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Re: The 8th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

* First time viewing
cable tv/on demand

Goal: 50

Don't forget to cheer when they say the name of the movie!


Sept 30
1. Shuttle* (2008)
Dark story where four weary travellers bent on hooking up make not-so-wise of a decision to board a bargain-priced shuttle. Love the "down" ending!
2. The Lodger* (2009)
Whoops, I think I've stepped into a police procedural. This should still qualify as a horror movie, as it has a Jack the Ripper copycat serial killer. It was interesting enough, though it doesn't help that I figured out the ending midway through. Or did I? Did Malcolm actually exist? Mysterious cap to the ending.

Oct 1
3. Undead or Alive* (2007)
Chris Kattan in a zombie western. How good can this possibly be? I guess there was enough zombie mayhem to make it tolerable. Copout of an ending, though. Some significant events happen offscreen, like they ran out of budget. Yeah, a hesitant 3 stars.
4. I Know Who Killed Me* (2007)
Stigmatic twins? Really? Lindsay Lohan plays the only stripper in the club who doesn't have to take her clothes off. Silver lining: There is a Melvins song in this movie.

Oct 2
5. Hellraiser: Revelations* (2011)
Soup drinking! Sacrificial hookers! Testicular chin hair! Like the box, I just had to know. This Nick Eversman (Steven) should not be allowed in movies. Painful.
6. The Cabin in the Woods* (2011)
I try to live my life without expectations. I'll only be let down, right? Well, I think I let them get in the way with this movie. I have seen nothing but rave reviews. It seems to demand a re-viewing, so I'll definitely give it another chance. It was an interesting premise, if overly clever.

Oct 3
7. Elevator* (2011)
Another people-trapped-in-a-confined-space movie, which I'm all for. Similar to Devil, minus the supernatural aspect. Decent enough, fairly intense.
8. Vampires: Los Muertos* (2002)
Jon Bon Jovi is a vampire slayer... and a surfer. Have I lost you yet? Actually, the surfing part I'm unsure of. Was he speaking metaphorically? See, he has a surfboard that houses his vampire "tools," and at one point he mentions he'd "rather be surfing." Whatever. Of note: Their winch was on the fritz. That gave me a few laughs. You'd think they'd have everything in tip-top shape when they go out toasting vampires. Anyway, this was about as good as the first one, which wasn't all that great.

Oct 4
9. The Victim* (2011) zero stars
Dear Lord, not another driving scene! What is this, Manos: The Hands of Fate? Brain-dead dialogue. Half the scenes go on entirely too long. The blame falls squarely on writer/director/star/hero/villain Michael Biehn (not editor Vance Crofoot, who we're treated to at the end of the film, along with the craft service girl). Just a hunch. Biehn plays Kyle, some guy staying in a cabin in the woods. The unexpected Annie shows up at the door, insisting two men are after her. Lucky for Kyle, young and beautiful Annie "always had a thing for older men." So we're treated to an extended, out-of-thin-air sex scene with our 54-year old star. Yes, this film was worse than one that had cast Jon Bon Jovi as a vampire slayer.
10. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)
Heather Langencamp plays herself, and is living Wes Craven's new script. Pretty clever, eh?

Oct 5
11. The Skeptic* (2009)
Kind of slow and a little light on scares. Still effective, though. Strong acting and story.
12. Deadtime Stories Vol. 2* (2011)
This is an anthology of short stories presented by George A. Romero.
The Gorge - Donna is a "Caver," and develops quite a taste for human flesh.
On Sabbath Hill - Professor Weaver doesn't like it when someone misses his class.
Dust - Alex has discovered a "dust" that cures cancer and makes you horny.
I want to say that these all sucked, but Dust was mildly interesting.

12.5. American Horror Story Pilot* (2011)
13. American Horror Story Home Invasion* (2011)
13.5. American Horror Story Murder House* (2011)
14. American Horror Story Halloween Pt. 1* (2011)
14.5. American Horror Story Halloween Pt. 2* (2011)

Oct 6
15. American Horror Story Piggy, Piggy* (2011)
15.5. American Horror Story Open House* (2011)
16. American Horror Story Rubber Man* (2011)
17. Dead Wood* (2007)
Made me sleepy and featured a chick named Larri. I have no clue why I rented this movie.
18. Shallow Ground* (2004)
Stuart: This is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better, isn't it?
Jack [insert goofy accent]: I think that's pretty much a guarantee.

