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Re: The Second Annual November Comedy Challenge Nov 1-30, 2012 **List Thread**

* First time viewing
cable tv/on demand/dvr

Goal: 50

Don't forget to cheer when they say the name of the movie!


Nov 1
1. House Broken* (2008) ★★
Firefighter Tom (Danny Devito) is retiring, and wants some peace and quiet at home. That means his two sons, Quinn and Eliot, need to become real men, and get jobs and move out. Tom basically kidnaps his wife Mary (Katey Segal), and moves out on a camping trip, taking all the food with them, and turning off the power. The movie promptly goes south after a great handshake (Pound it, lock it, throw it away, come back as a bird!). Well, there are a couple of good farts, and the bully from Back to the Future is in it. I'm easily amused by things like these, but Housebroken basically sucked.
2. National Lampoon Presents Mr. Wong* (2000) ★★
Mr. Wong is a series of Flash cartoons made for the internet. Mr. Wong himself is an 85-year old Asian fella. He's Miss Pam's servant, and "came with the estate," as the opening song states. The episodes run in the 3-4 minute range, but with the warning, intro, closing theme, and recap/preview, I'm probably seeing 2 minutes of original, new material per episode (the packaging states the disc runs 80 minutes). Am I supposed to be offended by Mr. Wong's portrayal? The show was unfunny, politically incorrect or not, although I've gotta say I loved the song "Hockey Monkey" by The Zambonis. Had nothing to do with the episode, of course. Also, there was a documentary about a Canadian guy who built a suit of armor (again, nothing to do with anything), which I found more entertainment value in than the show.

Nov 2
3. The Pirates! Band of Misfits* (2012) ★★★
The Pirate Captain yearns to win the Pirate of the Year award. Not if Peg-Leg Hastings, Cutlass Liz, or Black Bellamy can help it. The Captain's adventures cross paths with a geeky Charles Darwin, who observes that his parrot Polly is actually a dodo. So it's on to London for a science competition, only it turns out that Darwin isn't the only one after Polly. I love stop animation, and it's beautifully done here. The movie is ok enough, but no Pixar magic. Cool soundtrack, with the notable exception of Supergrass. Fuck them.
It would have been a better ending if the sea creature ate the crew. All of that adventuring just to die miserably. I know, I know, little kids watch this.

Nov 3
3.5. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Episode 611 (2003)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? Episode 612 (2003)
4. The Sarah Silverman Program High, It's Sarah (2008)
The Sarah Silverman Program Mongolian Beef (2008)
4.5. Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures (comp. 2005) ★★★★★
A Grand Day Out: Wallace and Gromit are out of cheese. Where is all the cheese? The moon! Also, an anal retentive robot dreams of skiing.
A Close Shave: A lost sheep, an evil robot bulldog, a Knit-O-Matic contraption, and a dog food factory. Also, Gromit is framed for life, then exonerated.
The Wrong Trousers: Techno Trousers for "walkies," a mysterious penguin rents a room and cranks organ music all night, and a crazy diamond heist takes place.
Note: These all rule.

Nov 4
5.5. Flakes* (2007) ★★★
Neal (Aaron Stanford) operates a cereal bar called Flakes in New Orleans. I love the idea, being a huge cereal fanatic, and I hear these actually exist. Stuart is a sleazy businessman who opens a similar cereal bar right across the street called Flakes. Neal is also an aspiring (er, lazy) musician whose girlfriend, Miss Pussy Katz (Zooey Deschanel), moves in with him, then promptly quits her job. Some friction with Pussy causes her to defect to "suit" Flakes. Neal's practical joke backfires, and the "cool" Flakes goes out of business. Of course, there's a nice happy ending. Eh.
6.5. Another Stakeout* (1993) ★★★
Chris (Richard Dreyfuss) and Bill (Emilio Estevez) are back on "another stakeout," trying to track down a mob witness. They are joined by Gina (Rosie O'Donnell), the assistant DA, and Chris & Bill's boss in this situation. They are "renting" a house from a judge ("Maximum Dave"), posing as father, mother, and son. The mob story is never fully explored, nor is the love story between Chris & Maria (remember her from Stakeout?). What is explored are wacky misunderstandings and little white lies a la Three's Company. Also dating this movie are references to Ren & Stimpy, Steven Seagal, and rather sizeable reel-to-reel recorder. Director John Badham was going through a serious tilted camera angle phase. Another marginal 3 stars.
7. The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration* (2012)

