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Re: Battlefield Talk (PS3)

Like ships that pass in the night, sir.

Had to get some stuff ready for work this morning and do a little homework before bed, too. I had already been on too long and had played BF3 with Hurt and Hawg in the afternoon. BF3 is not good but it's not as bad as the impression that was left on my mind from the last time I played it. Yes, much is still frustrating. Spawning and being shot to death in the literally same second is frequent and ridiculous, grenades are overpowered and inescapable, and matches are seldom even and nearly always end up quite lopsided, even with 750+ tickets per inflated server match. And yet, it was a decent time. Maybe I just liked that I wasn't all that bad at it. I was pretty good at it when I played it regularly the fall of 2011. Maybe I liked that I was the "vet" who could teach Hurt and Hawg some of the tricks of the trade since they just got it the last couple of weeks. Or maybe it was something new and familiar, but I had fun.

That said, I went back to BFBC2 later in the week again, so...
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