Oct 7
18.5. American Horror Story Spooky Little Girl* (2011)
19. American Horror Story Smoldering Children* (2011)
19.5. American Horror Story Birth* (2011)
20. American Horror Story Afterbirth* (2011)
American Horror Story Season 1
"Well, at least they weren't murdered."
21. Autumn* (2010)
More clown! As a general rule, if you're going to make a zombie apocalypse movie, you're stuck with comparisons to Romero and The Walking Dead. You can't keep that kind of company. I found plenty to like here, but there were weaknesses as well. The "walkers" didn't seem to pose much of a threat, and the film ends abruptly.
22. The Haunting of Marsten Manor* (2007)
PG-rated ghost story where a blind woman inherits a mansion from an aunt she never met. An entire subplot plays out as an "imprint" concerning her ancestors' connection to the Civil War. Eh.

Oct 8
23. Ghost Stories: Walking With the Dead* (2007)
24. Ghost Stories 2: Unmasking the Dead* (2008)
25. Ghost Stories 3: Conversations With the Dead* (2009)
26. Ghost Stories 4: Following the Dead* (2011)
Maybe it's wrong of me to judge these so harshly after watching American Horror Story, but Ghost Stories are straight from the Museum of The Hard to Believe. Empty. Total hokum. Their EVP guy uses a microcassette recorder, and they show a handheld recorder with a TDK D cassette in it, as well. No wonder there are so many anomalies! It's funny because I'm sure they would argue that the cheap equipment is best for recording voices. Also, the "Sixth Sense Boy" (who has a tattoo of a Honda logo on his neck) who takes pictures of "orbs"; You've got dust particles, genius. Ghost Stories 4 gets an extra star solely because of the messed up picture of the murderer.

Oct 9
27. Bride of Re-Animator* (1989)
Grisly black comedy (what would you expect, right?) that takes place 8 months after the original Re-Animator ends. Aptly titled sequel. Fun and chaotic ending with Dr. West's rejected creations in the crypt next door.
28. Resident Evil: Apocalypse* (2004)
Action has got to be my least favorite genre. Given that, RE:A was ok for big, dumb fun. Hey, it was a buck!
29. Teeth (2007)
Hmm, how do I put this delicately? Dawn's vagina has teeth. I think... I've said... too much. It's called vagina dentata, and was widely considered a myth (at least as far as this movie's concerned). Dawn seems to have some real creeps in her life, and can effectively exact revenge on them. Gruesome and cringe-worthy. An interesting dark comedy!

Oct 10
30. The 'Burbs (1989)
If memory serves me correctly (or IMSMC), The 'Burbs was not well received by critics. It has definitely gained an audience since, and may even be considered a cult classic. Ray (Tom Hanks) gets some new neighbors, the Klopeks, who are reclusive and a little strange. Well, his ultra-nosy neighborhood will not stand for it. Some ill-advised schemes lead them to the truth eventually, and it's loads of fun along the way. Great ensemble cast. One of my favorites.
31. Some Guy Who Kills People* (2011)
Ken is 34, still lives with his mom (after a stint in the mental hospital, that is), and works at an ice cream parlor. He is potentially Some Guy, accused of killing off the basketball team from his former high school. I liked the tone of this movie, and thought it was particularly well-cast. The sheriff (Barry Bostwick) was an absolute riot.

Oct 11
32. Rosewood Lane* (2011)
YES WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS IS ROSEWOOD LANE. Fucking 7 establishing shots, all of the same sign. And an additional 2 to Stillwater, in case no one knows what town she was approaching on her way home from work every night. Sorry, I lost my mind for a minute. Rose McGowan is Sonny, a radio shrink, who has to contend with a psychotic, nursery rhyme-spewing paperboy. Detective Briggs (Ray Wise) and his partner are particularly dense. Quite infuriating. A solid 8.5 on the Silly Meter.
33. Bloody Murder (2000)
Trevor Moorehouse is (stop me if you've heard this before) a psycho killer with a chainsaw who preys on kids at a summer camp. But enough about him, this movie isn't really even about him. It's about saying please and thank you, just like your mom taught you. Seriously, this is the most polite slasher movie ever.
34. Bloody Murder 2* (2003)
Hot paging action! Trevor Moorehouse is real, right? That's who all the kids talk about. This sequel ups the gore and nudity, as well as the writing. A considerable step up over the first picture. Ok, this theory might sound crazy, but I think there may be some truth to it: There's one actress (Tiffany Shepis, quite busy as it turns out) who agreed to be naked in multiple scenes. I think she was rewarded for this with a makeover! She just mysteriously appears all dolled up, with a different hairstyle, about 20 minutes into the movie. Bear in mind this takes place in the middle of the woods.