Nov 5
8. Scenes From a Mall* (1991) ★★★
Nick (Woody Allen) and Deborah (Bette Midler) go to the mall on their 16th wedding anniversary. Nick admits to having four affairs, but Deborah has a confession of her own. It's a roller coaster of emotion from there. Seeing Woody and Bette grope each other was a little disturbing. They also have sex in a movie theater to Salaam Bombay. None of this matters, however, because K Marr, The Discount Magician is in this movie!! Fans of Late Night With David Letterman ("cranky" Dave, back when he was funny) will get a kick out of it. The NBC weasels might just approve.
9. Adventures of Power* (2010) ★★★
This movie is borderline retarded. And I enjoyed it. Air drumming is a way of life for Power (Ari Gold). He is obsessed with Rush and cereal (more cereal mixing, as in Flakes -- coincidence?). After being fired from his mining job, Power BMX bikes 40 miles to an illegal Mexican air drumming competition. The Spanish Death Metal proves too much for him, as the police come in to bust up the racket. On a tip, he then hitchhikes to New Jersey to hook up with an air drumming krew. Power is relegated to floor tom. He is staying at a mission above a Chinese take-out restaurant, and falls in love with a deaf girl whose mother thinks Rock & Roll is the work of the devil. But rebellious Annie is charmed, and wants to see the music she can't hear.

Nov 6
10. 'til Death Pilot* (2006)
'til Death Sex For Furniture* (2006)
'til Death The Ring* (2006)
'til Death The Woodpile* (2006)
11. 'til Death The Garage Band* (2006)
'til Death Your Mother or Your Wife* (2006)
'til Death Dream Getaway* (2006)
'til Death Death Sex* (2006)
12. Holy Matrimony* (1994) ★★
Alright, I have an issue with the cover. It says The Hilariously Sexy Comedy. Hilarious is a gross overstatement, and I don't know if I could even qualify this as a comedy. It's lighthearted, so I guess I can go with that. But sexy? We have Marilyn Monroe with crooked teeth, and Havana (Patricia Arquette) bending over in the flower bed (admittedly I noticed that). Is a frock and bonnet supposed to be sexy? How about being married to a 12-year old boy? Peter and Havana rob a state fair. The couple hide out at a religious colony in Canada, eh? Peter hides the money, then promptly gets killed in a car accident. Their bible states that the ex-husband's brother (a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has to propose to the widow. The kid is smart. He ultimately gets Havana to help him bring back the money. Through a series of ridiculous, only-in-the-movies coincidences, the FBI catch up with them.

Nov 7
13. 'til Death The Toaster* (2006)
'til Death Daddy's Girl* (2006)
'til Death The Anniversary Party* (2006)
'til Death The Hockey Lie* (2006)
14. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) ★★★★★
Wallace and his dog/servant have a business called Anti-Pesto, security for their neighborhood's giant vegetables. Seems there's a rash of ravenous bunnies, and folks need protection to secure their spot at the Giant Vegetable Competition. Anti-Pesto pride themselves on being humane pest control, which leads to a storage problem. Wallace, ever clever, thinks he can rehabilitate the bunnies by connecting the BunVac to the Mind Manipulation-omatic. Through a mishap (specifically, from suck to blow), he creates a Were-Rabbit, a giant creature that appears at the full moon, and terrorizes all the gardens in town. Wallace insists they have the culprit, Hutch, locked up, but the Were-Rabbit continues to strike. TCOTWR is absolutely hilarious, brilliant, and beautifully animated. Pass the Stinking Bishop!

Nov 8
15. Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death* (2008) ★★★★★
There's a bread-hating, baker-murdering serial killer on the loose. In this short, Wallace & Gromit happen to be bakers, living in a windmill. One day, Wallace saves Ms. Bakewell, the Bake-o-Lite girl, from her runaway bicycle. Bakewell noses her way into Wallace's life, and he is smitten. But she is cramping Gromit's style. So it's up to him to solve the murders. These are a delight to watch. I've never used that word in my life.
Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions* (2002) ★★★★
This is a collection of 10 shorts featuring some of W&G's inventions. A little less enchanting than the longer shorts, I think this is due to their brevity. Nonetheless, they do have their moments. I like how Wallace hums the theme at the opening of The Bully Proof Vest, and when The Autochef says "Top of the morning!"
Shaun the Sheep Off the Baa!* (2008)
'til Death Fight Friend* (2007)
15.5 'til Death The Colleague* (2007)
'til Death The Bachelor Party* (2007)

