself these days has won me over with Dr. Jinx!
70. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Frank's Back in Business* S8/Ep07 (2012) ★★★★
Frank: I wanna eat sushi off some Jap broad's tits!

Nov 25
71. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Rules the World* S8/Ep08 (2012) ★★★★
72. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Dines Out* S8/Ep09 (2012) ★★★★★
73. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense* S8/Ep10 (2012) ★★★★

Nov 26
74. Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Moss* S3/Ep01 (2013) ★★★★★
From your lips to God's hips!
75. Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Whitley* S3/Ep02 (2013) ★★★★★
76. Tiny Furniture* (2010) ★★★(+)
I'm a big fan of Girls for reasons I can't exactly put my finger on. Lena Dunham wrote, directed, and starred in this film prior to Girls. Aura (Dunham) has just graduated college, broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and has moved back in with her parents. She's having a rough time adjusting to adult life. Wait, haven't I heard this before? Oh, and she's also attracted to douchy individuals. WTF?! While Girls is certainly more compelling, Tiny Furniture is pretty good, too. People complain it's boring, but really it's a good character-driven piece.

Nov 27
77. Pressure* (Tiny Furniture short film) (2006) ★★★(+)
Here I was thinking I was the only one who jammed their finger in their nose to induce a sneeze.
78. Open the Door* (Tiny Furniture short film) (2007) ★★★(+)
I have to wonder, is this for real, or are her parents in on the joke?
79. Hooker on Campus* (Tiny Furniture short film) (2007) ★★★(+)
I guess it's a testament to Lena's filmmaking skills, because I can't tell how much of these are staged.
80. The Fountain* (Tiny Furniture short film) (2007) ★★★(+)
I'm getting the impression that her short films are inspired by Jackass-style pranks. She also, without question, enjoys people watching her naked and half-naked.
81. Creative Nonfiction* (Tiny Furniture short film) (2009) ★★
I'm sensing some themes. Again. guy sleeps on her floor, then is invited into her bed. But non-sexually. Douchy guys? Showing off her not-so-flattering body? Check and check! Anyway, this one doesn't work at all. I would say it was too ambitious. Lena Dunham is strongest doing character studies. She should stick to 'em. The shaky-cam is annoying. And I don't believe for a second that Ella (Dunham) would have a friend like Carly.
82. The Big Bang Theory The Date Night Variable S6/Ep01 (2012) ★★★★

Nov 28
83. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Ed Burns/Steven Van Zandt* S5/Ep240 (2013) ★★★★
84. The Big Bang Theory The Decoupling Fluctuation S6/Ep02 (2012) ★★★★★
85. The Big Bang Theory The Higgs Boson Observation S6/Ep03 (2012) ★★★★
86. The Big Bang Theory The Re-Entry Minimization S6/Ep04 (2012) ★★★★★

Nov 29
87. The Big Bang Theory The Holographic Excitation S6/Ep05 (2012) ★★★★
88. The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration S6/Ep06 (2012) ★★★★
89. Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Bowsley* S3/Ep03 (2013) ★★★★★
Eagleheart has really stepped it up this season.
90. Newhart In the Beginning S1/Ep01 (1982) ★★★★
91. Newhart Mrs. Newton's Body Lies a 'Mould'ring in the Grave S1/Ep02 (1982) ★★★★
It's bad luck to move a witch at night!
92. Newhart Hail to the Councilman S1/Ep03 (1982) ★★★★
93. Newhart Shall We Gather at the River? S1/Ep04 (1982) ★★★★★
94. Newhart This Probably Is Condemned S1/Ep05 (1982) ★★★★

Nov 30
95. Ellen Go Girlz S3/Ep23 (1996) ★★★★
96. Ellen When the Vow Breaks S3/Ep24 (1996) ★★★★
97. Ellen The Tape S3/Ep25 (1996) ★★★(-)
98. Newhart No Tigers at the Circus S1/Ep06 (1982) ★★★(+)
99. Newhart The Perfect Match S1/Ep07 (1982) ★★★★
100. Newhart Some Are Born Writers, Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them S1/Ep08 (1982) ★★★★
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