Oct 12
35. Junior* (2002)
Unrecognizable accents in an unrecognizable location. Not even the stars know where they are. Sandra and Rebecca are friends. Really close ones. I mean to the point where I think it's a lesbian relationship. Unless they do things differently in Belgium (yes, I had to look it up). Their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and things go south from there. I can't imagine the first hour of the movie is more than a few script pages. Just agonizingly long, pointless scenes. Until there's a big exposition scene with the father. From there, it gets a tad interesting, hence the extra star. "Junior" himself, for having brain damage, is really quite agile. Like the guy is a dancer or something. Downright goofy.
36. Deadly Species* (2002)
I am in full screen hell! The last 4 movies (Bloody Murder/Bloody Murder 2/Junior/Deadly Species) are part of a set, and constitute a Full Frame Fest. Dr. Thomas is heading an expedition into the Florida Everglades to search for the elusive Calusa Indian tribe. Wilson Friels, their financier (or maybe he just donated the money, I don't know), mysteriously wants to be along for the ride. Seems the entrance to the Calusa sacred area holds the secrets to life and death. But the team needs to watch their hides, as there is a creature who guards it. Pervert alert! Major camel toe sighting, down the shirt shots, and a few naked ladies. Deadly Species is probably the most well-made of the collection, despite the fact it has men in rubber suits running around in it.
37. Doghouse* (2009)
Vince and his mates have gone roundabout on holiday. Or something. What, I have to deal with British slang? At the 20-minute mark, I turned on the subtitles. Much better. I'm sure inevitable comparisons have been made to Shaun of the Dead, but this movie holds its own. Six friends feel a need to get away from everyday life, and visit Moodley, a tiny dead-end town 300 miles outside London. Upon arrival, they encounter "Project Cathouse," involving a virus that has infected the female population, turning them into savage zombies. They'll have to contend with a zombie hairdresser, dentist, hooker, jockey, old lady with a walker, butcher, bride, and a gaggle of zombie groupies, amongst others. The most fun zombie romp I've seen in some time.

Oct 13
38. ATM* (2012)
The front cover of this movie says "From the writer of Buried". Guess he's confining himself to a rather specific genre. Eh? Get it?? David, Corey, and Emily leave their office Christmas party and stop at an ATM on the way home. Some psycho traps them inside. That's about it. I was a little baffled by the ending.
First, I thought it was ingenious how David was framed for everything that went on, shown in clips from the security camera. I saw it all happen, and didn't put it together. Second, what exactly was the motive of The Man in the Jacket? Was this never revealed? It just shows him planning his next attack.

Did I mention Corey is a massive douche? Imagine being trapped in a room with that guy. In the behind-the-scenes extra on the disc, actor Josh Peck says he was allowed to "bring some comedy to the character." That was news to me.

39. Deadgirl (2008)
Dark, dark, incredibly dark. Deadgirl is all kinds of wrong. The first time I saw this movie, I absolutely hated it. Trying to go in with more of an open mind the second time through, I was able to appreciate how horrific it really is. Rickie and JT are twentysomething high school students (uh, with a BMX bike - See, they're in high school!). Complete degenerates. Guess I had to accept that, too. Anyway, one day while ditching class, smoking, drinking, and vandalizing, they discover a deadgirl, essentially a zombie, in an abandoned mental hospital. JT develops an unhealthy obsession with her. Yep, there's corpse-fucking. He lets his buddy Wheeler get in on some of the action. They even peer pressure/trick the jock into having his way with her. These guys seem to have no problem doing it in front of other guys. Creepy!