Nov 9
16. 'til Death The Italian Affair* (2007)
'til Death Clay Date* (2007)
17. 'til Death I Heart Woodcocks* (2007)
'til Death The Coffee Maker* (2007)
'til Death That's Ridiculous* (2007)
'til Death Webbie's Not Happy* (2007)

Nov 9
18. 'til Death The Italian Affair* (2007)
'til Death Clay Date* (2007)
'til Death I Heart Woodcocks* (2007)
'til Death The Coffee Maker* (2007)
19. 'til Death That's Ridiculous* (2007)
'til Death Webbie's Not Happy* (2007)
'til Death Summer of Love* (2007)
'til Death Performance Anxiety* (2007)
20. Bernie* (2011) ★★★
Bernie is told in a mockumentary style, and is based on a real person and story. Why they made a feature film about it, I'm not sure. Bernie (Jack Black) is a funeral director, and is always seen with Marjorie (Shirley MacLaine), rich beyond her needs. They always travel together, and Marjorie went so far as to leave her entire estate to him in her will. Dear Lord, is this even worth going into? It was kinda boring, to be frank. Great singing from Jack Black, which should be no surprise to Tenacious D fans. Mildly interesting movie, at best.
21. Straight Talk* (1992) ★★★
Guilty as charged. This was another Dollar Tree special. I can't resist Blu-rays for $1, I just can't. Gene Siskel gave this thumbs up, to give you an idea of how old it is. And Gene was not into a good time at the movies, so I'm not sure what he saw in this one. Shirlee (Dolly Parton) leaves her fiancé Alan (Michael Madsen) for Chicago. Shirlee ultimitely becomes a switchboard operator at radio station WNDY (get it?!). In the wrong place at the right time, she winds up on the air as a faux radio psychiatrist. She becomes an instant sensation. Did I mention Shirlee is a bridge dangler? This leads her to meet Jack (James Woods), a newspaper reporter assigned to get the dirt on her. You had better like Dolly Parton's music, because this film is drenched in it. Also, the list of stars of the day and tomorrow is incredible. Minuscule parts are given to Ron Livingston, Jeff Garlin, and Jane Lynch.

Nov 10
22. The Big Bang Theory The Habitation Configuration* (2012)
'til Death Four Neighbors and a Funeral* (2007)
'til Death Come Out and Play* (2007)
'til Death Tale of the Tape* (2007)
23. I Do & I Don't* (2007) ★★★
Exactly what release from 2010 is not 16:9 enhanced? All of the previews were enhanced, but not the feature. Infuriating. Bob is trying to fit in with his wife Cheryl's family. It ain't going well. The couple is persuaded/forced into going into marriage counseling through their local church. They are sent to Dick and Nora, who are not only incredibly inappropriate, but seem to have more problems of their own. Jane Lynch is downright creepy as wife Nora, who comes on very strong to Bob. They are all encouraged to "share" some secrets, which only seem to get them in trouble. I wish they explored Dick and Nora's surly Asian daughter a little more. That seemed funny. I basically bought this because improv legend Colin Mochrie is credited. He has about one minute onscreen, at the end of the movie. He gets to whip out one of his many master dialects (yes!), as a Scottish bagpiper.

Nov 11
24. 'til Death Mixed Doubles* (2007)
'til Death Vintage Eddie* (2007)
'til Death Bedtime Stories* (2007)
'til Death No More Mr. Vice Guy* (2007)
25. Chicken Run (2000) ★★★
The chickens at Tweedy Farm have been trying to escape for some time. The guard and his dogs insure that they don't. Ginger has been singled out as trouble, and gets punished quite often. If a chicken is not producing enough eggs, they get the axe. Enter Rocky the Flying Rooster, who "flies" in to save the day, and teach the other chickens how to fly. This is not the only lie Rocky has told. The Tweedy's have decided that eggs are not profitable enough to maintain their farm, so they fatten the chickens up to make pies out of them with a giant mechanical contraption ("chickens go in, pies come out"). If you ask me, this was kind of grim for a G-rated animated family movie.

