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Re: Apparently U&S is back on October 7th

U&S - October 2012 (still more than I thought I would spend)
Action 6-pack
Blair Witch Project (non-U&S)
The Dictator (with BB exclusive bearded slip)
Donnie Darko 50th
Evil Dead 2
Fight Club (w/ move cash)
I Spit on Your Grave Double Feature
Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters
Kevin Smith 3-fer (non-U&S)
Lincoln Lawyer
Madagascar 2
Next 3 Days
Paranormal Activity 3 (to complete my set)
The Postman
Predator 2
Red Dawn
Stake Land
Taken (w/ movie cash)
X-Files Double Feature

40 Year Old VIrgin - 1.99 (w/100th ann coupon)
Predators - 5.99 (w/ 2.00 coupon)
Ghost Rider 3D BB exclusive - 14.99
Prometheus 3D - 14.99 (w/ 5.00 coupon)
E.T. digibook - 16.99 (w/100th ann coupon)

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