Oct 14
40. Chain Letter* (2010)
What are the odds that I'm viewing another Noah Segan (Deadgirl) high school movie? I looked him up on imdb, and he was born in 1983! Time to retire this teenage shit. Seems any movie revolving around video games/computers/technology automatically blows. This movie is no exception. Neil (Cody Kasch) receives a chain letter (whoo-hoo!), and it gets passed on to four friends and relatives. Ignore it and you die. CHAIN LETTER! The box says: As time runs out and the deadly letter's rules become more challenging, the survivors must untangle this chilling secret. I'm not sure what there is to untangle. Ignore the message, and you are treated with a visit from a giant deformed creep. A subplot about an anti-technology cult is touched upon, but not explored. Many gruesome chain-related deaths and a grim ending cannot save this turkey, turkey!
40.5. The Walking Dead Seed* (2012)

Oct 15
41.5 Wrestlemaniac* (2006) ★★★
I have to admit that the sole motivation for viewing this movie for me was to see Deal or No Deal's Leyla Milani (#13, Me-ow!) play a porn star. Short of being naked (I wonder if that was part of her Deal or No Deal contract), we do get girl-on-girl-on-girl action, skimpy outfits, ass spanking, Leyla covered in blood, and a spread-eagle scene in cut-off shorts. She does have her top off at one point, but is seen from behind. Oh yeah, the movie: An amateur porn film crew is lost when they happen upon an old gas station. The old man (Irwin Keyes) there directs them PAST the notorious ghost town of La Sangre de Dios. As luck would have it, their van breaks down directly at the front gate. Mexican legend says that wrestler El Mascarado resides there. Or at least his ghost. Or something. Wait, wasn't he built out of other wrestler's body parts? Am I overexplaining this? Anyway, considered to be the greatest Mexican wrestler of all time, he was known to kill opponents in the ring. In the spirit of removing a wrestler's mask (the ultimate humiliation), El Mascarado removes people's faces. You heard right.
42.5 Eden Lake* (2008) ★★★★★
"The quarry's fucking stunning." Steve and Jenny are going on a lovely holiday. One of Steve's favorite vacation spots is going to be developed into executive estates, and he wants to go this one last time to propose to his girlfriend. They camp by the lake on the beach, "off the map," seemingly in seclusion. Only a group of local toughs show up to encroach on their good time. And man oh man, it doesn't go well. We witness Steve making mistake after mistake, but really, are his actions so far fetched? Realistically portrayed and genuinely frightening. Not out of the realm of possibilities (maybe save for some of the later coincidences) of what could happen to you or I. No supernatural wrestler in this one. Solid ending (that is, if you know what kind of ending I like).

Oct 16
43.5. Evil Dead 2 (1987) ★★★★★
It's magical, whimsical... Wait, I'm just quoting the Wizard 101 commercial. Do I really have to defend this movie? Totally off the rails, although the first one is still superior in my book.

Oct 18
44.5. Detention* (2011) ★★
There is a killer on the loose dressed as Cinderhella. You know, from the movies. No? Detention is a definitively quirky film, chock full of pop culture references. Like annoyingly full. Never thought I'd say that. I think maybe there was a day when I would like this kind of movie -- So I can see an audience for it, just not me. What if it was made in the 90s, and primarily referred to the 80s? And I was still into off-kilter-for-the-sake-of-being-off-kilter movies? Nah, Detention would still suck.
45.5. Silent House* (2011) ★★
Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), her father, and her uncle Pete are fixing up an old family house in order to sell it. They've had trouble with vandals and squatters, and have had enough. Are strangers still in the house? Uh, basically everything's a red herring, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Silent House is interestingly presented; Made to look like a single camera shot, primarily following Sarah around. This can also be a little disorienting, as it's pretty dark, and there's only one camera to capture what's happening. To be honest, I found myself thinking about Adventure Time through a portion of the movie, so it wasn't exactly the ultimate thrill ride.
46. American Horror Story: Asylum Welcome to Briarcliff* (2012)

Oct 19
47. 976-EVIL 2* (1992) ★★
Robin's Dean at her Community College, Mr. Grubeck, is the Slate River serial killer. The police catch him, but he uses "astral projection" to escape jail and kill some more. He wants Robin to be his mate IN HELL. Not if Spike Jones (?!) and his leather jacket and motorcycle and goofy noises can help it. At one point, I thought I was watching the Blues Brothers with all the car wrecks. Speaking of car wrecks, yeah, this wasn't very good.