Nov 12
26. 'til Death Everybody Digs Doug* (2007)
'til Death Really Big Brother* (2008)
'til Death A Raisinette in the Sun* (2008)
'til Death Snip/Duck* (2008)
27. Three Days to Vegas* (2007) ★★
Another previews-in-16:9, feature-in-letterbox release. Fitzy (Peter Falk), his crazy crossed-eye, and his four buddies (Rip Torn, George Segal, Bill Cobbs, Billy Burke) make a cross-country road trip, from Florida to Las Vegas, in order to stop his daughter Elizabeth from marrying some French dude. She's only known him 3 months, and is marrying him for citizenship. Turns out he's a "gerbiler." I won't explain. Anyway, the guys charter a private bus with their gay driver Antoine, who they wind up ditching with his lover Chris, after they discover some oral action going on while driving. Antoine and Chris go all Thelma & Louise, and Fitzy & gang are wanted for the disappearance of the bus driver. If you're into golf and/or rap (Cooli-oolio!), maybe you'd enjoy this more than I did.

Nov 13
28. 'til Death Sob Story* (2008)
'til Death Second Marriage Guy* (2008)
'til Death Swimming With Sharks* (2008)
'til Death Joy Ride* (2008)
29. Moonrise Kingdom* (2012) ★★★
There's one thing I've come to expect from Wes Anderson's movies -- and that is BO-RING. Rushmore has got to be in my top 10 favorite movies ever, and he hasn't even come close to matching it since. Scout Master Ward (Edward Norton) runs the Khaki Scouts of North America (the "Beige Lunatics") at Camp Ivanhoe on New Penzance Island. Sam (Jared Gilman) is an orphan and an outcast, and has escaped the camp. Sam meets Suzy, who is also troubled, and they run away together.
30. The Muppet Movie (1979) ★★★★
The Muppet Movie is a charming road film that traces the origin of how the Muppets originally met each other. The movie takes place at a screening of the movie itself. Kermit meets Bernie the agent in the swamp and gets turned on to World Wide Studios, who happen to be having frog auditions. Kermit travels to Hollywood, and picks up various Muppets to join him along the way. Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem read from the script of The Muppet Movie to see how things pan out. Doc Hopper also discovers Kermit, and wants to use him to promote his french fried frog leg chain. He goes so far as to bring in a frog assassin when Kermit refuses to cooperate. Man, this movie is chock full of dead people.

Nov 14
31. Moving McAllister* (2007) ★★
Rick (Ben Gourley) gets recruited into helping his boss' niece, free-spirited Michelle (Mila Kunis), move from Georgia to Los Angeles. What?! Road trip! Uh-gain. Rick is seeking approval from Mr. McAllister (Rutger Hauer) because he hopes to move up in his law firm. He rents a moving truck in Miami, and picks up Michelle along the way. The truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere, which happens to be where they find hitchhiker Orlie, played by Jon Heder, who, let's face it, should play Napoleon Dynamite in every movie he's in. They subsequently ditch Orlie, run out of gas, visit Rick's parent's, have the truck stolen by "The Lady" (Billy Drago), and get into a death match cage fight. Of course Rick falls for Michelle, and blah, blah, blah. There wasn't a single likeable character in this movie, which naturally made it difficult to enjoy.
32. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) ★★★★
Killer clowns from outer space are terrorizing a small town. Loads of fun. The theme song from The Dickies features one of the greatest guitar solos ever put to tape.
32.5. 'til Death Philadelphia Freedom* (2008)
'til Death Secret Meatball* (2008)

Nov 15
33.5. Crooks* (2002) ★★
Totally devoid of laughs, and even a little depressing. Bartender Nicky (Michael Marino) has some serious financial issues. Sol (Charlie Callas), a postal worker and a regular at the bar, gets drunk and divulges to Nicky where some valuable stamps can be found and easily stolen. He then promptly kicks the bucket. Nicky gets another postal worker/regular Paul (Jim Norton) in on the scheme. The stamps are immediately reported stolen, and Paul panics by licking them and mailing them away. If you're a fan of Norton's, then you're shit out of luck, because he plays this role totally straight. Unless I'm not a keen observer of his brand of comedy, that is.
34.5. A Little Help* (2010) ★★★
A Little Help definitely leans more on drama, but has comedic moments. It can be quite heavy. It's the story of Laura (Jenna Fischer), a working mom whose husband, Bob (Chris O'Donnell), dies unexpectedly. Her sister Kathy seriously meddles with her life, arranging a meeting with a litigator for medical malpractice, and insisting that her son Dennis attend a new private school. Kathy is one annoying broad. And I'm not trying to be crass. Dennis, in search of new friends and approval, lies that his dad died in 9/11 as a firefighter. This has a domino effect as Laura agrees to go along with it. Kathy's son is a budding musician, which she is totally unsupportive of. His father takes him to see Dion at a radio station. Where did they unearth Dion from? Like his 16-year old kid is going to know who the fuck Dion is. As if!

