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Re: Best Buy Upgrade & Save, $5 Off Blu-ray titles, Jul 15 - Aug 11, 2012

Originally Posted by kenbenobi View Post
I discovered this last night. My vouchers from the Blade movies were wasted, but I would have bought those anyway. But I did use both of the ones from my Batman Steelbooks, which I probably would not have bought without the vouchers.
Is there a trick to getting those stickers off. The ones on the Steelbooks came off great, but I ruined my vouchers from Blade and a coupe of others because the glue was so strong and they stupidly put it over the codes so that it stuck to the package. Glad I had enough purchase ( see below), but it was still aggravating.

Final haul (so far). May get Firefly and Total Recall (if they restock) but I think I'm through. All the movies I bought in 3D (except for Green Lantern and Ice Age 3) were 1st time buys for me, so I thought "why not": --- even though I don't own a 3D player or Tv (maybe some day).

Edit: Crap. I just counted how many titles I bought.


Babe 100th 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Parenthood 100th 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)

127 Hours
Altered States
American Graffitti 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Batman Begins Steelbook
Batman the Movie (PM Fry's)
Bedtime Stories BD/DVD (return/rebuy
Billy Elliot 100th 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Blade 2
Blade Trinity
Born on the 4th of July 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Bridge to Teribithia (return/rebuy
Burn Notice: Fall of Sam Axe
Butterfly Effect
Crazy Heart
Dark Knight Steelbook
Dazed and Confused
Deer Hunter 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Dude Where's My Car (PM Fry's)
Enforcer / Sudden Impact (return/rebuy
Erin Brockovich 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Final Destination 5
Get Him to the Greek
Gone with the Wind
Gremlins 2
Heavy Metal
Horton Hears a Who BD/DVD
Ice Age BD/DVD
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs BD/DVD (before I bought the 3D)
Ice Age Meltdown BD/DVD
Knight ahd Day
Kung Fu Panda 3D (mismarked at 9.99)
Last Starfighter BD/DVD (return/rebuy
Major League 100th Paramount (return/rebuy
MI4 Best Buy excl.
Nutty Professor 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Open Water 1/2 (return/rebuy
The Patriot
The Phantom (I thought this was the other one. may return)
The Rite
Smokey and the Bandit 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Space Jam
Speed (PM Fry's)
Spy Game BD/DVD (return/rebuy
Stand By Me
The Sting 100th Universal (w/100th coupon)
Sucker Punch EC
Sum of All Fears 100th Paramount
V for Vendetta steelbook

Super 8 (PM Walmart)

Green Lantern 3D
Hugo 3D
Human Planet
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D
Lorax 3D
Puss N Boots 3D
Rio 3D
Spartacus Gods of the Arena Digibook
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D

Looney Tunes V1 (closest BB that had this in stock was 30 min away ;( )

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