Oct 20
48. Chopping Mall* (1986) ★★★
The Park Plaza shopping mall has a new high tech robot security system. While three robots patrol the mall, the employees of a furniture store have some sort of after hours sex party. Apparently due to a thunderstorm, the robots run amok. The partially-clothed partygoers wind up locked up in the mall, and have to fend for themselves. The gang employ some video game tactics -- Crawling through air ducts, and hurling propane tanks at the robots and shooting them. Hmm, ahead of their time! Chopping Mall boasts a not-so-awesome laser show, and a guy and his gum. Pretty good as far as these things go.
49. Waxwork* (1988) ★★
China and her friends go to a midnight showing at a "waxwork" -- Kind of a ghoulish Madame Tussauds. Only if you walk into the display, you go back in time and live out the horror represented in the scene. Once/if you are killed, you are forever preserved in the scene. Tony goes back, talks to a pine tree, and gets turned into a werewolf. China encounters exploding vampires. There are, uh, "tributes," for lack of a better word to The Mummy, It's Alive, Night of the Living Dead, and Little Shop of Horrors. There is midget abuse, extended swordplay, excessive whipping, and unloaded guns. Waxwork seemed like it had quite a budget to work with, and man, what a colossal waste.

Oct 22
50. Wildcard GG Allin & the Murder Junkies Blood, Shit, and Fears (2012) ★★★
The shows on this disc are shown in a smaller box, for some reason. Not widescreen, a reduced size. Maybe it says something about the quality, because it's not very good. I think they may be running out of good GG Allin footage to (commercially) release. In case you don't know, the average concert contains a totally naked GG (save for the boots... and his tiny weiner is clearly the star of the show), shitting, eating it, smearing himself with it, and hurling it at the crowd. He beats himself up with the mic or a can, bloodies himself, jams the mic up his ass, grabs and molests unwilling females, fights the crowd, and hurls stuff at them. 20-25 minutes seems to be the threshold for a show, whether that's GG's, the band's, or the club owner's threshold, I'm not sure. They're a horrible band, even by punk's standards (and I'm a punk fanatic). I see these as strange social experiments. The shows on here are:
- Memphis, TN 11/16/91 (23:25, with encore!) "I hope you all get killed on the way home!"
- New Orleans, LA 11/17/91 (17:54, starts part way into the show) There is really bad feedback throughout. Looks like a dumpy warehouse.
- Knoxville, TN 11/23/91 (24:29) Another warehouse. GG sings while fighting a fan! "We're bored."
- Youngstown, OH 5/12/93 (21:59) An actual club, and it's packed.
- Richmond, VA 5/13/93 (31:52) Shaky cam, epic length! "Don't come here and tell me that I owe you anything."
I would recommend any other commercially available GG Allin disc over this one (save for The Best of). Business as usual in fair quality.

50.5. The Walking Dead Sick* (2012)

Oct 23
51.5. Miner's Massacre* (2002) ★★
They axed for it! I can't read the credits. Is that a bad sign? What else can they screw up? Three couples who, quite frankly, seem to hate each other, go on a camping trip in search of some lost gold. What they don't know about is the curse of the Forty-Niner, Jeremiah Stone. If someone steals his gold, his ghost comes back to kill them. Wait. I Want Me Gold! This is cribbed straight from the pages of Leprechaun. Anyway, they steal the gold, get hunted, and find out from a hysterical, overwrought Aunt Nelly (Karen Black) that they need to return it to stop the curse. A few things amused me. Jeremiah bites off his own finger for no reason. A fender bender turns into a massive two car explosion. And Aunt Nelly has apparently never heard of stop, drop, and roll.

Oct 24
52.5. Witch's Sabbath* (2005) ★★
A bunch of witches use the Sin n Skin strip "club" (what a dump) to lure patrons to their manor. Seems they need 666 sacrifices by All Hallow's Eve to please the Dark Lord. The sheer volume of boobs (yeah, the guys are boobs, too) in this movie was not enough to distract me from how poorly the story was told. The giant foam latex Dark Lord took me back in time, however. More of a highlight than the naked ladies. Cheap and funny!
53.5. Insidious* (2011) ★★★★
Ah, the PG-13 horror movie. Where would we be without you? Well, we got The Sixth Sense and Drag Me to Hell. That's all I've got. Anyway, Insidious: Josh, Renai, and their three children move into a new house. Their son Dalton winds up in a coma. Due to a frightening series of events, Renai is convinced that the house is haunted. They ultimately decide to move into another home. Strange things continue to happen to Renai. Josh is skeptical. Renai initially calls a priest. She then brings in paranomal investigators, who have a lot more to offer. Turns out the house is not haunted, Dalton is. In the DVD extras, the screenwriter insists on taking sole credit for the "astral projection" genre. Guess he has never seen 976-EVIL 2 (not that I blame him).