Lost in the world of Dishonored...

Nov 19
35. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Finger Lickin' Flu* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Sabrina and the Beanstalk* (1998)
36. Shaun the Sheep Shape Up With Shaun/Bathtime/Fetching/Take Away/Still Life/Scrumping/Little Sheep Of Horrors/The Kite/Timmy in a Tizzy/Buzz Off Bees/Things That Go Bump/Mower Mouth/Fleeced/Shaun Shoots the Sheep/Mountains Out of Molehills/Saturday Night Shaun/Stick With Me* (2006/2007)

Nov 20
37. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch The Equalizer* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch The Band Episode* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch When Teens Collide* (1998)
The Big Bang Theory The 43 Peculiarity* (2012)
38. It's Kind of a Funny Story* (2010) ★★★
Obligatory rap song while white guys play basketball? Heartfelt moment with a wacky character? Hipster Pixies reference with a piano? Check, check, and check. Craig (Keir Gilchrist) is feeling suicidal, and admits himself to the mental ward. He then quickly realizes it was a mistake. His problems seem trivial, but I'm sure mine did at the time as well. He's obligated to stay at least 5 days, as per policy. Craig is in love with Nia, his best friend Aaron's girlfriend. But his new love interest you can see coming from a mile away. Zach Galifianakis plays a patient at the hospital. Bet the producers were all excited about that. There's a deleted scene I thought belonged in the movie, about Craig confronting his father about wanting to do his art, and skip out on summer school.

Nov 22
39. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch My Nightmare, The Car* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Fear Strikes Up a Conversation* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Quiz Show* (1998)
Whitney Poor Whitney* (2012)
Looney Tunes Hare-Less Wolf*? (1958)
40. Wristcutters: A Love Story* (2006) ★★★
Zia (Patrick Fugit) commits suicide only to find himself in a shitty afterlife, working at Kamikaze Pizza, and living in a rundown dump. He dreams of the sorrow that his girlfriend Desiree (Leslie Bibb) must have gone through, only to find out that she too has killed herself. Zia hangs out in a bar that plays Joy Division, where he meets Eugene (Shea Whigham), a Russian dude whose entire family "offed." They go out on a quest to find Desiree in Eugene's decrepit car, which has a mysterious black hole under the passenger seat. Eugene played in a band in the real world who sound shockingly like Gogol Bordello. They pick up Mikal hitchhiking, who is looking for the People In Charge (or the P.I.C.), because she is trapped in this world by mistake. They nearly run over Tom Waits, who is sleeping in the middle of the road. He takes them back to his camp, where Zia starts witnessing miracles.

Nov 24
41. Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Farmer/Sheep on the Loose/Tidy Up/Snore-Worn Shaun/Camping Chaos/If You Can't Stand the Heat/Abracadabra/The Bull/Who's the Mummy?/Hiccups/Heavy Metal Shaun/Troublesome Tractor/Sheepwalking/Save the Tree/Wash Day/Tooth Fairy/The Farmer's Neice* (2006/2007)
42. Rocket Science (2007) ★★★★
Shy and awkward Hal (Reece Thompson) goes to Plainsboro High School, and has a terrible stutter. Ginny (Anna Kendrick) sees potential in him for her debate team (who are on the side of pro-abstinence), and recruits him. He gets a little boost in confidence as well as his love life, but Ginny's intentions turn cruel as she transfers to a private prep school. Hal's brain is full of retorts, he just can't get them out. His family at home is no help -- His parents have broken up, and his mom has moved in with a nutty Asian judge and his family. His brother Earl is a bully, and a kleptomaniac. He refers to Hal as a lady, and is a bit OCD with the toothbrush. His dad's solution for life is not exactly encouraging. Finding his way without the support and guidance of his parents or siblings is what Hal must ultimately do. Rocket Science is a unique take on high school life, and well cast to boot.