Oct 25
54.5. The Last Resort* (2009) ★
Four lady friends throw their girlfriend a bachelorette party in Mexico. They go to a club and get hammered. Sophia hooks up with a guy, and misses out on the sightseeing tour the other women go on. Their "tour guides" wind up robbing them and stranding them in the middle of nowhere. The only place of refuge is an old abandoned resort. This place is bad news, brother. It turns everyone into a homicidal maniac. There is some half-assed history to the place, which is told through flashbacks, but does it make sense? Not particularly. Everyone is supposed to be "free." All of the men in this film are stupid sex and booze-driven assholes. Or criminals. One character just disappears. There's a tussle, then he's gone. The Last Resort is 75 minutes long, including a heavily padded 6 minutes of credits. Is there anything that Lionsgate won't put their name on? I've been wondering this for a while.
55.5. Driller* (2006) ★★
Some guy gets abducted by aliens from the back of his truck, and is turned into a killing machine. He looks like a homeless burglar fish, with a drill. He must have a place to clean his drill, as it's always pristine. Everyone is stupid in this movie. Every decision made is a stupid one. Homeless, loser bandmates (in wigs) need to get weed. Loser students need to get laid (and high). Redneck loser criminals need free stuff, and to rape women. There are particularly nauseating special effects. So I guess that guy deserves some credit. Sound good? It's not! This dog gets the full Special Edition treatment; Director's commentary, deleted scenes, and a 3 1/2 minute documentary. Intangible Factor: 6.0 (hence the extra star).
56. American Horror Story Tricks and Treats* (2012)
Is anyone else finding this season completely dull?

Oct 26
57. Unrest* (2006) ★★★
Alison is attending a Gross Anatomy class, and is staying in a room in the hospital until her financial aid comes through. She and her classmates Brian, Carlos, and Rick, are dissecting "Norma," a cadaver from Brazil with a mysterious past. Alison has a bad feeling that something is wrong with the spirit, and when bodies that have come in contact with Norma start turning up, she starts to panic. She goes for a swim in formaldehyde to try and save her friends, and herself. Interesting enough story that could've used a better ending.

Oct 27
58. 247 Degrees Fahrenheit* (2011) ★★
I think I saw this movie before when it was still called The Chaos Experiment. I'm normally into the people-trapped-in-a-confined-space genre, but this one, not so much. Four friends go out to a lakeside cabin. Michael's Uncle Wade got them tickets to a Pagan festival, but they want to check out the sauna at the cabin first. Have I mentioned that Michael is a world class fuck-up? Ian, Jenna, and Renne are trapped inside the sauna because of Michael's drunken shenanigans. He puts a ladder in front of the door, then promptly passes out on the couch. Renee's body is prominently shown off, and Jenna's is invariably covered up. Think this was a contractual thing? I have to admit Ian's breakdown scene was pretty amusing, like Ash in Army of Darkness. Don't know if that was intentional.

Oct 28
59. Creep* (2005) ★★★
Kate is going to a party to screw George Clooney, only her friend has left without her. She can't get a cab, so she resorts to the underground subway system. She winds up falling asleep, and gets trapped inside. She is being stalked by a "creep" named Craig, a disfigured creature that dwells in the subway system. Just who exactly Craig is is a bit of a mystery. Is he the doctor's son? Was he the victim of experiments? To be honest, he just looks like some pasty British guy with bad posture. Seemingly, he is only capable of screeching (and of course killing!), but at one point he quotes one of his victims, like someone possessed. Creepy. Kate encounters several people along the way to help her escape, but every situation seems to have dire consequences.
Who does she see in the final seconds of the movie? Is Craig still alive? I don't think she killed him.

Oct 29
60. The Evil Dead (1981) ★★★★★
Join us! One of the Grand Poo-bahs of modern horror films. Countless movies have stolen from it, but none can match the inventiveness or sheer dread of The Evil Dead. Definitely goes for scares, as opposed to its sequels, which are primarily comedies.
60.5 The Walking Dead Walk With Me* (2012)
61. Mockingbird Lane* (2012)

Oct 30
62. Killer Pad* (2008) ★★
I don't do camp. So I wouldn't know a good campy movie if it bit me on the ass. Is this one any good? Can someone tell me? Brody, Craig, and Doug are three violently unfunny buddies who move from Illinois to Los Angeles, and throw a party at their new "killer pad." Turns out there is a gateway to Hell in their basement, but the guys are convinced that the strange goings on are due to "squatters" (er, weightlifters?). Joey Lawrence dies, and Craig and Doug carry him through the party with sunglasses on. Partygoers recognize him. Blatant ripoff of Weekend At Bernies? Check. The beautiful neighbors that the guys are interested in turn out to be Satan (with a penis) and his/her minions. There are zero boobs to speak of, only a midget's ass. Ooh, pinch me. Did I mention that Robert Englund directed this? Did no one point out to him that gorgeous babes at a party in an R-rated horror comedy = bare tits? The talents of Bobby Lee (Mad TV) and Jeff Davis (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) are totally wasted here, as well.
63. Dead Birds* (2004) ★★★
Dead Birds takes place in Fairhope, Alabama in 1863. A group of criminals rob a bank, and have a hard time finding their hideout, an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. I'm not entirely sure they even had the right house. On their way to Mexico, the gang is trapped in for the night because of a storm. Strange things start happening as the distrust over the stolen gold rises. They find a spell book for raising the dead. Turns out the farmer sacrificed his slaves in a ritual to bring his wife back. Strong story and acting, but I can't say that I completely understood the ending.

Oct 31 The dead walk the Earth!
64. Pumpkinhead (1988) ★★
Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) witnessed Pumpkinhead when he was a boy in 1957, mental note taken. Now (er, 1988, anyway), he runs a general store, and has a boy, Billy. Ed is a widower, but is that an excuse to be an incredibly irresponsible parent? He leaves 7-year old Billy in charge of the store and his dog. Billy is subsequently hit by a motorcycle. Ed comes back to find him on the ground. There is no phone at the store (?!), so Ed picks him up (error), and takes him home (another error) to cure Billy with a damp cloth (huh?). Guess what? The kid up and dies. You know the rest of the story; Ed seeks a decrepit old woman who can conjure up Pumpkinhead for revenge on one guilty kid, and several innocent ones. I know, who ever said horror movies had to be fair? But to be frank, Billy was just a victim of flat-out negligent parenting. Thumbs down!
65. Excision* (2012) ★★★★
Dear God,
One thing I've been thinking about -- The whole thing about relatives watching over you after they die really rubs me the wrong way. I do a lot of crazy shit while I'm alone, and I appreciate some privacy. I don't want to sound presumptuous, but if I do get into heaven, and my relatives have been watching over me, a lot of relationships will have been compromised.

Excellent performance from AnnaLynne McCord in this one.

66. Wind Chill* (2007) ★
Girl (they never introduce themselves to each other -- ha ha, really clever) catches a ride to Delaware from Guy, off of a message board. Is Guy who he says he is? By the 45-minute point, I could give a shit. It was at this point that I realized I was stuck in that movie. You know, the one where all the clocks stop, and history keeps repeating itself. Where you relive experiences, and there are ghosts of tragedies past. How many times have I seen this movie? An absolute groaner of a film with zero surprises. I gave the movie the finger when it was over. Shame on George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh for getting me to reach into my wallet.
67. May (2002) ★★★★
I had to end on a positive note. Kind of a companion piece to Excision. May is the awkward little girl with the lazy eye who has to wear a patch. She has trouble making friends, so her mother makes one for her ("Susie"). Years later, May (Angela Bettis) has fixed her eye with contacts, but is still the awkward, strange girl she's always been. She works at the animal hospital with lesbian Polly (a very hot, pre-blonde Anna Faris), and is fascinated with perfect body parts. She falls in love with Adam for his perfect hands. Susie ultimately starts cramping her style, so she rather rashly does something about it.

Total watched: 67
Total first-time viewings: 57

Formats Viewed: DVD, Blu-ray, cable tv
Personal Goal: 50
Decades Viewed: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
First timer

Top 10 worst movies of October
1. The Victim
2. Chain Letter
3. Hellraiser: Revelations
4. The Last Resort
5. Wind Chill
6. Bloody Murder
7. Rosewood Lane
8. Shallow Ground
9. Dead Wood
10. The Haunting of Marsten Manor

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