Nov 25
43. It's a Spongebob Christmas!* (2012)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Disneyworld* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Sabrina's Choice* (1998)
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Rumor Mill* (1998)

Nov 26
44. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Mom vs. Magic* (1998)
Get a Life Terror on the Hell Loop 2000 (1990) plus commentary
"We apologize for our enthusiastic whoo-ing sir, but as you can tell, your ride brings us great joy."
Get a Life The Prettiest Week of My Life (1990) plus commentary
"What was that Sapphire? You're gonna go out there and stick your backside out in an unflattering way? Betraying the muted beauty of the buttocks?"

Nov 27
45. Get a Life Dadicus (1990) plus commentary
"I'd just like to say that I hope no one dies... probably someone will... just a statistical reality with a gathering this large."
Get a Life A Family Affair (1990) plus commentary
"Listen Mr. Big Shot, Donald Trump, Knute Rockne, Green Hornet. You may think you're one big deal with your fast cars and your fancy jewelry and your ham radios."
46. Get a Life Pile of Death (1990) plus commentary
"Are you nuts, boy? We're talking about Jack freakin' Jones!"
Get a Life Paperboy 2000 (1990) plus commentary
"Ok Sharon, whoa boy. War of the Worlds, oh, they're all coming down with ray guns, whoo, we're so scared."
47. Get a Life Drivers License (1990) plus commentary
"You know, it's not good for a cop not to know if somebody's taken their gun. Is that why they put you on this sissy detail?"
Get a Life The Sitting (1990) plus commentary
"These are action doilies -- For men. Billy Idol has a whole bunch of them."
48. Get a Life Bored Straight (1990) plus commentary
"You know, it's very easy to pick up on somebody's physical defect and make up a cruel nickname for them, mister strong-jawed, very attractive, James Dean-type. There, see, I can zing with the best of them!"
Fascinating the number of notes they got from the network on this episode.

Get a Life Zoo Animals on Wheels (1990) plus commentary
"I was prepared to come out here and give you a little example of my singing voice, but I was just informed that your pianist doesn't have the sheet music to "Dream Weaver." So, instead, I thought I'd recite to you a little fable. And I can only pray that you do not gong me."

Nov 28
49. Get a Life Roots (1991) plus commentary
"We do not have thoust electroniques. We are simple people and we shun the ways of your people, with your pre-sweetened cereals and your silent dog whistles. So be gone you hedonistic, button-pushing fancy pants."
Get a Life The Counterfeit Watch Story (1991) plus commentary
"Stupid flat-footed fuzz pigs with their fat ugly wives that they try to make love to unsuccessfully every night after they come home from an evening with their prostitute girlfriends in a day of collecting graft and beating up old lady jaywalkers."
50. Get a Life Chis vs. Donald (1991) plus commentary
"Alright honey, that's it, ok, fine, there you go, off you go, yeah, ok, peddle your snake oil somewhere else."
Get a Life Chris Wins a Celebrity (1991) plus commentary
You know, you're a real character, Mr. Peterson. If I hadn't quit my TV show, I'd have you on one of my wacky old people segments."
51. Get a Life Houseboy 2000 (1991) plus commentary
"Now Mr. Sharon, you know how Mrs. Sharon doesn't like that salty sailor language."
Get a Life Married (1991) plus commentary
"Well, I guess my faithful reading of The Family Circus comic every day has finally paid off."

Nov 29
52. I Really Hate My Job* (2007) ★★★
Wanna see Neve Campbell naked?
53. Get a Life Camping 2000 (1991) plus commentary
"What can I tell you? I've got the greasiest wrists in North America. Now blow!"
Get a Life The Construction Worker Show (1991) plus commentary
"Eat that cheese, lady. Uh huh, pluck that banjo. Yes. You have very nice looking shoes, miss."

Nov 30
54. Get a Life The Big City (1991) plus commentary
"City Duped By Evil Moron"
Get a Life Neptune 2000 (1991) plus commentary
"Hello? Hello? Breaker, breaker 1-2-3, breaker, uh, this is Tight Pants, anybody got their ears on? Yeah, I need a good buddy to come to my 20 and lend assistance to, uh, Tight Pants Senior and myself. Uh, ya copy that? Anybody copy that? Come back. 10-10. 10-10 on your 20."

Goal: 50
Nonconformist total: 54
"Easy Counting"™ total: 195

movies: 23
30-minute episodes: 87
shorts: 65
commentaries: 20
2012 2013 2014 2015 Horror / 2012 2013 2014 2015 Comedy / 2013 2014 TV on DVD / 2013 2014 2015 Drive-In / 2012 2013 2014 2015 Make-Your-Own / 2013 2014 2015 Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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